Azealia Banks Shares She Is Releasing A Song Inspired By Elon Musk

It looks like the longstanding feud between Azealia Banks and Elon Musk continues. The drama between these two surfaced in 2018 after Banks had a rift with Musk and his former girlfriend—and Banks’s former friend—music artist Grimes. Banks made claims that Musk was on drugs, she called him an alien, and revealed an alleged private business conversation she overheard him engaged in on the phone while she was visiting his home.

By now, most us know that if Banks has a bone to pick with a foe, she does so brashly and publicly, and it looks like Musk is still a target. Banks made a cryptic post-and-delete announcement on Instagram where she stated that she has an unreleased track titled  In “96′ Corolla (Motorman)” that describes the tale a fictional character named “Alon Dust.” 

“It tells the story an ungrateful technocrat who’s ego become too big for his britches.” She adds, “Set in 3030, a wealthy technocrat devises the perfect scheme to entice poor people into allowing their brains to be used as na interface: Neuralink. The Venture turns out to be catastrophic with his own device being recognized by the stware as a threat. The A.I. Overlord, (originally played by @impoppy, now played by me) sings the soundtrack to his deactivation. The technocrat’s neural activity is cut f satellite, rendering him a vegetable and erasing him as a threat to humanity. The World is saved and the people rejoice.”

Neuralink, course, is Musk’s real-life, highly-clandestine project that, when completed, will help paralyzed individuals to control electronic devices. There are certainly concerns regarding brain reading/threading devices, hence Banks’s story the creator Neuralink’s life being ended by, in her words, a “public execution.” Check out Banks’ now-deleted post below as well as her previous comments about Musk below.

Big Boi & Sleepy Brown Shut Down Andre 3000 Album Rumors: "Lies"

For all you who were thrilled at the prospect having another Andre 3000 album on the horizon, you may want to rein in your excitement. Days ago we reported on Inglewood, California rapper Thurz’s recent chat with Real 92.3’s Home Grown Radio. There was a moment when Thurz was asked what artists he was surprised to meet in person and he mentioned that “3 Stacks,” or Andre 3000,” stopped by Dr. Dre‘s studio while Thurz was there.

The hosts questioned if the Outkast rapper was working on new music and Thurz confirmed that Cupid Valentino has an album on the way. This news not only caused an explosion chatter at the radio station, but online as well. Reports Andre 3000’s forthcoming project circulated quickly, but during a visit to Atlanta’s Majic radio station’s Ryan Cameron Uncensored Speak show, Big Boi and Sleepy Brown called the information “lies.”

Both artists laughed at the story. “He was probably playing some music, but he’s not working on a record,” Big Boi said. “He’s been recording songs for years. Kinda recording, kinda just stacking up, but structured record? Not yet.” Sleepy Brown added, “The story is that he was in the studio with Anderson .Paak when Anderson .Paak was working on his thing and he played him some songs to see if he wanted to work on one them. I guess that guy was in there and] heard the songs.”

Big Boi shared that his Outkast collaborator is currently in Philadelphia shooting a television show. “He personally hit us and said, ‘Look mayne, if I was gon’ do this, y’all be the first to know,'” Sleepy Brown added. The Dungeon Family apparently keeps in contact by texting each other every day, so they sorted that out as soon as the rumors hit the streets. Check it out below.

Off-White x Nike Dunk Low "University Red" Coming Soon: Best Look Yet

Over the past few weeks, Virgil Abloh’s infamous collaborations between his brand Off-White and Nike have been gaining traction online. Almost two years after the release “The Ten” collection, Off-White continues to thrive and within the next month, another collab with Nike will be making its way to consumers. This time, Abloh is lending his signature aesthetic to the Nike Dunk Low which a classic in the Swoosh’s library kicks.

There are three colorways being released, two which have been shown f in detail so far. Of course, those two colorways are the “Pine Green” and “Navy Gold” ferings. As for the “University Red” version, there haven’t been many teaser photos although today we got a clear photo courtesy @hanzuying. As you can see from the photo, the shoe has a silver base and red overlays including the Nike swoosh. There are red laces on the top while orange rope laces are interwoven throughout the upper.

As right now, there is no concrete release date for these so stay tuned for all the latest updates as we will be sure to bring them to you. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on copping these.

Charlamagne Tha God Reflects On 6ix9ine: "We Knew This Wasn’t Going To End Well"

We’re just at the tip the iceberg that is the Tekashi 6ix9ine kidnapping trial, and it seems as if everywhere you turn, someone has an opinion on the rapper turned government informant. Tuesday marked the beginning 6ix9ine’s testimony where he shared that he turned state’s witness the day after he was arrested on federal charges. On Wednesday he’s continued to name the crimes and criminal affiliations his associates and fellow rappers.

This has caused The Breakfast Club‘s Charlamagne Tha God to take a walk down memory lane as he revisited 6ix9ine’s, real name Daniel Hernandez, interview on the radio show in March 2018. Immediately following that appearance, Charlamagne was accused trolling the rapper because he asked him if he believed he was making poor money moves by displaying a “tough guy, gangster persona.” It was at the height Hernandez’s internet trolling and beefs that seemed to be getting a tad serious. 

During the interview, Charlamagne came down heavy on Hernandez, telling him that he would get him some help, maybe even connected with a pastor. DJ Envy mentioned that Hernandez’s behaviors could get him killed, but the rapper was steadfast that he was just fine and would be in the game for the long haul. Charlamagne said, “I hope you have a long career, but let’s see if you’re around next year and I mean that as an artist and as a human being.” 

Charlamagne shared a highlight reel Hernandez’s interview and captioned the video by writing a polite ‘I told you so.’ He wrote, “I remember when all you digital d*ckheads said ‘I was frustrated because this young man out trolled me’ in this interview. I told y’all then I wasn’t attempting to troll him at all, just telling him the truth because I’m a grown ass man who has seen this movie before.”

“We all knew this wasn’t going to end well but it’s hard to get that through to you kids when y’all see someone ‘winning’ because when they so called winning you justify whatever foolishness they are doing then you go and follow the foolishness and find yourself in a f*cked up situation because you chose to follow the wrong energy. Moral the story is ‘If all you do is follow the herd, you’ll just be stepping in shit all day.’ -Wayne W. Dyer.” Watch Charlamagne’s clip and Hernandez’s full interview below.

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I remember when all you digital dickheads said “I was frustrated because this young man out trolled me” in this interview. I told y’all then I wasn’t attempting to troll him at all, just telling him the truth because I’m a grown ass man who has seen this movie before. We all knew this wasn’t going to end well but it’s hard to get that through to you kids when y’all see someone “winning” because when they so called winning you justify whatever foolishness they are doing then you go and follow the foolishness and find yourself in a fucked up situation because you chose to follow the wrong energy. Moral the story is “If all you do is follow the herd, you’ll just be stepping in shit all day.” -Wayne W. Dyer

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Rihanna Blasts Her Security Guard For Not Playing Burna Boy’s "Ye" Song

Burna Boy, the Nigerian singer who rose to fame in 2012 following the release his single “Like to Party” and more recently holding down his title with recent features with Jorja Smith, Beyonce, YG, Jeremih and more. So when someone such as Rihanna asks a member her entourage to play one Burna Boy’s biggest tunes “Ye,” and they can’t deliver, naturally, she’s going to have an issue. 

Rihanna Blasts Her Security Guard For Not Playing Burna Boy's "Ye" Song
Dave Kotinsky/Getty s

Such is the case in a recent video that sees Riri on Instagram Live trying to get her security guard to play a track by Burna Boy but he seemingly doesn’t know which song Rihanna is referring to. The “Stay” singer gets frustrated when a Fetty Wap song comes on asking if her security guard just went digging in a 2017 playlist. 

“When you going to play that Burna Boy? You must to play a Burna Boy … it’s called Ye, Y-E hurry up now, thank God you are security and not a D.J,” she said. 

When the tune finally comes on, Rihanna goes f and is nothing but excited. We can only hope Rihanna’s love for Burna Boy means the duo will have a collab on her upcoming tape. 

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YG’s Assault Lawsuit Reportedly Dismissed

YG was arrested back in May 2018 after a fan claimed the rapper and his entourage jumped him and stole his jewelry at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. The man, named Benjamin Naderi, was initially suing the Compton rapper for $250,000 seeking unspecified damages, but appears he’s no longer going through with it. The Blast reports today that Mr. Naderi has dropped his lawsuit.

However, as a result the assault, YG was charged with three felonies in total, including grand larceny and larceny from a person relating to the incident. While the one was dropped by the man, the other two charges are still pending unfortunately. Grand larceny and robbery charges can carry a maximum punishment 10 years each, but that would be quite extreme given this situation.

A trial date has been set for Monday, March 9, 2020 for those other charges. We’ll continue to keep you posted down the road.

In other news, YG has been spotted publicly and ten with his new girlfriend, Kehlani. The two first made their relationship public last week on IG, but have been secretly dating for months according to reports. 

Young M.A. Stops By Funk Flex To Drop A Ruthless Freestyle: "I’m a GOAT…"

It’s been two years since Young M.A. has dropped a project, but she made sure everyone would be waiting on their toes for her debut album by dropping singles and freestyles. Last August, a deadly five-minute freestyle from the Brooklyn MC on the L.A. Leakers radio show circled the Internet. Even when she’s making songs that get us dancing – like her recent single, “BIG” – it’s clear that bars are always a priority. Today, she stopped by Funk Flex’s studio to knock us out with some more rhymes f the top. She raps on two beats in a comfortable conversational tone. With diamond grills slurring her speech, she spits: 

“Tryna go head up with me, car collision
I can murder any you rapper from start to finish 
My drink devil, but I get high likes God’s position 
When life threw me a rod, n***, I started fishing
My palms started itching, got that drive like when you start the engine
I’m a GOAT, but I’m hardly mentioned”

Young M.A. is making up for her lengthy hiatus by dropping her 21-track album, Herstory in the Making, on September 26. Regarding the project, she said, “You’re gonna get the truth. You’re gonna get the cocky joints, the slick talk joints where I talk my talk, but then I’m gonna get personal. Real personal. That’s why this album is called Herstory In The Making, because it’s about all sides me.”

As she’s starting to hit all the hip hop radio stations for her promo run, the topic her uality has been coming up in conversation, as it ten does. However, when visiting Hollywood Unlocked yesterday, she made clear that she’s tired being labelled as a “lesbian rapper.” Young M.A. is just a rapper, and one the best out at that.  

Kevin Hart Reportedly Denies Leaking His Sex Tape

Kevin Hart is contesting allegations of leaking his own tape, which became the centerpiece of an extortion attempt against the famed comedian.

Montia Sabbag, the woman in the tape, has sued Hart, a member of his entourage named J.T. Jackson, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and a website called Fameoulous for $60 million. Jackson has been charged with attempted extortion and extortion by threatening letter for his alleged blackmailing of Hart, but Sabbag believes the two were in cahoots.

Sabbag is accusing Hart and Jackson of arranging a tape scandal to boost the comic’s career. She claims Hart allowed Jackson into his Cosmopolitan hotel suite to set up hidden recording devices and film the ual encounter.

An unnamed source in Hart’s camp told The Blast the allegation was “ridiculous and wrong” since his career was already flourishing in 2017 when the tape surfaced. The source also debunked the notion of it being a stunt by pointing out how Hart went through the embarrassment of publicly apologizing to his wife and kids for his infidelity.

Sabbag’s lawsuit is seeking damages for negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy. Jackson has pleaded not guilty to both extortion charges in the criminal case against him.

[This post has been updated. The following was originally published by Danielle Harling on September 19, 2017.]

A woman who was photographed with Kevin Hart earlier this summer wants no part of the actor/comedian’s drama. According to TMZ, singer Monique “Momo” Gonzalez wants to make it clear she isn’t the woman Hart was allegedly cheating with in the recently surfaced video.

The woman in the tape is Montia Sabbag, who says she’s not the one who filmed the encounter. She also denied reports that she’s a “traveling stripper” and seeking $420,000 from Hart.

“Montia and I are not asking for a cent from Kevin Hart,” Sabbag’s lawyer Lisa Bloom said at a press conference. “This is not about money. We are not suing him. We are not making any claims against him. Any reports to the contrary are false. Kevin Hart appears to be the victim of this criminal, just as Montia is a victim of this criminal.”

Meanwhile, Gonzalez, who has a hefty following on social media, has been bombarded with scathing comments following the release of the tape.

In July, Hart and Gonzalez were photographed together in a parked car outside of a Miami hotel, but a rep for Gonzalez claims it was nothing more than a friendly conversation.

Shortly after TMZ shared the photo, Hart laughed it off on social media with a meme that read, “At the end of the day you just gotta laugh at the BS.”

Following the latest batch of allegations, he posted a video to Instagram on Saturday (September 16) apologizing to his pregnant wife and children for his mistakes.

“And doing that, I know that I’m gonna hurt the people closest to me, who I’ve talked to and apologized to, my wife and my kids,” Hart said. It’s a shitty moment. It’s a shitty moment when you know you’re wrong and there’s no excuses for your wrong behavior.”

Authorities involved in the matter are trying to decode encrypted emails sent from the extortionist, who is reportedly attempting to blackmail Hart for $10 million.

DJ Premier Recruiting Nas For New Gang Starr Album? Wait … What?

DJ Premier sounded the horn on Wednesday (September 18) with a curious Instagram post alluding to a new Gang Starr album. The seasoned producer shared a video clip of a telephone (yes, an actual landline) and a message from Nas. 

“Yo Premier, what up man, it’s your man Nas,” he says. “Is it true there’s a new Gang Starr album? That’s crazy, man. Let me know. Alright, chill.”

Preemo coupled the clip with “I Gotta Call @nas” in the caption.

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I Gotta Call @nas…

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The legendary Hip Hop duo was comprised of the late Guru and DJ Premier, leading many to wonder how it’s possible there’d be a new Gang Starr project with one-half of the group no longer here.

Guru went into cardiac arrest and slipped into a coma in February 2010. He died less than two months later at the age of 48.

The pioneering MC, whose 1993 Jazzmatazz debut was one of the first albums to combine a live jazz band with Hip Hop production and rapping, made seven albums under the Gang Starr moniker, including 1998’s Moment Of Truth. 

If a new Gang Starr album is on the horizon, it’s a longtime coming. Shortly after Guru’s death, Premier told the Examiner, “Absolutely, absolutely we will [hear unreleased Gang Starr tracks].”

Antonio Brown’s Status Reportedly Up In The Air Ahead Of Sunday’s Game

Antonio Brown has been having a whirlwind last few weeks as he broke f his relationship with the Oakland Raiders and immediately signed with the New England Patriots. Just when it seemed like things were going to get normal for Brown, he was accused sexual assault by his former trainer Britney Taylor. Brown’s behavior has been well documented over the last week and on Monday, the league interviewed Taylor for ten hours. Following the interview, there were rumblings that Brown could be put on the commissioner’s exempt list which would make him ineligible for Sunday’s game against the Jets.

According to Ian Rapoport the NFL Network, the league has yet to give an update on Brown, which is curious considering Wednesday is usually the day they make such announcements. With this in mind, it is being assumed that Brown will be good to go on Sunday although that is subject to change should the league divulge on a decision.

The Patriots have stood firmly behind Brown in the midst these allegations so it will be interesting to see what they do should he face some sort punishment. It’s been a rocky start to his season and we’re sure the Patriots would rather there be less chatter surrounding their star wide receiver.

Stay tuned for updates on Brown’s situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.

Top Boy Soundtrack: A Who’s Who

London is not all just “pip-pip cheerio”, as seen in the latest Netflix original Top Boy. UK’s music scene has made waves in the past but never quite as significantly as we’re currently seeing. More and more UK artists have gained prominence in the North American market, and whether you like it or not, Drake had something to do with it. 

On OVO’s Top Boy soundtrack, Drake and the OVO team curated 17-songs road rap, UK hip-hop, grime, and UK Drill. Some the names are considered high-prile in the U.K., while others are still on the come up, but whatever the case is, the majority them are being formally introduced to international markets because the Top Boy soundtrack.

With the hype surrounding the show at an all-time high, we’ve broken down everything you need to know about the artists involved in the original soundtrack.

Nafe Smallz 

Nafe Smallz might be a name that got on your radar this year through his stand-out performance on Skepta’s “Greaze Mode” but his breakout has been years in the making. The Luton-bred artist first made noise in 2013 following the release his debut project, New Years Eve Special. After picking up some steam within the underground grime and hip-hop scene, he dropped f his second project, Ozone Music in 2015. That, along with his appearance on Charlie Sloth’s “Fire In The Booth,” helped launch his career to a national platform.

Smallz sound leans more towards the controversial U.K. hip-hop and drill sound than grime, although the influence does peak out at times. His sing-rap delivery shares similarities to the regional sounds coming out North America — specifically Atlanta, Chicago, and Toronto. 

Much like how Top Boy captures the hierarchy London’s housing projects, Nafe Smallz depicts a similar story while describing the highs and lows to make it to the top the food chain. Nafe Smallz contributes twice on the soundtrack. “Riding On E” is a reflection the rise to becoming the Top Boy while “8 Missed Calls” is delivered from first-person perspective becoming one.


Fresh f the release his debut album, Third Avenue, Fredo continues his reign in the UK rap scene with his appearance on the Top Boy soundtrack. Coming from Queen’s Park, London, he’s stated that he just wanted to give a voice for his ends, which he’s successfully accomplished. His debut single, “They Ain’t 100” arrived in 2016 along with the immediate rise U.K. drill and road rap as a whole. 

He continued to flood the streets with his subsequent efforts including his two mixtapes, Table Turn and Get Rich Or Get Recalled. Although the former arrived at the top 2018,  it wasn’t until October that year that he claimed his first number-one single on the charts with “Funky Friday” ft. Dave.

“Freddy” is a vicious and haunting depiction the roads in the U.K. He channels the energy Jamie with a tinge dark humor as he basks in luxuries that come with the gritty dirt the roads. 

Headie One

The UK drill scene’s caused nationwide controversies due to the rise knife crime in London and other places in England. Among those who’ve led the wave is Headie One. The rapper’s music is a direct reflection his real-life — he didn’t even take music seriously until his release from prison.

Although the sounds and themes in his music is a derivative Chicago’s drill scene, Headie One fers a more lyrical take on the genre. He’s still engulfed in controversies stemming from the genre. He was targeted in an alleged attack from a rival gang at the University Of Bedford in 2018. Shortly after, his concert at a prominent European venue in  London was shut down by police after they accused his music contributing to the rising rate knife crime in the capital.

Much like everyone else on the soundtrack, Headie One depicts the activities that go on in his area Tottenham — an area that’s produced UK rap royalty such as Giggs and Jaja Soze. “Hard To Believe” blends tales his incarceration and time on road, along with the paranoia and stress that comes with it, over a dry instrumental that compliments his cold delivery. 

M Huncho

Much like MF DOOM, M Huncho maintains a masked figure which makes him stand-out among his contemporaries. Over moody, trap-infused instrumental, his dazed, auto-tune-laden delivery makes the bleak reality the streets palatable even to the deaf ear.

The baklava-wearing rapper’s reason for keeping his identity under wraps has a lot to do with his own privacy but the music he makes is as personal as it gets. His woozy melodies blends with his nonchalant delivery about life on the streets and the risks that come with it.

Huncho’s debut album, Utopia arrived at the beginning the year which included an appearance from Nafe Smallz, among other UK rap acts. The album peaked at number 13 on the UK charts.

M Huncho’s contributions to the Top Boy soundtrack capture his own experiences from a single summer running the trap as well as the risks and paranoia that came with it.

Youngs Teflon

Although the soundtrack has a lot the vibrant energy the youth in UK’s grime and hip-hop scene, it also includes artists who’ve helped pave the way for the next generation. Youngs Teflon has been in the game for over a decade, adapting to the times and embracing the new waves as they come. He hasn’t broken into a mainstream market but his work’s solidified his legacy in UK rap. 

As an OG in the game, he’s witnessed the evolution both the genre and the streets. His music is both conscience and lyrical but he strays away from getting too preachy. Instead, he reflects on society’s structure that drives young Black youth towards the streets while also giving his own perspective from his experiences.

The latest season Top Boy tackles tons timely subject matter about the structure the drug trade, along with things like Brexit and gentrification. Teflon’s “Overseer” finds him appropriately detailing his environment from a bird’s eye view, including how the area he grew up in became unrecognizable due to gentrification.


Dave is U.K.’s rising king rap. In the past few years, his conscientious content has earned him praise across the board. His career initially caught international wave after Drake hopped on the “Wanna Know” remix that debuted on OVO Sound Radio in 2016. Although not necessarily known as a roadman himself, he was in close proximity to it because his older siblings who’ve spent time behind bars. That’s why he makes a concerted effort to provide a wider scope societal issues that impact the Black youths, especially when it comes to the cause and effect the street life.

2019 has been a huge year for Dave so far. He released his debut album, Psychodrama at the beginning the year to critical and commercial success. He’s also among the two artists featured on the Top Boy soundtrack that were cast in the show. Although brief, Dave made his acting debut as the maniacal incarcerated gang leader, Modie.

Dave, like Nafe Smallz, secured two placements on the OVO soundtrack. Both songs showcased Dave’s range as an artist. “Pressor X” is a braggadocious record that sounds partially influenced by Dave’s character in the show. He has a cold, bounce to his flow as he details the high-life. “God’s Eye” sits on the other end the spectrum. It’s a melancholic record where Dave details the streets as a never-ending game that he’s grown tired while watching his friends either die or sit in prison. He narrates it as if he’s barely managed to escape the fate while sitting at the top the food chain.


Although drill music wasn’t addressed in Top Boy, SL is a prime example when music and the streets collide. SL carries the same enigmatic presence as M Huncho in the sense that they both wear masks but that only gives them more space to provide an unfiltered depiction their hoods.

Formerly known as Slimz, SL’s been one the youngest artists from South London to make waves. He garnered a strong underground following in London through loose singles and visuals but it wasn’t until the release his 2017 single, “Gentlemen” that he was able to make waves across every hood in the UK. 

SL falls under the category UK drill but he’s pushed passed the genre itself and formed his own take on it. “Tropical Drill,” as he describes it, takes on brighter, more upbeat instrumentals while still tackling subject matters that you’d hear in drill, with his own commentary. 

SL has a dry delivery to his flow and a cold tone in his voice that sits atop a more vibrant production. “100 Thoughts” f the Top Boy soundtrack is far more grim than the production gives f. SL details climbing the ranks in the streets, running the ends while still trying to balance his own career in music and evade trouble.

AJ Tracey

AJ Tracey is another artist like Dave who’s had years under his belt but only recently broke out into the mainstream. His come-up in the game stems back to 2011 when he first began rapping as Looney but he broke into the market ficially in 2016. Through freestyles, EPs, and singles, he managed to break out into the market and gain international recognition in North America. His 2017 EP, Secure The Bag! established him even further as the next young artist to blow in the grime scene.

The grime scene — pirate radio, clashes, etc. — helped put AJ Tracey on the map but over the years, he’s carefully blended sounds UK rap, afro-fusion, and dancehall into grime for a more universal appeal. 

UK drill and UK rap are heavily highlighted on this project as its the current sound the streets in London, but AJ Tracey’s contributions shed light on the sounds thriving in the nightclubs in the city. The heavy electronic influence and sped up BPM captures encapsulates the sweaty rave culture that the UK is known for.


Ghetts is another UK legend who’s spent years putting in work for the grime scene. Stemming back to the mid-00s, Ghetts has released six mixtapes, two studio albums, and two EPs and became one the few grime artists to get recognition in America.  Although he first emerged in 2005, his first ficial studio album, Rebel With A Cause, only came out in 2014. He’s been nominated for BET Awards in the past. 

Ghetts is known for cut-throat lyrics that he intertwines into complex rhyme patterns over grime-based production. However, he isn’t limited to just grime, his projects have all included different influences that give him his own unique flair. 

Although he’s not a part the cast, he has worked with Kano, who plays Sully in Top Boy, on a few occasions.

Ghetts’ contribution to the soundtrack is a dark and foggy record that parallels his rise in the music industry to the streets. He does reflect on the impact the street on his own outlook the world and his own desensitization to the streets.


Tottenham’s own Avelino has been getting praise across the board in UK’s rap scene. The rapper’s debut mixtape, Underdog Music helped put a spotlight on the then-budding artist in 2013 before he really broke down the door with the follow-up tape, Iconic Ambition that received praise from the gatekeepers in the grime scene.

Avelino has yet to release a debut album, despite the years under his belt but he’s received major acclaim from critics and veterans in grime. Wretch 32 has been a huge supporter his, even working with Avelino on a joint project.

2017’s “Energy” marked a major breakout moment for him. The song featured appearances from Skepta and Stormzy and eventually became the main song on the FIFA 18 soundtrack.

Avelino’s efforts on the Top Boy soundtrack come on the song, “Belly Of The Beast.” Avelino’s sing-rap delivery is on full display on this record as he delivers what could possibly be the most radio-friendly record on the soundtrack. With money at the forefront his mind, Avelino details the obstacles that he has to face in order to get paid, from dealing with opps to dodging federal agents.

Little Simz

Little Simz is undoubtedly one the most talented young artists in the UK music scene right now but she’s also slowly revealing her skills as a thespian. Simz and Dave are the only two cast members the third season Top Boy — not including Kano or Ashley Walters — that also have established music careers.

Simz career stems back to 2010 but it’s been in recent years that she’s received mainstream praise in the U.K. She released four mixtapes and five EPs before ficially releasing her debut album, A Curious Tale Trials + Persons in 2015.

She’s had a huge year so far with Top Boy only adding more fuel to her on-fire career. She released her third studio album, The Grey Area earlier this year followed by a subsequent sold-out North American tour.

Like Drake and Baka’s efforts, Little Simz’ “VENOM” was taken from her 2019 album. Although it doesn’t necessarily follow the themes in Top Boy, per se, she does detail coping with her own mental strains that parallels to many the characters in the show.



Teeway is a fairly unknown name, and truthfully, there isn’t much information about him out yet. He only broke out this year but with a placement on the Top Boy soundtrack, it seems like he has the potential to be the next to blow. He’s another product the UK drill scene that appears to still be knee-deep in the streets. Like M Huncho and SL, he also wears a mask to cover his identity in his music videos. His singles, “Tramp,” “Emergency,” and “Honda Civ” have racked up thousands and thousands views. It’s only a matter time until he really breaks out.

Teeway’s song, “Feeling It” appeared on the soundtrack. The production on the track has a dark tone to it but it has the drum patterns typically found in more upbeat genres like dancehall and afrobeat. The rapper’s song vividly describes the activities in his own hood which reflects the reality depicted in the show. 

Juice WRLD Responds To Fat-Shamers On Photo Of Him & NBA YoungBoy

Ever since he burst onto the scene with “Lucid Dreams” last year, Juice WRLD has been one the most popular rappers on the planet. His fans are confident in his ability to crank out constant hits and his collaborative effort with Future earned him some major credibility among his doubters. With all the money that’s been coming in for him, the Chicago native has been eating good and fans are letting him hear all about it. The superstar was recently filming a music video for a song with YoungBoy Never Broke Again and when DJ Akademiks alerted his followers their link-up, the comments section was filled with jokes about Juice WRLD’s body type. Wearing an open jacket and no shirt underneath, the recording artist’s lean gut was on full display and he got clowned for it. He sheepishly responded to one commenter with an affirmation that he may need to slow down on the fast food.

Akademiks’ regular crowd is used to the fat jokes. Especially when the hip-hop commentator himself is involved. However, Juice WRLD took it upon himself to let everyone know that he won’t let the tomfoolery bother him. After a fan commented that he’s been “eating the pain away,” the 20-year-old wrote back and said that it may be time for a change in his lifestyle. “LMFAO too much comfort food huh?” he asked in return, acknowledging that he isn’t exactly a greek god in terms his physique.

Juice WRLD is definitely a good sport. Shout-out to him for not dragging this guy.

Juice WRLD Responds To Fat-Shamers On Photo Of Him & NBA YoungBoy

Juice WRLD Responds To Fat-Shamers On Photo Of Him & NBA YoungBoy

ADHD: Joyner Lucas’ Identity Crisis Or Art Imitating Life?

There’s a lot to be said for maintaining a spirit diversity in music. Many hip-hop’s leading lights, both past and present, retain their vitality by constantly evolving. Although it’d be easy to compile a laundry list, Kanye West, Eminem, Kid Cudi, Outkast, Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar are just a few the notable names who have avoided musical rigidity in favour letting their sound grow and morph. But no matter how far they strayed from their original “format,” the music remained unmistakably original and furthered their own unique approach.

Midway through one the more sporadic and unconventional album rollouts in recent years, Worcester MA’s Joyner Lucas has made a habit dabbling with far-flung sounds. Each new single that has emerged through out 2018 and 2019 appears to have been constructed from a different sonic template, placing cohesion on the backburner in favour looking at hip-hop from a birds-eye view. Taking an element from here or appropriating a motif from there, the result has been a set tracks that seem artistically ambitious and familiar all at once. Met with a polarizing response for the most part, each precursor to ADHD has taken the listener down one road before he abruptly changes course for pastures new.

ADHD: Joyner Lucas' Identity Crisis Or Art Imitating Life?

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For the most recent case study, you’d need only look as far as project’s title track. Drenched in reverb and the customary trap 808’s, “ADHD’s” sorrowful inflection and emphasis on melody shares more DNA with the work Juice WRLD or Post Malone than it does “Ross Capicchioni” or the multi-layered lyrical workout “Backwords.” The product letting bygones be bygones, the cadence and structure the Logic-aided “ISIS” was littered with tropes that have become synonymous with Drake just as “Broke And Stupid” saw Joyner put his own spin on Memphis Bleek & Hov’s “Dear Summer” in a way that mirrored the 6 God’s recent work. To top it f, it even harboured a thematically similar music video to “God’s Plan.” While these tracks have an influence that can be traced back to artists he’s previously admitted that he bows “gracefully” to, “I Love” took a different tact yet again and contains hints Big Sean and even his former adversary Tory Lanez. With an uncharacteristically inane chorus that’s draped over TheSkyBeats production, the pursuit a banger continued with “10 Bands” alongside Timbaland and seemed more like a love letter to the legendary beatmaker’s Shock Value era than a Joyner track in its own right.

Save for “Devil’s Work”— which invoked a strong online reaction for other reasons— none these teasers are what could be categorized as ‘vintage’ Joyner Lucas, instead acting as investigative forays into other styles and subdivisions hip-hop. In theory, taking a chameleonic approach to music could be beneficial as a way to maximize your appeal across different demographics. But if done haphazardly, the end product could be the distinction as a jack–all-trades and a master none.

That said, there is evidence to suggest that Joyner had precipitated this exact reaction. Released at the beginning last month, a bar from his Tory-assisted “Suge” remix shed some light on the ethos behind his upcoming project and could go some way to explaining why it has lurched from one sound to the other:

“Why you keep droppin’ your album in increments? ADHD is a social experiment, who pay attention the most when they hearin’ it?”

A rebuttal to those who believe this drip-feed approach to unveiling the album is counterproductive, this incisive line would suggest that Joyner is still firmly in the driver’s seat, orchestrating his every move with precision. Described by Joyner as his “only therapy,” music has been a conduit for him to express himself with raw, unabashed honesty and it’s his heart-on-the-sleeve lyricism and undeniable aptitude for rhyming that earned him fans around the world. Diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, he was branded “fidgety” and “impulsive” but all that melted away when it came time to step in the booth. Now, as he readies his most ambitious project to date, the real crux the matters lies in whether he’s still approaching the creative process with the same strength conviction as he always had, or if he’s straying from the path in order to chase a hit.

To unravel the situation, it’s important to clarify what Joyner sees— or perhaps saw— as the key ingredients his output. To do this, look no further than a set remarks he made back in 2015. Entrenched in the promotional tour for his third mixtape Along Came Joyner, he conversed with DJ Booth about numerous tracks on the album. When pressed for one standout that typified what his music was all about, Joyner didn’t hesitate to cite his paradoxically-minded work on “Opposites Attract” and his reasoning was as follows:

“It shows lyricism, it’s real melodic at the same time and also I’m just going f. It’s like three key elements Joyner Lucas.”

Elsewhere in 2017, the Massachusetts MC described how he regularly flips the archetypal songwriting process on its head in order to create in the vein a film composer:  

“I take the video first approach,” he relayed to Revolt. “I write the video treatment first. I write the soundtrack to the visuals and once I know what the video is going to look like, I go and create the record around the structure the video. That approach works for me.”

Prone to unveiling track and video in one fell swoop, the absence a visual accompaniment to the record’s title track and the sharp difference in lyrical bent that he fers on tracks such as “I Love” could suggest that these methodologies aren’t as easily chartable in his output as they once were.

In the opening salvo “Isis,” the medical diagnosis that’s plagued Joyner since his adolescence is explained, making note how it “affects an individual’s ability to focus, causing them to move around more frequently.” Considering his decision to traverse the length and breadth modern hip-hop in recent months, it almost paints these musical flights fancy as a case art imitating life. On the other hand, it’s also keeps in line with one his preferred pastimes during his come-up. From “Look Alive” and “Mask Off” to “Gucci Gang” and “Bank Account,” Joyner made a habit toying with the other side hip-hop in a way that fell somewhere between pastiche and a viral showcase for his talents. It would feel as though he’s progressed from repurposing these types commercialized tracks, to attempting to create his own chart-topping titans based on their sounds. The only problem with this hypothesis is that only “Isis” has cracked the Billboard Hot 100 at time writing.

ADHD: Joyner Lucas' Identity Crisis Or Art Imitating Life?

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Proven time and time again, the consequences chasing a hit and letting your own artistry fall by the wayside can be incredibly grave. The origin many maligned singles and albums, even veterans such as Method Man— who admitted to getting wrapped up in “trying to make hit records and SoundScan” on Tical 0: The Prequel—  aren’t immune to the lure those numbers while one the major complaints about Lil Nas X’s 7 EP was its latent attempt to broaden his appeal by ungraciously melding genres. Speaking on an April 2018 edition his podcast, Joe Budden spoke the innate horrors making music to try to appeal to the masses and it’s a warning that Joyner— and any burgeoning artist— would do well to heed:

“I was so open minded that I was willing to try almost anything. Records like ‘Porno Star,’ ‘Roll Your Backyard,’ and ‘Jingling Baby’-those records are so far from anything that I would write personally. I was in the strip club about five years ago and I heard “Roll Your Backyard” come on and it was like my soul was cringing. It almost felt like I was going to throw up. That’s when I decided I would never make another song that I didn’t want to make.”

Whether caused by that same inextricable restlessness that Joyner has contended with for his whole life or a concerted effort to cater to every type hip-hop audience, fans still have yet to gain a clear picture what awaits us on ADHD. As much as eclecticism and boundary-pushing can work in the artist’s favor, Joyner must retain the authenticity that made him such an exciting outlier in the first place if the record is to succeed. For now, we wait patiently to see what the next single sounds like.

T.I. To Discuss His Stank Face Captured At Sunday Service On His Podcast, "ExpediTIously"

At the beginning this month, T.I. launched his new podcast, expediTIously – named after the viral video T.I. telling Kodak Black to get his act together in a rapid manner. A podcast for the opinionated artist is long overdue. It’s clear he has a lot to say because he is already three episodes deep, having already brought in Young Thug, “Freeway” Rick Ross, Ice Cube and LL Cool JThe show shot to #1 on the Apple Music charts after the release its first episode and if Tip keeps enlisting awesome guests, it will likely stay there. 

While the DIME TRAP rapper told Billboard that the podcast will focus on “critical issues that impact us a society” – giving him a platform to express his political perspectives previously shared on social media – he wishes to unpack the stank face that he was photographed making while at Kanye West’s Sunday Service in Atlanta this past weekend. In the photo, he is seated next to his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 2 Chainz and his wife, Kesha Ward. However, T.I. is the only one having this strong a reaction to whatever was going down at the time. Perhaps, he was just really feeling the gospel music, but my guess is that if they’re seated, it was likely during a speech. 

We do know that Tip wasn’t in a foul mood for the entirety the event because he shared a photo him and Kanye, expressing how glad he is to see his “brother” in a better place after the disappointment having to watch Ye go through his Trumpian spiral. 

Catch up on expediTIously here and be on the lookout for the next episode to get the story behind the face. 

Jalen Ramsey Requests Trade Following Fight With Head Coach, Fans React

Jalen Ramsey is considered one the best cornerbacks in the league, although, over the past few years, he has faced his fair share struggles. The Jaguars aren’t the defensive juggernaut they once were and Ramsey is well aware the team’s shortcomings. During a 13-12 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday, Ramsey got into a bit argument with head coach Doug Marrone and it was clear that he was fed up with the direction the team. With this in mind, it didn’t come as much a surprise last night when it was revealed by Adam Schefter that Ramsey had requested a trade from the team.

In Schefter’s reports, he indicates that there is no deal set up right now although the team is very motivated to get a deal done sooner than later. As you would probably expect, the Jaguars are asking for a high price for Ramsey. This includes a first-round pick and some other assets. There are no frontrunners as far as who could land Ramsey, although it shouldn’t be a surprise that fans around the league are hopeful their teams can pull through.

Fans had a pretty quick reaction to the news and took to Twitter to flood the internet with memes and predictions. Below you can find some the best responses to Schefter’s original report.