Future Donates Masks To Hospitals Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Future and his family’s FreeWishes Foundation have teamed up with a local Atlanta sewing collective to create masks for hospital workers and coronavirus patients amid shortages caused by the pandemic. As the world adjusts to the effects the coronavirus outbreak, many hospitals are experiencing unparalleled shortages medical equipment and supplies, including surgical masks that prevent infected patients from potentially spreading the virus to others. In order to give back and ensure that Atlanta hospitals have the necessary supplies they need, Future has partnered with Atlanta Sewing Style through his FreeWishes Foundation for the #MaskOn campaign.

Future Donates Masks To Hospitals Amid Coronavirus PandemicNeilson Barnard/Getty s for BET

“Future’s FreeWishes Foundation recognizes how alarming and critical the need is for medical equipment, so Future and his foundation has stepped in to donate and help, by ensuring that masks are provided to healthcare pressionals and patients currently hospitalized,” a statement from the foundation reads. “The foundation has collaborated with Atlanta Sewing Style, a community over 500 local sewists and designers who will create, cut, sew and deliver the much-needed masks to local hospitals.”

Future Donates Masks To Hospitals Amid Coronavirus PandemicParas Griffin/Getty s for 20th Century Fox

“There is so much that needs to be done during this crisis and if everyone can step up in some way, we can all get through this together as we serve our community,” Future’s mother, Stephanie Jester, said in a press release. “I think that our healthcare pressionals are the heroes in this situation and they are risking their lives for everyone, so it is our responsibility to help protect them.” Future’s sister and co-founder their family’s foundation, Tia-Wilburn Anderson, also addressed the pandemic. “It is important to my brother, Future and I that we are service to our community, especially during this pandemic and throughout the year,” she stressed. “This is why our family created the foundation.” Big ups to Future and his family for their generosity during these stressful times.

Shaq Displays Dad-Like Dance Moves Alongside His Sons

Let’s face it, this quarantine has provided very little sports content. Athletes and analysts are bored out their minds as there is simply nothing to do. Leagues are on pause and seasons are in a state purgatory. No one knows what’s going to come next and unfortunately, it’s not looking too good for anyone. Regardless, we are all in this together and now that we have some extra time with our families, many are taking advantage.

One those people is none other than NBA legend, Shaq. The former superstar has been spending time at home with his sons, Shaqir and Shareef. Shaqir has his very own TikTok and has been getting his dad to partake in the festivities. In the video below, Shaq brings the dad vibes as he tries to emulate the dance moves his children. While his moves leave a lot to be desired, you can’t help but commend him for trying.

With the NBA season destined to be on pause until the late summer, it will be interesting to see what Shaq and other analysts begin to do. Perhaps he will start doing breakdowns old games he was a part . If that’s the case, his social media will certainly be must-watch material.

In the meantime though, boredom has prevailed.

Davido In Self-Isolation After Wife Chioma Tests Positive For COVID-19

Cardi B may still have her theory that some celebrities are being paid to say that they’ve contracted COVID-19, but if you ask these famous figures, they’ll insist that their experiences are very real. Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Idris Elba (and his wife), Harvey Weinstein, Slim Thug, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, Scarface, Jason Collins, Rand Paul, Andy Cohen, Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, Christian Wood, Kevin Durant, two mystery Los Angeles Lakers players, and many others have been revealed to have tested positive for COVID-19. 

Nigerian-American singer-songwriter-producer took to Instagram to share with his 15+ million followers that his fiancé, Chioma Rowland, has recently been diagnosed, as well. In a lengthy social media statement, Davido also revealed that he and their baby tested negative. He said he postponed his tour due to the pandemic so he returned home to his family who had just come back from London. 

“We had no symptoms and still both feel perfectly fine but because our recent travel history we decided to take ourselves and our all close associates we’ve come in recent contact with for the COVID-19 test on the 25th March,” the singer wrote. “Unfortunately, my fiancé’s results came back positive while all 31 others tested have come back negative including our baby.”

He added that she still hasn’t exhibited symptoms and no one needs to worry. “She is now being quarantined and I have also gone into full self isolation for the minimum 14 days. I want to use this opportunity to thank you all for your endless love and prayers in advance and to urge everyone to please stay at home as we control the spread this virus!” Read his message in full below.

Joe Budden CashApps Money To Medical Professionals, Students, Parents

If you’re a celebrity like Joe Budden and you find yourself with a few extra stacks laying around since strip clubs are closed, then it’s not a bad idea to give back to those in need. The multi-hyphenated entertainment mogul has joined the ranks famous figures who are blessing the public with money during the COVID-19-forced quarantine. Budden took to Twitter to share his announcement just yesterday (March 26).

Joe Budden CashApps Money To Medical Pressionals, Students, Parents
Brian Ach / Stringer / Getty s

“Ok you guys, the strip clubs are closed which means 3 things,” he began. “1. I’m bored 2. My IG looks a lot better without those stupid flyers. & 3. I’m blessed to have saved a few bucks 🥴 & I much rather give it to y’all since the world is cold an our government is colder, here’s my idea.” The podcast host asked for people to send their stories and CashApp names for free money. “Nah this not funded or sponsored by anyone… it’s me having a heart dammit lol.”

It’s unclear how much money he sent out, but Joe Budden did respond publicly to let certain Twitter users know that he was sending them money. Check out a few responses below.

Boi-1da & Hit-Boy Having Epic Beat Battle Tonight

A few days removed from Swizz Beatz and Timbaland squaring f in an epic producer duel rematch, Boi-1da and Hit-Boy are gearing up for a bonafide battle the beats this very evening. In other words, it’s Boi vs. Boy and only one will prevail.

Put together by Timbaland and Swizzy for the shared benefit hip-hop culture, the incendiary event has already caught the eye many prominent hip-hop names — some whom might have even tossed a couple dollars on their chosen competitor. “I’ve heard about bets from 100$ to 10,000$ So Far. Who Tuning in?” asks Hit-Boy, who would likely bet on himself in this situation. After all, he’s packing a catalog that includes The Throne’s “N***as In Paris,” Kendrick Lamar‘s “Backseat Freestyle,” A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie,” and many more.

Yet the North has never been known to shy away from a fight. Taking to Instagram for the proverbial weigh-in, Toronto’s Boi-1da slid through with some words for his opponent. Considering his ridiculous catalog bangers, including but not exclusive to Drake‘s “God’s Plan,” Eminem‘s “Seduction,” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Blacker The Berry,” the Canadian appears to be a formidable contender.

It’s honestly difficult to foresee a decisive victory from either party, but one thing is clear — this will be a duel for the ages. Will you be tuning in?

Giannis Antetokounmpo Names Hardest Player To Guard In NBA

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been keeping busy during the NBA shutdown by going on IG live whenever he has the chance. Typically, he entertains questions from fans and tries to give them insight into his life and career. Recently, the Greek Freak was asked about the NBA and who he feels is the hardest player to guard. Giannis fered up a surprising answer as he mentioned his arch-nemesis, James Harden.

For those who don’t know, Giannis and Harden have been embroiled in a beef over the last few months. Giannis started it all with some light jabs although Harden has come through with his own clap backs. He even said Giannis’ game required very little skill. Despite all this, it seems like Giannis is admitting some admiration towards Harden.

It’s important to mention that Giannis looked like it truly hurt his soul to admit that Harden was such a good player. He even lets out a bit a grunt at the end which basically lets us know he never wanted to have to admit that Harden is so good. Regardless, the Harden and Giannis rivalry will continue to go on and hopefully it provides us with some gems moving forward.

Unfortunately, it remains to be seen how much longer this lockdown will go on for.

Lil B Considers Placing Curse On Coronavirus

For once, Lil B is considering placing his world-famous Based God Curse on something that we all can agree upon. In the past, the 30-year-old Bay Area rapper has delivered a hex to Kevin Durant, James Harden, and other NBA stars, stunting their progression and preventing them from winning games and championships. Possessing the powers a deity, Lil B has managed to become one the most influential characters in all hip-hop, but his current dilemma is larger than just rap. 

The superstar has been taking in all this coronavirus news from a distance, wondering if he should activate the curse or not. He still has not reached a decision, but he’s keeping a close watch on the situation.

Lil B Considers Placing Curse On Coronavirus
Frazer Harrison/Getty s


As more information continues to become public knowledge about the COVID-19 virus, Lil B will be tasked with making one the most important decisions his career. If he decides to activate the curse, his track record basically guarantees that the pandemic will disappear quickly. If he chooses to leave it be though, the world remains in danger.

This is all up to you, Lil B. What will you decide to do?

Meek Mill Confuses Fans With "Best Summer" Tweet

Many us are anticipating the next few months to be pretty hellish. As we were prepping our summer bodies, a global pandemic broke out and we likely won’t be able to show out at the beach this summer. With social distancing becoming our new reality as we fight to prevent the spread COVID-19, Summer 2020 has effectively been canceled. Music festivals are being postponed, pool parties will not be allowed, and all our travel plans have gone up in smoke. For some reason though, Meek Mill believes that the coming season will be the best ever.

“This probably be the best summer,” wrote the Philadelphia rapper on Twitter in an excited manner.

His replies are primarily perplexed, with fans asking why he believes this summer is going to be so special. If we’re not allowed outdoors, what can we do that will be so fun? Does Meek Mill know something that we don’t?

Of course, this brings to mind the possibility a new album from Meek Mill. Despite the current state the world, music has remained a constant and many our favorite artists have already invested in home studios, meaning they don’t have much to do other than record new vibes. Perhaps Meek Mill will be dropping in the summer? That might be the only thing that could save us at this point.

In other music-related coronavirus news, Lil B has considered whether or not to use the Based God Curse on COVID-19. Hopefully, he comes through.

Meek Mill Confuses Fans With "Best Summer" Tweet
Tasos Katopodis/Getty s

Big Sean Poses Next To Portrait Of Himself Designed In Girl’s Hair Beads

Detroit 2 season is upon us. We still may not know exactly when the album will be released, but Big Sean delivered the good news on his birthday (March 25). After giving us singles like “Bezerk”, “Single Again” and “Overtime” while making appearances on multiple tracks with girlfriend Jhené Aiko, fans are fully prepared to receive Sean’s latest project. On Thursday (March 26), the rapper showed just how far his fanbase will go to show their dedication.

Big Sean Poses Next To Portrait Of Himself Designed In Girl's Hair Beads
Jason Merritt / Staff / Getty s

As he continues to celebrate his birthday week, Big Sean shared a photo himself hanging out in the park with a group children. One little girl had a braided hairstyle that was woven to perfection, complete with a set beads on the bottom her braids. If you look hard enough and swipe through the photos, you’ll see that the hairstyle is inspired by a photo the rapper.

Big Sean poses next to the design and wrote in the caption, “🤞🏾🌎🌹🥺🤯 #Detroit2.” Could this be a hint that Detroit 2 is coming tonight? We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, check out the Sean Don’s album announcement and his portrait created in a set hair beads below.

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Scarface Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Brad Terrence Jordan, better known as the rapper Scarface, has ficially tested positive for the coronavirus. The news was revealed during a live stream between Face and his Geto Boys partner Willie D, who appeared visibly shaken by the unfortunate news. Scarface came through to provide an update about his experience dealing with the virus, claiming that his past three weeks have been an “ordeal,” an understatement to be sure. 

Scarface Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Bob Levey/Getty s 

“It’s the craziest shit I’ve ever done and seen in my life,” explains Scarface. “I’ve been to the point where I thought I was going to die, bro. I threw up so much until it was just hot sauce. Like your gas and acids don’t sit in your stomach. I didn’t have no food in my stomach, it was coming up like bile, bro. I couldn’t breathe well. I was Hazmat, homie.”

“I got to feeling really really really bad,” he continues. “It started f with pneumonia in both my lungs. Three-four days later my kidneys failed. Three or four days after that they told me I can’t move, I’m quarantined. I gotta wait until it subsides so I can wait and see what goes on with my kidneys now.”

Scarface also confirms that he’s been staying away from his family, with Willie joking that his house is big enough to make that an easy feat. Through the laughter comes a hard reality. “I’m saying Will, it’s a cold thing big homie,” says Face. “Let me save your life man. Don’t play no games man. I woke up Sunday morning, I had an itch in my throat. I called my doctor, he got me a z-pack and some Prednisone. Come Thursday, my fever kicks in like bam. One hundred one, one hundred two. Fever going up out the ro. Friday, Saturday, Sunday I go to the ER. I get in there, freezing to death. They stick these needles in my arm and start running me IVs.” 

Check out Scarface’s emotional talk with Willie D below, and send the legendary rapper your thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes. 

Stephen A. Smith Has A Warning For Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott has been one the more interesting stories in the NFL over the past couple weeks. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback wants to be paid as if he is the best QB in the league. If you’ve watched him play, you would understand that he probably doesn’t deserve to be paid like that. Regardless, he has turned down $33 million per year deals from the Cowboys and is holding out for more money. In light his actions, the Cowboys have placed the franchise tag on him.

Stephen A. Smith has been quite critical both sides throughout this saga and while he wants Prescott to get paid, he has some reservations about the QB’s current strategy. On First Take today, Smith fered a warning to Prescott as these negotiations begin to get more drawn out. Clearly, the ESPN host doesn’t want to see Prescott get burned.

“There is such a thing as pushing the envelope a little bit too far,” Smith said. Based on these sentiments, it appears as though Smith thinks things could turn ugly for Prescott if he continues to ask for an obscene amount money. When you’re hit with the franchise tag, you lose leverage and that’s something Prescott has to remember.

Stay tuned for updates on NFL free agency as we will be sure to bring them to you.

Nike Kyrie 6 Receives Patriotic Makeover: Photos

Kyrie Irving and every other player in the NBA is sitting at home in self-isolation. It’s a harsh reality that has still left many us in disbelief. In the span just a couple days, life as we know it was completely changed. Despite this, there are still some things left that have been able to provide us with some normalcy. Oddly enough, sneaker releases are one those things. 

Nike continues to drop shoes and the Nike Kyrie 6 is one the silhouettes that continues to be popular for them. Recently, the brand showed f a patriotic new colorway dubbed “Midnight Navy.” As you can see from the ficial photos below, the shoe has a navy blue base while red, white, and blue patterns line the cuff and tongue. Overall, it’s a pretty dope colorway that will certainly get some looks out on the basketball court.

While you might not be going back to the court anytime soon, you can still cop these on April 24th for $130 USD. If you plan on copping these, let us know in the comments below.


Nike Kyrie 6 Receives Patriotic Makeover: Photos
Nike Kyrie 6 Receives Patriotic Makeover: Photos
Nike Kyrie 6 Receives Patriotic Makeover: Photos
Nike Kyrie 6 Receives Patriotic Makeover: Photos
Nike Kyrie 6 Receives Patriotic Makeover: Photos

Ariana Grande Gives Money To Fans Affected By Coronavirus

It seems Ariana Grande is making sure to look out for her fans, as multiple “Arianators” have revealed that the pop star has sent them some relief money to cover their finances amid the coronavirus pandemic. Ari has sent more than 20 different fans between $500-$1000 each in order to help them out as they cope with the effects that the coronavirus pandemic has had on them. Many folks have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus causing the government to shut down most businesses, and are searching for a way to pay their rent and bills, buy groceries, etc. While Ari’s been keeping her generosity on the low, her fans don’t want her kindness to go unnoticed. “She reached out and took care my salary for the month,” one  her fans revealed.

Ariana Grande Gives Money To Fans Affected By CoronavirusRobin Marchant/Getty s for The Recording Academy

Along with this kind gesture, Ari has also donated a ton money to various organizations that are fighting the fallout the coronavirus pandemic. “While we are social distancing and doing the best we can to protect one another,” she wrote on her IG story earlier this week, “my heart hurts for the small businesses, individuals, and families affected by this.” The singer has so far supported the Opportunity Fund to help small businesses, Give Directly for emergency cash funding, Feeding America, which supports food banks, the Italian Red Cross, and WHO’s COVID-19 solidarity response fund. Meanwhile, she is cooped up at home in quarantine, alongside her new boyfriend, Dalton Gomez.

Shabazz Palaces Practice High Art In ‘Chocolate Souffle’ Video

Shabazz Palaces MC Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler, best known for his work with Digable Planets, is back with another taste of his forthcoming album, The Don of Diamond Dreams. 

This time, it’s in the form of a video for “Chocolate Souffle,” one of 10 new tracks on the project. Directed by David Shields and James Nugent, the psychedelic video finds Ish behind the lens of a smart phone as he records himself rapping with various effects peppering each frame.

“My phone’s really not that smart/My phone’s really not that smart,” he repeats.

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The Don of Diamond Dreams also includes “Bad Bitch Walking” featuring Stas THEE Boss, “Thanking The Girls” and the project’s inaugural single “Fast Learner,” with additional contributions from singer/keyboardist Darrius Willrich, percussionist Carlos Niño, Knife Knights collaborator OCnotes, saxophonist Carlos Overall and bassist Evan Flory-Barnes.

The project is expected to arrive on April 17 Sub Pop Records.

Until then, watch “Chocolate Souffle” up top and cop it here. 

How to Master Opera Singing Technique

While opera is regarded by some as a dying art, a talented crop of new singers and producers continue to rise through the ranks.

With new stars emerging, and established heavyweights continuing to dominate, opera is far from finished. However, for a new or aspiring opera singer, it can be difficult to know how best to hone the craft.

Read on as we look at some of the most important things when entering the field of opera singing.

The Basics

If you wanted to learn how to play the guitar or operate a DJ controller, rest assured that YouTube would be only too glad to provide you with ample learning material.  Unfortunately, however, opera singing is something of a niche skill. Therefore, it can be difficult to find even basic information on this subject.

That said, two skills are proposed as the basic necessities of opera singing for beginners. These are , and singing at a high pitch.  While there are many other competencies involved in being an elite opera singer, these two skills are the basis for your new craft.

Luckily, you can practice them at home without relying on much extra equipment. Just make sure not to keep the neighbors awake!

Your Voice

One of the most important considerations for new opera singers is their voice. Specifically, you’ll need to learn how to maintain it.

The first key here is to practice properly. Opera singers need to be able to hit demanding notes in quick succession and to do this for hours on end. You will need to build the ability to do this slowly. Schedule longer and longer practice sessions over time, gradually increasing your endurance.

As well as practice, there are diet and lifestyle factors to consider.  Eat well, and avoid foods that specifically inhibit singing capacity. These include carbonated drinks and chocolate. And never smoke!


While composers like Michael Ching write in English, opera is predominantly sung in other languages. In order to become a proficient opera singer, you’ll need to develop skills in a couple of them. This doesn’t mean that you need to be able to converse with locals. However, pronunciation is very important.  The most important languages in opera are Italian, French, and Russian.

Your Instructor

You may be tempted to teach opera singing to yourself. However, you’re unlikely to become really good unless you enlist the help of a good coach. A talented instructor will completely change your approach. You’re looking for someone that can point out the key issues in your performance after listening to you for mere minutes.

Every instructor is different, as is every singer. Make sure to pick one that will suit your needs and skills as a performer.

Opera Singing: Do You Think You’re Up to the Challenge?

As you probably already know, opera singing may not be a picnic for everyone. It is difficult to master. Not only that, but the competitive market makes it difficult for even real talent to shine. However, with the advice above, you have a good starting point for your opera singing exploits.

If becoming an opera singer is your dream, don’t let anything stand in your way. Put your knowledge into practice and realize your goals!