Joyner Lucas Asks God to Bring Back Nipsey Hussle & Tupac on ‘Devil’s Work’

Joyner Lucas searches for answers on his new single “Devil’s Work.”

In the powerful clip, the rapper appears in a funeral setting in a church surrounded by photos of Nipsey Hussle, Tupac, Aaliyah, and Donald Trump. He holds a Bible in one hand and a Hennessy bottle in another while speaking to God and asking him why he took certain lives over others. “We supposed to be your children / I thought we family / You supposed to be my father, brah, I need answers,” he raps.

“They say you never wrong, but you don’ made a few mistakes / ‘Cause you taking the wrong ni**as / Maybe you should trade / Trade us back all the real ones, remove the fakes,” he says while the camera cuts to a photo of Suge Knight.

“Give us Tupac back and take that ni**a Suge,” he continues. “Give us Biggie, give us Pun / Give us XXX / Take that ni**a Trump with you, that’s a bigger threat / That’s too much power for a coward with no intellect.”

He also asks God to bring back Eazy-E, Selena, Aaliyah, Martin Luther King, Trayvon Martin, Malcolm X, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson, and asks him to take R. Kelly, Martin Shkreli, George Zimmerman, and Nipsey’s alleged killer Eric Holder.

“Wondering why the f**k you take Nipsey Hussle from us,” says Joyner. “Damn, you took a true king, a true brother from us / This a fucking marathon, but they running from us.”

Plus, he takes aim at conservative commentators Tomi Lahren and Laura Ingraham. “I really feel like you should teach them stupid hoes a lesson / Either that or give us back somebody who deserves the blessings.”

He ends with a plea: “I don’t mean to question you, I’m just confused / I don’t know what else to do … I know this ain’t your fault / It’s the devil’s work.”

Facebook Bans Louis Farrakhan, "InfoWars" Alex Jones For Being "Dangerous"

Facebook has taken measures against people they’ve deemed “dangerous” on their platform which include the leader Nation Islam, Louis Farrakhan, “InfoWars” conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, and right-wing provocateur, Milo Yiannapolis, among others. Although Jones was banned from Facebook last August, he continued to possess an Instagram account which has also been purged. 

In addition to the previously mentioned individuals, right-wing personalities such as Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, and Paul Nehlen, also found themselves barred from the social media platform. 

Facebook Bans Louis Farrakhan, "InfoWars" Alex Jones For Being "Dangerous"
Alexander Koerner/Getty s

“We’ve always banned individuals or organizations that promote or engage in violence and hate, regardless ideology,” a Facebook spokesperson told CNN Business in a statement. “The process for evaluating potential violators is extensive and it is what led us to our decision to remove these accounts today.”

The company’s spokesperson continued to explain that they go through a lengthy process with numerous factors involved to determine who they believe is “dangerous.” These factors include if a person or organization called for acts violence against people or groups people “based on race, ethnicity, or national origin; whether the person has been identified with a hateful ideology; whether they use hate speech or slurs in their about section on their social media priles; and whether they have had pages or groups removed from Facebook for violating hate speech rules.”

Toni Braxton Seemingly Admits To Breaking Off Engagement With Birdman

The final nail in the cfin may have been administered in a dizzying Toni Braxton-Birdman relationship several years in the making. As is the custom with the Braxton family, the sistren doesn’t do anything in the public eye without consideration to their brand equity.

Just last week, two the lesser known Braxton sisters came out the woodwork trying to coerce their sister into tying the knot with her longtime partner Birdman. Towanda Braxton described the couples back-and-forth dynamic as that a round-robin tennis match going into extra time, but not exactly in those words.

“I hope they do elope,” Towanda Braxton told Page Six, before surmising on a potential wedding date with sister Traci right by her side. Why they chose to voice their opinion is little importance now that sister Toni has spoken on the matter herself. During a recent telecast Braxton Family Values, Toni literally said, “We probably just should have eloped a long time ago, we would probably still be together,” in reference to her relationship with the Cash Money CEO.

Toni Braxton Seemingly Admits To Breaking Off Engagement With Birdman

Amanda Edwards/Getty s

“Toni has been so secretive about her relationship, and she is now letting the cat out the bag? And it’s not exactly good news!” Trina is then seen and heard addressing the audience directly, as the camera cuts to a monologue. “You know what? I’m not going to push the issue right now. I know what it feels like to just need time to yourself to process your personal issues.”

In recent months, rumors a split began to emerge – as recently as the beginning April. Then and there, Toni Braxton rebuked the rumors a split after issuing a series cryptic “figures speech” that strongly suggested they might be on the outs.

In truth, we might not be any closer to the truth regarding their current plight, in light the fact Toni is something mercurial character when it comes to her love life, much less her relationship with the Cash Money originator. For all we know, the Toni-Birdman tennis match is the crux an otherwise uneventful Season 6 Braxton Family Values. Just because you push R&B realness for a living, doesn’t make you a truth sayer. Consider yourself warned.

Justin Bieber Is "Crippled With Anxiety" After Calling Out Eminem

Once you say something on the internet, there is no escape from the criticism that you may face. That can be said for journalists, celebrities, and anybody really. With social media, literally anything can go viral so you should think twice about what you post for your followers to consume. When Justin Bieber was listening to Eminem‘s Kamikaze album yesterday, he decided to fer an honest critique “The Ringer,” saying that he likes Em’s bars but not the way he sees new rappers. The backlash has been real with many telling Bieber that he’s not exactly the most appropriate person to speak on hip-hop. While he didn’t necessarily say that he’s going through it because the criticism he’s faced for the Em comments, he did acknowledge that his anxiety was particularly bad today.

The pop star posted a photo himself with an emotional caption, reading: “Don’t stop fighting the battle has already won.. fight for what you love and who you love don’t let fear and anxiety win.” The singer, who regularly attends church sessions in Los Angeles according to Page Six, continued with a prayer before admitting that he’s “crippled with anxiety.” 

Justin Bieber has been very vocal about his struggles with mental health, including anxiety and depression. The 25-year-old recently married his longtime girlfriend Hailey Baldwin and many suggested his relationship could be causing the personal turmoil. While he doesn’t outwardly say that the Eminem situation caused any extra anxiety, the timing lines up almost perfectly.

Justin Bieber Is "Crippled With Anxiety" After Calling Out Eminem
Screenshot Page Six

WWE’s Carmella Addresses Rumors She Dated John Cena

WWE superstars Nikki Bella and John Cena have both moved on to new relationships since they called f their engagement – Nikki now dating her former “Dancing With the Stars” partner Artem Chigvintsev and Cena linked to Shay Shariatzadeh.

That said, Nikki is still entertaining questions about Cena, including whether or not he dated fellow WWE superstar, Carmella, following their breakup.

During a recent episode “The Bellas Podcast,” Nikki questioned Carmella about the rumor, asking her point-blank, “did you date my ex?”

Their conversation went as follows (H/T Cageside Seats)

Nikki: “Did you date my ex?”

Carmella: “Oh my God.”

Brie: “That was everywhere.”

Carmella: “That is the most insane rumor, because at the time that was when I broke up with my ex. And because John lives in Tampa, I lived in Tampa. Apparently he was seen out at a bar or something, so people just assumed ‘oh Carmella lives in Tampa. She must have been at that same bar’. It was so insane. I don’t know how you did it for so long.”

Nikki: “So tough and I never even asked because I knew. John and I were still talking at that point. We even talked about the rumors everywhere.”

Carmella: “Where do they come up with this shit?”

On a previous episode “The Bellas Podcast,” Nikki opened up what it’s like seeing Cena dating other women – and how she’d deliver a “rack-attack in a heartbeat” if Cena’s new GF breaks his heart. “Still protective that man,” she added. 

Click here for more on that.

Cardi B Claps Back at Haters Over Billboard Music Awards Photo

Cardi B is clapping back in real time.

During her appearance at the Billboard Music Awards on Wednesday (May 1), a photo of her on the red carpet went viral. The image shows Offset holding up his wife’s leg in a provocative pose. She received criticism from social media who thought she was exposing even more than what it appeared.

It didn’t take long for Cardi to fire back at her critics. In the middle of changing outfits during the live broadcast, Cardi posted a backstage video addressing her critics. Wearing little to nothing, she filmed herself in the mirror while giving a NSFW anatomy lesson.

“Y’all motherfu**kers going around showing this fu**in’ picture, now y’all PhotoShopping it even more like, ‘Cardi pussy, Cardi pussy,’” she said. “First of all, that ain’t my pussy. My pussy right here. This is where I birthed my daughter from. This right here, you know the part that shows when I go like this, that’s just my ass.”

She continued, “You know when you’ve got a fat ass, that shit gets fat right there? This part right here, this is the part that gives the dick comfort. You know what I’m saying.”

She ended with one final savage clapback: “Y’all wanna look at my pussy so bad, y’all shoulda went to see me when I was a motherfu**in’ stripper and I was promoting myself. Now, too bad.”

During Wednesday’s show, Cardi went home with several Billboard Music Awards including Top Rap Song for “I Like It” and Top Hot 100 Song for her Maroon 5 collaboration “Girls Like You.”

Air Jordan 11 Low IE "Space Jam" Drops This Summer: New Images

An all-new “Space Jam” Air Jordan 11 Low IE will reportedly be featured as part Jordan Brand’s Spring/Summer 2019 lineup.

As seen in the early images posted by sneaker source @Zsneakerheadz, the upcoming Jordan 11 Low IE consists a black, white and concord colorway, exactly like the beloved “Space Jam” Air Jordan 11. In classic Air Jordan 11 fashion, the kicks also come equipped with a black patent leather overlay.

Release details have not yet been announced but rumors suggest the kicks will be available in July.

In addition to the Air Jordan 11 Low IE, Jordan Brand will also be rolling out several colorways the Air Jordan 11 Low this month. Coming on the heels the “Navy Snakeskin” colorway, both “Pink Snakeskin” and “Light Bone” renditions are set to drop in May.

Fans the standard Air Jordan 11 can also look forward to the return the iconic “Bred” colorway – which will be returning as part Jordan Brand’s annual Holiday collection.

Meek Mill Reminds Us Of His "Rags To Riches Story" By Posting His Mom’s Welfare Card

Meek Mill isn’t one to hold back on a good-natured joke, as evidenced by the self-deprecation he displayed on his last album (Drake this, Drake that…). His latest ribbing came at the expense mother’s (improved) social welfare, as he jumped on Twitter to post a picture depicting her welfare card her American Express Platinum card – one on top the other with her debit card wedged in between. While a basic element humor is certainly at play here, what’s really interest to Meek Mill is the mixed inferences wealth and poverty – telling the story how far he and his family have come since their humble beginnings.

On another note, one can certainly hope Meek Mill’s mother won’t be pressed by the US’s social welfare system as a result the posting. On the surface, there’s nothing reprehensible about accepting a credit card (and score) while enlisted in the social welfare system. Once a credit card company assigns a platinum card to a welfare recipient, there’s little reason to let up, especially with the advent collection agencies. Mind you, “Debt” is a commodity Meek Mill will guard his mother against, for the rest eternity. All respect due.

Meek Mill Reminds Us Of His "Rags To Riches Story" By Posting His Mom's Welfare Card

Scott Legato/Getty s

Solange To Perform In New York Tomorrow At Wales Bonner Fashion Event

There were probably thousands Coachella attendees who were disappointed when Solange pulled out the festival due to “production delays” but the singer has now announced a new set for those still eager to see her play. Solange will be performing in New York tomorrow for a special Wales Bonner event. 

The British designer posted the news on Instagram detailing how Solange will be bringing her “Devotional Sound” to the St. Peter’s Church in Manhattan. The event is in collaboration with Young Turks and will also feature performances by Laraaji and experimental jazz and hip-hop crew Standing on the Corner. Tickets are for sale right now for $33 USD. 

“I knew about a year and a half ago, it would be really, really important to me to tell a story about black cowboys,” Solange previously stated bout incorporating cowboys in her music videos for her latest tape When I Get Home. “I feel so privileged to meet so many these cowboys and hear their stories and see them pray before they go in the bull ring and see what they’re willing to do to their bodies for the sake entertainment, which is something I can relate to.”

Sony/ATV's Ex-Chairman: 'I’ve Never Gotten a Call from Spotify's CEO'

He never wrote, he never called.

Why didn’t Spotify CEO Daniel Ek reach out to music publishing’s biggest exec — even once?

Earlier this week, Sony/ATV Music Publishing’s former Chairman & CEO, Marty Bandier, revealed the strange fact, part of a broader slam against the streaming giant.  “Some people within Spotify have called me and sort of off-the-record apologized,” Bandier recently told students at his namesake Bandier Program at Syracuse University, referring the Spotify’s of publisher royalty rate increases by the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board.

“But I ran the world’s largest music publishing company, and I’ve never gotten a call from [Spotify CEO] Daniel Ek.  He’s the head of the largest subscription service and I’ve never heard from him.”

The kvetch was part of a broader takedown of Spotify, a company increasingly viewed as an enemy of music publishers.

In the discussion (full interview here), Bandier slammed Spotify for challenging the proposed increase, which would bump paltry publisher and songwriter streaming payouts by 44%.

“It was the first time in maybe 10 years that we got an increase of any kind,” Bandier said.  “And lo and behold, on the last day to appeal, Spotify appealed. It’s important to understand that [the CRB ruling] is almost impossible to overturn — you would have to show fraud or that somehow the math was wrong. I think it was the dumbest PR move ever.”

“The entire industry, music publishers and songwriters, have risen together [against it]. All it does is cost the publishers and ultimately the songwriters a huge amount of money for legal fees.”

“If I ran a business and had that type of overhead I would have been fired a long time ago.”

And Bandier was just getting started.

In a serious dig on Spotify’s wild expenditures and monstrous quarterly losses, Bandier offered a blunt opinion.

“I don’t get [the appeal], and I’ve said that to the powers that be at Spotify,” the ex-chairman continued.  “You might expect that from YouTube because they’re kind of a different breed, but Spotify is now a public company. They have to figure out how to make money, but maybe they should start in their own house and figure out how to save money in general overhead instead of the royalties they pay out.

“If I ran a business and had that type of overhead I would have been fired a long time ago. You just can’t do that and expect to be successful.”

Post Malone & Cardi B Set To Headline Days of Summer Cruise Fest 2019 Hosted By DJ Khaled

Miami, FL – For four days and three nights, the Days of Summer Cruise Fest (formerly SummerFest) is set to take over the Atlantic Ocean with DJ Khaled as its host and multi-platinum superstars Post Malone and Cardi B as co-headliners.

The official Days of Summer Carnival Cruise ship will depart from the Port of Miami June 28 for an escape to the Bahamas and expected to come back to Miami July 1.

City Girls, Lil Nas X, Da Baby, Waka Flocka, and Dej Loaf are also anticipated to hit the DOS stage, among an array of other popular Hip Hop acts such as Pardison Fontaine and Flipp Dinero.

Post Malone & Cardi B Set To Headline Days of Summer Cruise Fest 2019 Hosted By DJ Khaled

The festival cruise has a price tag ranging from $1250 person to $2975 per person. On embarkation day, attendees must be 21 or older to travel without a guardian.

Access to every concert, meet-and-greets with the billed performers, a 24-hour pizzeria, comedy club, dine-in movies theatre, karaoke and video arcade, are all part of the package.

2017’s cruise fest featured performances from Future, Migos, A$AP Rocky and Lil Wayne.

Kevin Durant Proud Of Playoff Success: "What I’m Geared For"

Kevin Durant has been dominant in the NBA playfs and has put up some otherworldly performances including game six against the Los Angeles Clippers when he scored 50 points, 38 which came in the first half. Last night, Durant put up a game-high 29 points in the Warriors Game 2 win against the Rockets and has averaged 34.3 points per game in the playfs. Durant has always been a great playf performer and spoke to the media about how much he loves this time year.

“This is where this s- is fun, this is when it’s serious and I’m just embracing it,” Durant told Yahoo Sports. “I’m just having so much fun right now. This time year is what I’m geared for. I’m just hooping at a high level and enjoying the competitiveness the playfs. You go through such a long season to get to this point, and now it’s time to produce.”

As Durant says, the playfs are what you work for all season so it’s fun to go out and play in meaningful games. The Warriors and the Rockets have been big rivals over the last few seasons, so this latest series allows Durant and his teammates to be challenged night in and night out.

“The scheming, the matchups, this is when we’re studying our opponents and thoroughly watching film. During the regular season, you don’t really focus on matchups that much because there are so many games, less time to prepare and we’re mainly worried about ourselves and getting better,” Durant explained. “In the playfs, we have individual assignments, and it’s up to us collectively to execute. And me, I’m just doing what’s asked me, whether that’s scoring, making plays for others or defending. I get so much joy playing this game, and I’m doing it to the best my ability.”

The Warriors will take on the Rockets in Game 3 which goes down on Saturday in Houston.

Domino’s Employee Assaults Co-Worker Who Spoiled "Avengers: Endgame"

According to a report published by ABC 13 in Texas, a Domino’s employee lost their cool after one their co-workers spoiled the ending to Avengers: Endgame. The attacker in question, 33-year old Justin Surface, fell just short being arrested for the attack. He was nonetheless docked a few valuable Samaritan points, by virtue the “assault by contact” citation he picked up at central booking. 

“That’s hilarious,” said a dear customer the Friendswood Domino’s in speaking with ABC 13 quick to the scene. “That just seems kind ] insane to me,” they said the whooping. Unfortunately, this interaction was the closest anyone came to interviewing anyone on the inside, as the Domino’s PR engine seems to have done its due diligence in keeping the employee base mum on the subject.

Just last week, a man in Hong Kong was beaten to a pulp after he did the same. Interestingly enough, the majority fans feel the beatdowns were justified, to the point where the film’s directors felt obliged to issue a proviso ahead any further violence. “Because so many you have invested your time, your hearts, and your souls into these stories, we’re once again asking for your help,” they pleaded, in a written statemen. “When you see Endgame in the coming weeks, please don’t spoil it for others, the same way you wouldn’t want it spoiled for you.”

It’s Boosie Gone Wild In Bi-Weekly "Topless Pool Parties" Footage

Leave your inhibitions at the door. Fresh f hosting a raunchy “adults only” IG live session, Boosie has once again embraced his love hedonism and free-spirited love, taking to the Gram to advertise his biweekly and highly aquatic event. Introducing Boosie’s topless pool parties, where the only thing higher than the attendees is the chlorine density.

It's Boosie Gone Wild In Bi-Weekly "Topless Pool Parties" Footage

Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty s

Despite the “what happens at Boosies stays at Boosies” tagline, the Badazz appears to have no qualms with capturing some footage from the event. Lo and behold, there appears to be no shortage topless attendees, though Boosie is careful to keep them enveloped in strategically cast shadow, ever the cinematographer. In any case, it’s clear the event is somewhat a spectacle, made all the liver by a DJ’s thunderous presence and some crucial spotlight ambiance.

While there’s likely many benefits to playing host to such a raucous bash, rest assured that Boosie’s intentions arise from a wholesome place. “I LIKE SEEING PEOPLE SMILE,” he writes, in a final sendf. And they say night-swimming deserves a quiet night. 

Eddie Murphy Open To Casting Michael Blackson In "Coming To America 2"

In February, the anticipated follow-up to Coming to America was given the green light for a 2020 release, paving the way for production talks to commence. Akon has been particularly vocal about his wishes for the project, even though he isn’t directly involved in the project. Nevertheless, the Senegalese dual-citizen feels it’s his obligation to steer Murphy in the direction, in avoiding the mistakes made by other filmmakers covering the African diaspora and comedy writing.

Eddie Murphy Open To Casting Michael Blackson In "Coming To America 2"

Paras Griffin/Getty s

That’s why the 46-year old singer has taken to the press for the second time in under a month, by ceding caution to Eddie Murphy ahead sequel’s casting call. Akon fered up Ghanian-born funnyman Michael Blackson as someone he’d consider for a lead role if he were in Murphy’s shoes. As it turns out, Eddie Murphy is seemingly open to the idea casting Blackson.

Murphy was apprehended by a TMZ reporter the other day. For some odd reason, Eddie could sense the “Michael Blackson” question was lingering on the tip reporter’s tongue, so he struck first blood, declaring Blackson, “one funny African.”

Once their brief exchanged was adjourned, the media person reported back to basecamp ready to dial up Michael Blackson for his thoughts on the matter. “That would be life changing!” Blackson responded to TMZ, on the subject being fered a role in Coming to America 2. “Everyone in the world is gonna watch that movie.” Blackson first expressed his interest in taking part in the project, when the sequel was announced in February. On paper, Blackson’s casting makes TOO much sense. Git ‘er done Eddie!