Boosie Badazz Ordered to Pay $233,000 to the Security Guard He Beat Up

Boosie Badazz, whose real name is Torrence Hatch Jr., has just been ordered to pay $233,000 to a security guard, Glen Kerley, who works at a mall in Mississippi’s Gulf Coast.

Kerley alleges that he was assaulted by Hatch and his posse (comprised of a bodyguard and at least one other person) inside a Dillard’s store back in 2017.

Kerley stated that Hatch was being disruptive, and he was then asked to leave by store managers and Kerley. Kerley ultimately used pepper spray on Hatch and his crew, who then proceeded to attack him. Kerley’s injuries were serious enough to warrant contacting emergency services.

Hatch hasn’t appeared in court to defend the matter, though he is involved in an ongoing lawsuit against Dillard’s.

This isn’t Hatch’s first brush with the law.

Earlier this year, the Louisiana native had an incident — albeit one that was far less severe than the Kerley conflict — .  Hatch missed his flight and subsequently accused AA of racism.  However, an internal investigation chalked the episode up to unfortunate circumstances and relatively lackluster customer service, and Hatch hasn’t come forward with concrete evidence of discrimination.

For most observers, the incident sounded like a typical air travel nightmare, and not something to be taken personally — and certainly not the result of racism.

Beyond that, Hatch was sentenced to jail time for a 2008 drug possession charge.  In 2011, he was sentenced to eight years in prison for additional drug charges, which were ultimately overturned.  After being released from prison in 2014, Hatch remained on probation until 2018.

In April of 2019, he was arrested on felony drug and firearm possession charges.

Hatch’s newest studio album, Badazz 3.5, was released digitally on March 29th, 2019. Aside from that, Hatch hasn’t had much positive news to celebrate, though of course, legal problems often end up benefitting rap careers rather than hurting them.

Biracial Rapper Backs Out Of Festival After Learning "Non-POC" Were Charged More

Tiny Jag was excited when she was asked to be apart the Detroit music concert, AfroFuture Fest. The biracial rapper calls Hitsville USA home, and to perform in her city was something that she looked forward to. However, after a friend sent her a photo the festival’s pricing rules, Jag was appalled at what she was seeing.

According to Detroit Metro-Times, AfroFuture was charging black customers less for their tickets than white customers. The screenshot Jag received was reportedly taken from Instagram that showed an “early bird POC” ticket as $10 while an “early bird non-POC” ticket was $20. Jag was irate. “I was immediately enraged just because I am biracial,” she said. “I have family members that would have, under those circumstances, been subjected to something that I would not ever want them to be in…especially not because anything that I have going on.”

“A lot the songs that I perform are from my first project called Polly — that is my grandmother’s name,” Jag continued. “How do you want me to come to a performance and perform these songs f a mixtape that is titled after this white woman that you would have charged double to get in here? Like, it’s just outrageous from so many different angles.”

The rapper also told the Metro-Times that she didn’t like the message the festival was trying to make, even if it was meant to be progressive. Instead, Jag believes that it came across as spiteful and she didn’t want anything to do with it. “It’s not fun to withdraw out shows, especially at home, especially in your hometown, and especially when your supporters have been so good to you,” she said. “It’s also not fun to do that to my fellow black women, like that sucks too. It sucks that this is a thing that’s put a wedge here.”

The Metro-Times reports that AfroFuture declined to give them a comment, but the concert ficials took to their Eventbrite page to explain why they decided to switch up their price points for festivalgoers.

Equality means treating everyone the same

Equity is insuring everyone has what they need to be successful

Our ticket structure was built to insure that the most marginalized communities (people color) are provided with an equitable chance at enjoying events in their own community (Black Detroit).

Affording joy and pleasure is unfortunately still a privilege in our society for POC and we believe everyone should have access to receiving such.

We’ve seen too many times orgasmic events happening in Detroit and other POC populated cities and what consistently happens is people outside the community benefiting most from affordable ticket prices because their proximity to wealth.

This cycle disproportionately displaces Black and brown people from enjoying entertainment in their own communities.

As an Afruturist youth lead initiative the voices our youth inform our resistance.

Here’s what they have to say

“If you don’t see my Blackness, you don’t see me. Periodt!”

Yung Bans’ "Misunderstood" Features XXXTentacion, YNW Melly, & More

Yung Bans is about to impact the world in a big way. The young rapper previously combined all his self-titled EPs to craft a 72-song mixtape and now, he’s finally ready to unleash his first-ever studio album. People have been waiting to hear what the Atlanta artist can come up with when it comes time to put out his best work. He’s been touted as somebody that can make a huge difference, following in Future‘s footsteps and earning tons early praise in his career. This week, Bans announced that he would soon be dropping his debut album Misunderstood and today, he comes through with the star-studded tracklisting.

Fans Yung Bans will be excited to hear that his new body work will be released on July 24. We’ll need to wait a few weeks but with the tracklist being unveiled today, we’ve got more than enough to look forward to. Misunderstood is loaded with nineteen songs and a number high-prile features, including some from rappers that are no longer with us. XXXTentacion is set to have his own interlude on the album, as well as a song with 03 Greedo directly following. Other features include Lil Durk and YNW Melly, who are both facing heavy time in prison. Young Thug, Gunna, Future, Lil Tjay, and others close out the work.

Which song are you most excited to hear? Misunderstood comes out on July 24.

Joyner Lucas Offers To Cover Funeral For 18-Year-Old Rapper Murdered In His Hometown

Worcester, MA – Joyner Lucas has announced he wants to pay for the funeral of 18-year-old rapper Tafar Lewis.

Lewis — who went by June Valentino professionally — was murdered on Tuesday night (July 2) in Lucas’ hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts.

According to CBS Boston, the shooting took place near a local Fourth Of July celebration. Police arrived at the scene and found Lewis on the ground with a severe gunshot wound. The teenager was rushed to a local hospital where he passed away.

On Thursday (July 4), Lucas made the offer on his Facebook page.

“Senseless,”he wrote alongside a screenshot of a news story. “I wanna pay for his funeral. if you know his family, have them reach out to Danny Diaz and il take care of it.”

Thirty minutes after the shooting, a 19-year old man was also shot, but police said his injuries weren’t “life-threatening.”

The motive behind the fatal crime is still unclear. Zachary Tyler, a music promoter and a friend of the slain teenager, told MassLive Lewis wasn’t a “gang member” and described how “everybody in Main South accepted him as just being himself and being a rapper and told him to just do music and not be in the street, and he wasn’t.”

So far, there haven’t been any arrests related to the violent incident and Lewis’ family has yet to publicly respond to Lucas’ offer.

In May, Lucas released a music video for “Devil’s Work” that commemorated The Notorious B.I.G., Nipsey Hussle and XXXTENTACION while lambasting conservative figures. The controversial video was shot in a Worcester church and stirred up plenty of discussions. 

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rod Grab Their Kids For Fourth Of July Family Portrait

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been laying low as late but have come back on the grid to show love to their beautiful family. The engaged couple posed for a lovely family portrait on the Fourth July, with each their two children by their sides. “Today, we all celebrate the amazing freedoms we have as Americans. From our family to yours, have a happy and safe #July4th holiday everyone!” Alex captioned the image. 

“Kids are so beautiful and open to love and new friends,” Jennifer previously stated with discussing the merging her and Alex’s family. “I was so loving to his kids and he was so loving and accepting mine, and they embraced each other right away. It was] ‘I get a new bonus brother and sisters to hang out with all the time and it’s nice.’”

While the couple are engaged to be married, Jennifer’s previously expressed how there’s no rush to walk down the aisle. “There’s no rush. We really see this as something that’s gonna be forever, and we’re gonna just take our time and do it right. And do it not rushed,” she said.

Travis Scott Thinks His Upcoming Single Contributed To California Earthquake

The first time we heard Travis Scott’s “Highest In The Room” was a few weeks ago when he performed it during a festival date. The track has not yet been released but the Houston rapper continues to tease its imminent arrival, hyping it up by joking that it may have accidentally caused the heavy earthquake that happened yesterday in Southern California.

Travis Scott Thinks His Upcoming Single Contributed To California Earthquake
Brian Ach/Getty s

Angelenos and other California residents were shocked when the largest earthquake in a while hit the state, shaking things up and causing social media to react frantically. Tyler, The Creator saw a sudden boost because the natural disaster and now, Travis Scott is actually taking credit for the whole thing. He posted a video  some concert footage where he played his unreleased song “Highest In The Room,” getting the crowd to run into each other in a massive mosh pit. In his head, that’s what caused the quake.

“Wtfffff Shit brazy. This could have contributed to earthquake,” said the artist in his caption. There is still no word on when this song will be released but for the sake all La Flame fans around the world, we’re hoping it’s soon. Have a listen below and let us know if you’re excited for it to drop.

Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 SE "Red Orbit" Drops Next Week: Official Photos

Russell Westbrook is one the best players in the entire NBA and over the last three seasons, he has been averaging a triple-double. Even if you feel like he pads his stats, there is no denying just how great he is at what he does. Thanks to his play out on the court, Westbrook was given his own signature shoe with Jordan Brand. The second model to come out is called the Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 and over the last few months, there haven’t been many new colorways.

Jordan Brand is looking to change that with the release this brand new “Red Orbit” colorway. What’s interesting about this particular model is that it features a deconstructed upper that reveals some the inner workings the sneaker. This creates a more lightweight approach to the shoe that basketball players will surely appreciate. 

The shoe is covered in red and black while grey and blue highlights appear throughout the cuff and even the midsole. It’s an extremely clean colorway and if you’re in need some new basketball shoes, they will be the perfect addition to your collections. These are slated to drop on July 11th for $125 USD, according to Sneaker Bar Detroit.

Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 SE "Red Orbit" Drops Next Week: Official Photos


Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 SE "Red Orbit" Drops Next Week: Official Photos


Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 SE "Red Orbit" Drops Next Week: Official Photos


Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 SE "Red Orbit" Drops Next Week: Official Photos


Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 SE "Red Orbit" Drops Next Week: Official Photos


Donald Trump Says "Airports" Existed In 18th Century During July 4th Speech

Donald Trump is here to debunk hundreds archival work in the National Registry. During his “A Salute to America” speech in commemoration Independence Day, channeled Dr. Emmett Brown Back to the Future by insinuating that airplanes in the 18th century. You might be wondering how the discourse reached such a point incredulity.

Well, as it turns out, Donald Trump was quoting from his own research footnotes, pertaining to the Revolutionary War  1775–1783, a period in which travel by air was relegated to Da Vinci’s prototypical drawings – and nothing more.

Donald Trump Says "Airports" Existed In 18th Century During July 4th Speech

Alex Wong/Getty s

“Our Army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do, and at Fort McHenry, under the rocket’s red glare it had nothing but victory,” Trump claimed, rather erroneously during the speech, while also placing the aforementioned “Fort McHenry” battle in the wrong context.

As USA Today pointed out, the Fort McHenry incident went down during the War 1812, nearly 30 years after the Revolutionary War’s earliest sign conflict.

The question is: where does this anachronism rank among Donald Trump most infamous gaffes. Surely, “the hamberder” misnomer deserves a mention; his referral Tim Cook as “Tim Apple” is up there too. Or how about the time, Trump unknowingly pushed Montenegro’s leader state f to the side, in an attempt to hog the podium. And to think, Trump stands a good chance re-elected to fice. The American public mustn’t brush these blunders f as mere child’s play, while greater issues hang in the balance.

Woman Who Licked Bluebell Ice Cream In Walmart Store Faces 2-20 Years In Prison

The 1982 Tylenol murders and the 1986 Stella Nickell case were the catalysts to developing new ways that companies ensured their products weren’t tampered with. In the early 1980s in Chicago, and unknown murderer laced Tylenol capsules with cyanide, leading to the deaths seven people throughout the city. The victims were random and the suspect has never been caught. Four years later in 1986, two people lost their lives after ingesting Excedrin capsules laced with cyanide. An investigation uncovered that the spouse one the victims was responsible as she allegedly intended on killing her husband first. The second victim was to make it look like a random murder after she poisoned the capsules and returned them to store shelves. She was later sentenced to 90 years in prison.

Since that time, companies have found solutions to tampering problems by fitting their products with seals. However, not everything is foolpro, and consumers aren’t always safe. Recently, a video has gone viral that shows a young woman at a Walmart store in Texas. She takes a tub Bluebell ice cream out the store’s freezer, licks all the way across the top, covers it, places it back in the freezer, and laughs as she makes a quick exit. The public was outraged at the clip, and what started as an unsanitary prank has turned into a legal case.

Walmart partnered with Bluebell and authorities to identify the female suspect. “Our staff recognized the location in the video, and we inspected the freezer case,” Bluebell said in a statement. “Based on security footage, the location and the inspection the carton, we believe we may have recovered the half gallon that was tampered with. Out an abundance caution, we have also removed all Tin Ro half gallons from that location. Food tampering is not a joke, and we will not tolerate tampering with our products.”

According to CBS News, Lufkin, Texas police have stated that they’ve identified the woman in the video and are attempting to locate the man who was with her. Police plan on arresting the woman involved on charges second-degree felony tampering with a consumer product. If she’s found guilty, she could be sentenced to anywhere between two and 20 years in prison. It’s just not worth it y’all.

Snoop Dogg Tries To Convince Kawhi Leonard To Sign With Lakers With A Song

Before free agency started, the Lakers were not in contention to sign Kawhi Leonard. After trading for Anthony Davis though, the notoriously reserved Finals MVP started to think about what could happen if he teamed up with LeBron James and ADSome sources are saying that the Lakers are now the frontrunners to land the superstar forward while others have him staying with the Toronto Raptors. The Los Angeles Clippers are also still in talks but their hopes appear to be dwindling. Your guess is as good as mine as to where Kawhi will end up next season. Snoop Dogg, a lifelong Lakers fan, is doing his part to convince the Board Man to take his talents to the STAPLES Center to play for the purple and gold though, singing him a song and praying that the deal happens soon.

Snoop Dogg Tries To Convince Kawhi Leonard To Sign With Lakers With A Song
Noel Vasquez/Getty s

A team with Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis as its core sounds like it would be indestructible. However, Los Angelenos still remember the failed experiment from a few years back with Steve Nash and Dwight Howard so there’s an air doubt in the city. Still, people are increasingly optimistic that Leonard ends up signing a max deal with the Lakers and Snoop Dogg has just begun his own recruitment tactics.

Recording himself singing a song to the hooper, Snoop broke out into a famous tune, belting, “Kawhi, Kawhi, tell me that you’ll be a Laker/Kawhi, Kawhi, come back to LA.” A Los Angeles native himself, having played college ball at San Diego State, Kawhi has to be weighing his options heavily right now. Does he stay loyal to the team he just won a championship with or will he jet back home to team up with LeBron and AD? Hopefully, we find out soon.

Tyler, The Creator’s "Earfquake" Blows Up After California Earthquake

A few hours ago, the strongest earthquake to hit Southern California in a long time took place, leaving Los Angelenos excited to tell everybody what they had just survived. Depending on which part  the state you reside in, you felt it a little bit more than others this morning. My personal experience was not too rocky — the room shook a little but it was nothing violent. Others have reported slight damages from the 6.4 magnitude quake. As you would expect, #Earthquake started trending within minutes on Twitter with people rushing to ask if they had just lived through their first-ever Cali quake. Unexpectedly though, Tyler, The Creator saw a boost in traffic as a direct result the disaster when his IGOR single “Earfquake” also started trending, according to XXL.

While people were busy chatting about the powerful seismic shift that they had just witnessed, Tyler, The Creator fans took the opportunity to push his new single with Playboi Carti, garnering enough attention to “Earfquake” that it started trending alongside #Earthquake. Some the most popular memes have fans stating that Tyler can predict the future. Hopefully, that’s the last earthquake we have for a while though.

No deaths have been reported after the 6.4 magnitude shaker. Thankfully, it seems like everybody had a good time and remembered that despite the beautiful weather in California, we’re still prone to natural disasters.

Sam Fender Pulls Music Video for Latest Single After a Fan's Seizure Goes Viral

Samuel Thomas Fender – better known as Sam Fender – recently released his latest single.

Described as ‘euphoric,’ the English singer and songwriter dropped a cut of ‘Will We Talk?’

Featuring distorted guitar effects, Fender proudly sings,

Blue Monday / Blaring loudly out the speakers / Fluorescent liquid in his beaker / Another night they’ve gone too far.

‘Will We Talk?’ comes ahead of his album’s release.  Originally scheduled for August 9th, the new LP will drop on September 13th.  Dubbed Hypersonic Missiles, he’ll also promote the debut album with a UK tour.

Last weekend, the English singer had to drop out of his hyped performance at Glastonbury 2019 over “health issues.”

Now, the latest single has also caused health issues to an unexpected party – his own fans.

Inadvertently prompting a seizure.

In the description for ‘Will We Talk?’, the single is described as “a heady blast of high-octane, melody-packed, smash’n’grab rock’n’roll that launches from the traps at full pelt and doesn’t relent until the guitars and a string-section subside three minutes later.”

Yet, the accompanying music video’s visuals have apparently gone too far.

On Tuesday, and tagging Sam Fender along with Troye Sivan, Emily Linka, a fan, went public about her struggle with seizures.

After watching his latest video, she posted a clip of a seizure caused by the autoplay strobes in Fender’s music video.

I have never shared a video of what my seizures look like publicly but this is what happens when artists like @samfendermusic and @troyesivan use autoplay strobes for promo.

In the graphic 35-second clip where she’s seen violently shaking on her bed, Linka added,

This is part of one of multiple seizures I will have this evening.

The viral video prompted a quick reply from Fender, who apologetically wrote,

Really appreciate you flagging this, we had no idea and took down the video right away.  We’re speaking with the wider team to make sure the music industry is aware and these kinds of things don’t happen again.

Calling the English singer “such a good person,” she expressed her gratitude for Fender’s response.

Thank you so, so much Sam.  Honestly, I appreciate this a lot and you’re such a legend for listening and taking action, and especially for helping raise awareness for the wider music industry.  Stuck in bed today resting after last night but this has made my day. 💖

You can view the graphic video below (while it remains active on Twitter).


Featured image by Sam Fender (CC by 2.0).

Juelz Santana & Kimbella Welcome Son "Santana James"

Congratulations are in order for Juelz Santana and his wife Kimbella! The pair have has quite the rocky road for the past year as their relationship has been hit with unexpected twists and turns. The Love & Hip Hop New York couple shared their journey with the world as they allowed VH1’s reality television cameras to feature their story as they prepared for Juelz to begin a 27-month prison sentence. The Dipset rapper pleaded guilty to possession a firearm by a convicted felon and carrying a weapon on an aircraft last year after being arrested for taking a loaded firearm into an airport. 

During the L&HHNY reunion, which aired in March, the couple announced that Kimbella was six months pregnant and they were expecting their third child together. Since he began serving out his sentence in Virginia, Kimbella said that she and their children visit Juelz bi-weekly. Although she was heavily pregnant, Kimbella was determined to hold down the household while her husband is behind bars. She hasn’t been shy about sharing her pregnancy journey with her followers, and on Wednesday she uploaded a picture her newborn son and introduced him to the world.

“Meet our new prince…Santana James💙 7/3/2019 5:49am 💙 6Lbs 14oz 💙 Blessed 🙏🏾😇🥰,” Kimbella wrote. Her friends gave their congratulatory comments including Cyn Santana, Cam’ron, Shekinah Anderson, Tahiry Jose, Shay Johnson, and Mona Scott Young.

La La Anthony Reportedly In "Legal Discussions" To Figure Out Next Step With Carmelo

La La and Carmelo Anthony were recently in headlines after the NBA Player was spotted in France on a yacht with a woman who was not his wife. Carmelo denied that it was anything suspicious but reports still detailed how La La was a “wreck” over the matter. The couple first split back in 2017 and got back together in 2018 but reports now say that La La is pursuing legal action to see what the next steps in their relationship may be. 

La La Anthony Reportedly In "Legal Discussions" To Figure Out Next Step With Carmelo
Bennett Raglin/Getty s

PEOPLE details how La La is actively considering what her future with Carmelo will look like as they continue to co-parent their 12-year-old son, Kiyan. “As La La and Carmelo have been living apart for quite some time, La La is proceeding with legal discussions as the next step in their relationship,” a source told the publication. “They will remain loving and committed parents to their son.”

Back when the couple first split, La La cited how they’re time together was the reason to try and work it out. 

“We’re good. I mean, we’ve been together for a really long time so we’re figuring out how to make it work for what is best for Kiyan and what is best for us,” she said, adding, “marriages are tough, and you know that. We all know that. It’s filled with ups and downs. We are just going through a time right now.” 

We’ll have to wait and see how things go this time. 

La La Anthony Reportedly In "Legal Discussions" To Figure Out Next Step With Carmelo
Brian Ach/Getty s

Kawhi Leonard Returning To Toronto On 2-Year Deal, Says Jalen Rose

Kawhi Leonard may not make his ficial announcement until later tonight at the earliest, or possibly even on the Fourth July, but the latest reports suggests he’ll be running it back with the NBA Champion Toronto Raptors.

During today’s episode Get Up, Jalen Rose described, “What I’m 99% hearing is that Kawhi Leonard will be returning to Toronto and signing a two-year contract. He just completed his eighth season, that’s gonna put him at 10 years, that puts him in position to get the largest available maximum deal for a player his tenure.”

ESPN’s Mark Jones added, “forget all the noise Kawhi is heading back to Toronto.“

Kawhi is currently in Toronto and the cameras have been following his every move – from the moment he landed to the second he stepped foot in a black SUV en route to the Hazelton Hotel where he is expected to meet with Raptors brass.

Leonard, 27, is eligible to sign a five-year, $190 million supermax contract with the Raptors, while other teams, like the Lakers and Clippers, can fer a max  four-years, $140.6 million. That said, Rose claims he’ll be signing a two-year deal, allowing him to become a free agent again in 2021, where he’ll be in line for a historic payday.

The three-time All Star averaged 26.6 points and 7.6 rebounds in the regular season while leading Toronto to its first NBA title this past season.