Bizarre Reflects On Eminem Bromance, Jay Electronica’s Betrayal, & D12’s Run

Though he wasn’t a guest on Eminem’s recent Music To Be Murdered By album, Bizarre’s spirit was felt on “Those Kinda Nights.” A veteran D12 and longtime friend Em, Peter S. Bizarre has been steadily putting in work since the group’s split. Today, he sat down with Nore and DJ EFN on REVOLT’s Drink Champs, where he spent two hours reflecting on everything from recent feuds to amazing bits hip-hop history.

Off the bat, Nore inquires about some Bizarre’s recent shots at Joe Buddenand Jay Electronica, emphasizing that the latter felt like a particularly hurtful betrayal. “Jay Electronica used to be down with us a long time ago,” says Biz. “He used to be an artist for Mr. Porter. He used to shoot B-roll footage for us, go on the road and do shit like that. He was around in the studios. That’s the story behind that. He said something about Marshall saying something about 2Pac, and he dissed him pretty hard like he never knew us. I’m real big on family.” 

There was a rumor about him from when we used to have battles at the hip-hop shop,” reflects Bizarre, when asked about Eminem’s pre-fame reputation. “I had heard there was this ‘whiteboy named Eminem, he cold!’ He was the champion, so what they do is the cypher would be on stage.] Pro was the manager the hip-hop shop so he’d put him in the back in the fice. Nobody had ever seen him until the battle. He’d have his hat down real low over his head and shit. When I first met him I was like damn, he was killing everybody. Him and Pro was selling this shit like White Men Can’t Jump.”

Bizarre Reflects On Eminem Bromance, Jay Electronica's Betrayal, & D12's Run

Prince Williams/Wire/Getty s 

He also reveals that Em was always a perfectionist in the studio, encouraging the members to deliver better takes — sometimes for hours at a time. “He was like Dr. Dre times twenty,” says Biz. “He’s hard on himself too. He’d go back and do the same song two weeks later…He work hard, man. He’ll sit there and mumble syllables trying to make a match. I’m like goddamn bro! I can’t even rap if I’m not in the studio.”

In true Bizarre fashion, he soon finds himself reminiscing on some outlandish antics. “I took Em to Freaknik,” he laughs, prompting hysteria from the Drink Champs crew. “He was the only whiteboy there.” But before that, the pair hit up “How Could I Be Down,” where they witnessed a brawl between Fat Joe and a “Swole-ass crip” from Tha Dogg Pound. En route to Atlanta, they found themselves struggling to get on the Grey Hound bus as Em didn’t have a suitcase; in its place, his belongings were carried in a garbage bag. “The girls were loving him. I think he might have been the only white boy at Freaknik.” 

Around the twenty-six minute mark, Bizarre remembers the first time he met Dr. Dre, and the dynamic that came after. “I’ve been around Dr. Dre about thirty times, I can count on one hand how many words I’ve said to him,” reflects Biz. “He always be quoting my lyrics all the time, like Bizarre you said ‘____’, that shit was crazy!’ I’m like, damn. This Dr. Dre talking!” As it happens, they would end up using Dre to resolve deadlocked votes, as they did when selecting Devil’s Night’s lead single. “Swift, Kuniva and Mr. Porter wanted ‘Shit Can Happen’,” explains Bizarre. “Me, Pro, and Em wanted ‘Purple Pills.’ Dr. Dre was the final vote.”

Check out the entire episode below, especially if you have love for the Dirty Dozen. 

Delonte West Video Leads To Suspension Of Maryland Police Officer

Delonte West has been struggling as late and fans are both upset and worried about the former NBA player. Earlier this week, disturbing footage hit the internet West being beaten up in the middle a street while people drove past. There was also a video West being handcuffed and interrogated by police. Since the release the video, fans and former teammates have hit social media to give their opinion on the ordeal and are calling for measures to ensure West’s safety moving forward.

According to Complex, a huge development in the incident has come to light. In a recent press conference, Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski spoke about how the department is doing an investigation into how the video made it to the internet. In the meantime, the ficer who took the video has been suspended and could face harsh punishment if he was the one who released the footage.

For now, it remains to be seen whether or not West will be able to get the help he needs. His support system is in the midst trying to help him to the best their abilities. Hopefully, he is able to find some peace moving forward.

Lil Yachty Ranks Drake’s Discography, Gets Called Out For "More Life" Placement

It’s always a good day to rank an artist’s discography for no reason. There didn’t seem to be anything specific that prompted Lil Yachty to list his favorite Drake projects on Tuesday (Jan. 21), but he went for it anyway. The Atlanta rapper took to Twitter to share “My drake list in order from best to least best imo”, which looks like this: 

1. Take Care
3. Nothing Was The Same
4. What A Time To Be Alive
5. Thank Me Later
6. If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
7. More Life
8. Scorpion 

Before we get heated over his picks, let’s remember Lil Boat is entitled to his opinion, as we all are. While arguments for other albums can be made, Take Care in the top spot is a fairly uncontroversial opinion. What has people up in arms is Yachty’s placement  More Life. The top replies under his tweet read: “You really sleeping on more life like that”, “More Life is 1”, “More Life heavily slept on”. Evidently, fans dug Drake’s 2017 playlist. Yachty was also accused not paying proper respect to Drizzy’s latest release, Scorpion.

How you feel about this ranking? What would your own look like? Also, do you think WATTBA should qualify? Let us know in the comments. You could also participate in Yachty’s own poll that he posted on Twitter, but he narrowed it down to four albums. 

NLE Choppa Evaluates Southern Rap Classics By Outkast, Mike Jones, & More

Often, new artists seek co-signs from their fellow rising rappers, but a nod from a veteran can be a career-changing move. For this latest episode  The CosignGenius flips the script as Tenneessee newcomer NLE Choppa peruses through a few southern classics and shares whether or not he’d sign f on these hits.

NLE Choppa Evaluates Southern Rap Classics By Outkast, Mike Jones, & More
John Sciulli / Stringer / Getty s

“As a kid I used to watch a lotta artists like Lil Wayne,” the Cottonwood artist said. “I used to like Rick Ross videos. Rick Ross videos used to be like, super bossed up. I liked Juvenile videos ’cause like, he had the females and stuff in it. It’s all about who rappin’, how they voice is, do they got that real down south voice. Down south voice is just different. You never know what you gon’ get.

First up was Outkast’s 2000 hit “B.O.B.” and it was obvious that Choppa was feeling that one. He said he grew up listening to “Ms. Jackson” and that “B.O.B.” was a track that “goes hard.” Choppa wasn’t as familiar with Mike Jones’s “Still Tippin” with Paul Wall and Slim Thug, but he admitted he was two-years-old when the song was released.

Check out what else he had to say about “Boom I Got Your Boyfriend” by Ms. Luscious (1990), “Bird Walk” by Soulja Boy (2008), “Sippin On Some Sizzurp” by Three Six Mafia (2000), “Choppa Style” by Choppa (2002), and more below.

HBO’s "We Are The Dream" Trailer Will Bring You To Tears

While Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s national holiday commemorating his life and legacy is ficially behind us, HBO’s upcoming We Are The Dream: The Kids the Oakland MLK Oratorical documentary will follow the youth Oakland as they prepare to compete in the city’s annual Martin Luther King Oratorical Festival.

This particular competition features hundreds children ranging in grades from pre-kindergarten through the twelveth grade that get to publicly perform a mixture published and original poetry and speeches. The children are encouraged to reflect on the topics that matter to them the most, ranging from topics including cultural commentary/acceptance, political activism, social justice, environmentalism, and more. 

HBO’s We Are The Dream, directed by Amy Schatz and executive produced by Mahershala Ali, will follow the journey a multitude beautiful, blossoming souls as they prepare for the 2019 40th Annual Martin Luther King Oratorical Festival. 

The trailer alone draws its viewers in as the courageous youths participate in what many adults refuse to engage in, public speech. These brave students, from all different walks life, are continuing the legacy the coveted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who used his oratorical skill set to bring the world together. 

In a statement released by HBO, the network praised the filmmakers’ journeys alongside an amazing group emboldened and empowered children stating, 

“It is a portrait passionate young people raising their voices about issues they care about – social justice, immigration and more – and a community that celebrates them.” 

While this past Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was filled with surprises from White House counselors and the FBI, we’re sure this executive-produced worked by Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali will do the Reverand and the youth Oakland, CA justice.

Check out the full-length trailer for HBO’s upcoming documentary, We Are The Dream: The Kids the Oakland MLK Oratorical in the video provided below. And also be on the lookout for the film to premiere on HBO February 18 at 7:00 P.M. EST.

Tory Lanez Reveals The Unwritten Rule For Rappers Flexing On IG

When he’s not working on 20 songs a night for his next album, Tory Lanez is doing what every rapper from his generation is known for: flexing on Instagram! However, the Chixtape series emcee had to throw in a side comedy to go with his latest IG stunt. 

Posing in front a supercar that we’re sure he could afford if he wanted to, Lanez kept it all the way real instead claiming the wheels as his own.”This is not my car ….. but I’m rich so it looks like it is,” he jokingly wrote to go along with the flick, following up by labeling his actions as “shit rap n***as do 101.” Many his followers found the whole thing pretty hilarious, ranging from laughing emojis and compliments on his “caption game” to some even trying to figure out if he was throwing shots at some his peers — Pop Smoke was the name that came up the most. Either way, whether serving subs or simply making jokes, we sure got a kick out this all-too-familiar IG flex. Speak on it, Tory!

Welp, take a look at a few more Instagram pics Tory Lanez stunting next to cars: 

6ix9ine’s Remaining Prison Sentence Will Not Be Served At Home

In December 2019, many hip-hop fans tuned in to follow the unfolding courtroom narrative the year: the trial Tekashi 6ix9ine. As dramatic tweets from Inner City Press poured in and Akademiks’ zany Livestream intensified, Judge Paul Engelmayer finally read his verdict: two years for the Rainbow-haired pest who won hearts and burned bridges. While time served does apply to the two-year sentence, 6ix9ine still felt unsafe behind bars and his legal team recently request that the rapper serve the remaining duration on house arrest. Alas, it was not in the cards.

6ix9ine's Remaining Prison Sentence Will Not Be Served At Home

Bob Levey/Getty s

Complex reports that Judge Engelmayer has decided to reject the request, reasoning that to do so would undermine the severity 6ix9ine’s criminal activity. “T]he Court’s determination was, and is, that a 24-month prison sentence is necessary in this case,” he maintains. Still, it’s not all bad news for those eagerly awaiting his return — with time served applied, we could be seeing his return to freedom by August this year.

In the meantime, 6ix9ine will continue to serve his remaining months in a private jail with or without the presence scorned Bloods. It’s as yet unclear whether he intends on continuing where his music career left f, or whether his newfound reputation will even allow him to raise his voice on wax. Either way, you already know that 6ix9ine’s homecoming will be a big one  — be honest, do you miss him?

Joe Budden Responds To Eminem: "He Should Stop Dissing Me"

The feud between Eminem and Joe Budden goes back years and whenever the former releases new music, fans will spend some time dissecting the lyrical content to see if they can interpret any Budden shade in the mix. In the biggest surprise the year thus far, Eminem released a shock album last week called Music To Be Murdered By, which features Juice WRLD, Young M.A, Don Toliver, and members Slaughterhouse. Unsurprisingly, Budden was not one the Slaughterhouse members featured on the album, which makes sense considering his recent comments about the group’s ties to Shady Records. There are some lines on the project that clearly have to do with Joe, including the “Traitor Joe” lyric, and the retired rapper is now sticking up for himself on his podcast by suggesting they just put their differences to the side.

As reported by HipHopDX, Joe Budden addressed his beef with Eminem on Episode 314 TheJoe Budden Podcast. Speaking on the “Lock It Up” bar in which Em spits “Try’na save at Kroger, so why would I give a fuck about back-stabbin’ Trader Joe for?”, Budden had the following to note:

“Trader Joe, Trader Joe, Trader Joe — that’s hurtful,” he said. “That’s not right! That’s fensive, man. Trader Joe? I’m Joe. You’re telling me Joe is a traitor? The same way I feel like Eminem] should stop dissing Lord Jamar, he should stop dissing me. Hey, whatever we had, that exchange when you did all the interviews with Sway], and whenever I said whatever I said on the pod, it’s a moment in time. We had our exchange. It’s over. In 2020, I can’t harbor negativity not only towards one the best rappers, but somebody I’m not angry at. That’s what I gotta stop doin’. I don’t be mad at the people I come in and kill. There’s no hostility after that.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, Joe Budden discusses the newly-released documentary about Aaron Hernandez, Lori Harvey’s clique, the desperation from Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to pass Roddy Ricch, and more with his co-hosts. Check it out below.

LaVar Ball Reveals Which Team He Wants To Draft LaMelo

If LaVar Ball gets his wish, his youngest son, LaMelo, will be playing his home games at Madison Square Garden for the foreseeable future.

During a recent “TMZ Roundtable” discussion with Master P and Metta World Peace, the Ball Father reiterated that he thinks LaMelo will go No. 1 overall in the 2020 NBA Draft and he’s hoping the New York Knicks will be there to select him. Furthermore, LaVar’s dream scenario includes Mark Jackson taking over as Knicks head coach and all three his season wearing the orange and blue one day. Of course.

This isn’t the first time that the Ball family has teased Knicks fans with interest in the franchise. At the start the season, the 18-year old guard posted some photos  his NBA 2K MyPlayer on the Knicks along with lyrics from “Rebel’s Kick It,” specifically, “Sending God my wishes, still got some pending, yeah.” 

LaMelo recently suffered a foot injury and has therefore decided to shut it down for the remainder the season rather than risk further injuring himself ahead the draft in June. In 13 games with the NBL’s Illawarra Hawks, Ball averaged 17 points, 7.6 rebounds, 6.8 assists, and 1.6 steals per game.

The Knicks (12-32) are currently tied with the Cleveland Cavaliers for the third worst record in the NBA, and if the season ended today (it does not) they’d have a 50% chance landing a Top 4 pick. Most mock drafts have Ball going within the Top 3.

Summer Walker Serves Luscious Looks In Most Recent Thirst Traps

After letting her fans know that she would be taking it easy in 2020, Summer Walker is focusing on her personal life, which includes her relationship with producer London On Da Track, and the management her social anxiety, which has affected so many her performances. In person, the rising star isn’t too down to do interviews or anything that would trigger her to become uncomfortable. However, she doesn’t hold back online. On social media, she ten works to further her brand by revealing layers her personality to all  her supporters. This morning, she switched things up by showing f some skin, which she doesn’t regularly do, uploading a series “Players Club Vibes” to her page.

Complementing a shot she shared last night her exposing her underboob in a revealing crop top, Summer Walker returned with a trio sultry pictures in a lavish black dress and oodles icy jewelry. Diamonds dance on her neck, wrist, and digits, with the artist feeling herself in the display and confirming that she is still spending time with LODT. A few days ago, the rumor mill kicked f with reports that they may have broken up after Walker shared a cryptic post that people assumed was about the producer. London appears in her latest images so she’s definitely gone and cleared that one up.

What do you think Summer Walker? Are you messing with her music? 

DaBaby Hasn’t Smoked Weed Since New Year’s Eve

DaBaby is giving up weed.

The “Bop” rapper claims that he hasn’t smoked marijuana since New Year’s Eve. Taking to Twitter, DaBaby responded to a fan who said he looked “high as hell” in his photo.

But DaBaby said he hasn’t had any weed in his system since 2019. “I haven’t smoked since the ball dropped,” he added.

During his Q&A with fans, the Grammy-nominated artist also revealed that he stopped drinking liquor. “Wine Only,” he responded when someone asked what he had been drinking.

But he admitted that he had some tequila while hanging with friends. “But bruh nem had me on the Patron last night,” he said.

Over the weekend, video surfaced of DaBaby getting into an altercation with a hotel worker who filmed him. DaBaby claims he asked him not to because he was with his daughter. But the man took the video anyway, prompting DaBaby to physically attack him.

“That hotel worker you see me ‘pushing’ came up to me outside the hotel & asked could he record a video of me while I was holding my 2year old daughter,” he explained. “I calmly and respectfully said no and explained to him that him posting a video of me at the time would compromise the safety of me and my child by letting social media know where we were staying.”

He also threatened legal action against the hotel if they don’t provide footage of his interaction with the employee prior to the altercation. “I got a big pretty ass lawsuit otw with their name on it,” said DaBaby.

Lil Wayne Will Be On The Next Episode Of "Drink Champs"

Lil Wayne is always an interesting subject, whether he’s performing new unreleased music or promoting his new venture into the cannabis industry. That’s why it comes as pretty exciting news that Weezy will be the latest person to stop by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s wildly popular Drink Champs podcast.

Giving us orders to ficially address Lil Wayne as “O.G. Wayne” from now on, the Drink Champs crew unveiled their special guest a little over an hour ago Instagram. Almost immediately, fans were begging for the DC team to drop the interview, or at the very least let the world know when we could expect to see it. As now, all we have is the caption that reads “STAY TUNED” accompanied by a #comingsoon hashtag, but we’re sure the wait will without a doubt be worth the entertainment. If Curren$y’s classic tale about almost dying while drinking lean with Lil Tunechi during his own 2016 Drink Champs interview says anything about the stories that Weezy can tell, let’s just say be prepared for pretty much anything. Can’t wait!

New episodes the Drink Champs podcast hosted by Noreaga & DJ EFN arrive on Fridays at 12AM ET, so expect Lil Wayne’s interview to arrive later this week.

Budweiser Reboots Classic "Whassup" Ad For Super Bowl LIV: Watch

The matchup for Super Bowl LIV is set – now it’s time for those commercials to start rolling. As was the case in recent years, some the pricey Super Bowl commercials have leaked in advance the big game, including Budweiser’s brand new “Whassup” ad inspired by the classic commercial that debuted two decades ago.

This time around, it’s a couple smart home devices asking each other “Whassup” as Budweiser, in partnership with Uber, encourages football fans not to drink and drive. The ad will air exclusively in Canada during Super Bowl LIV, but you can get an early look the video embedded below.

According to ET Canada, when Budweiser’s “Whassup” ad airs during the Chiefs vs 49ers game on February 2nd, it will feature a promotional Uber code to help viewers get home at the end the night.

“We’re excited to be bringing ‘Whassup’ back after 20 years with a modern twist, while simultaneously sending a vital message around making the smart decision to not drive impaired,” Mike D’Agostini, director marketing for Budweiser Canada said.

“We’re thrilled to be working with a premier partner like Uber and proud to be taking the opportunity to use such a massive platform to urge Canadians to choose a smarter way home.” 

Manchester Mayor Calls Eminem’s ‘Unaccommodating’ ‘Deeply Disrespectful’

Manchester, UK – An Eminem album wouldn’t be complete with a little controversy.

Shortly after Slim Shady surprised his fans with Music To Be Murdered By, his 11th studio album, Twitter lit up with reactions to the song “Unaccommodating,” which includes the line, “I’m contemplating yelling ‘bombs away’ on the game/Like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting,” a reference to the deadly 2017 bombing. 

The lyrics are followed with the sound of an explosion. Now, Manchester mayor Andy Burnham is joining the public outcry.

Burnham said in a statement to BBC, “This is unnecessarily hurtful and deeply disrespectful to the families and all those affected.”

The mother of Martyn Hett, who died in the attack, weighed in on Twitter.

“Feels like he is piggybacking on the fame of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber and says distasteful things about other celebrities,” Figen Murray wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Not clever. Totally pointless. And before all Eminem fans pounce on me, I am not interested and will not engage.”

Russell Hayward, Hett’s former partner, also expressed his disappointment with the song Twitter.

“It’s disappointing but not surprising that #Eminem would use controversial lyrics about the Manchester bomb, dragging the victims’ families & Ariana back into a very dark time,” he said. “Not sure how popular he is these days but I hope any success he gets from the back of this is worth it.”

Despite the lyric, another song on Music To Be Murdered By called “Darkness” finds Em advocating for gun control. He also encouraged people to donate to the victims and victims’ family of the Manchester bombings in May 2017.

“Join me in helping Manchester victims & their families,” he wrote on Twitter. “Make a donation to the @BritishRedCross and @MENnewsdesk.”

Trey Songz Takes A Break From Social Media & Deactivates Instagram

Anytime an artist decides to hop f Instagram or social media as a whole, it can be indicative a few things. Some may take it as an artist readying a new album while others hop f in order to avoid social media hysterics, especially when controversy strikes. It’s unclear what Trey Songz motive might be but the singer has ficially hopped f Instagram. As pointed out by TheShadeRoom, his Instagram has no posts and says “User not found.”

Again, there isn’t any concrete evidence or word why the singer decided to call it quits on the ‘Gram. It’s unclear if this is temporary or not but it should be noted that he also hasn’t been active on Twitter since late 2019, although his page is still up. It has been nearly three years since the release his last studio album, Tremaine The Album. He did, however, drop two mixtapes in 2018, 11 and 28. For all we know, he could very well be readying his eighth studio album.

His absence from social media might also have to do with a recent lawsuit he was hit with. Trey Songz was sued for $10M by a woman who accused him ually assaulting her at a nightclub on New Year’s Day 2018. It’s unclear if this actually plays a role in deactivating IG but it does add to the other allegations against him by other women.