Glasses Malone Recreates Tupac’s Murder From His Killer’s Perspective: Watch

Nobody has ever been charged for the murder Tupac Shakur. One the most tragic moments in hip-hop history took place in 1996 when the rapper was murdered in Las Vegas, getting gunned down in a drive-by shooting. There has been a lot written about that fateful night and while many assume that Orlando Anderson is responsible for firing the fatal blow, it’s impossible to confirm that fact. Glasses Malone took it upon himself to recreate Tupac’s final night on the planet in his latest song, going through the events September 7, 1996 and explaining the story as if he were Anderson.

Glasses Malone Recreates Tupac's Murder From His Killer's Perspective: Watch
Angela Weiss/Getty s

In a new video titled “2Pac Must Die,” 39-year-old Los Angeles rapper Glasses Malone takes on the role Tupac’s murderer. The clip starts out with a gunshot, showing a man lying lifeless with blood on his hands before being transported to the hospital. We’re then brought to Orlando Anderson’s place residence where he hops in a car, smokes a Swisher with his friends, and heads to the Mike Tyson fight. To get the full backstory, we then see Anderson six weeks before the fight inside a Foot Locker snatching away somebody’s Death Row Records chain. Finally, Anderson gets jumped in a Las Vegas casino and plans his retaliation, which ends in the drive-by that ended Tupac’s life.

Watch Glasses Malone’s recreation the story below and let us know how you like the song.

Five Months After Launching in India, Spotify Barely Has Over 2 Million Local Users

Shifting the global music streaming race, Spotify recently rolled out its ‘Lite’ app in over 36 countries.

comes after a year of testing the 15 MB app in small countries, including Brazil.

So, what makes the ‘Lite’ app so unique?  Spotify allows users to save battery, storage, and data.  Users will first set a monthly mobile data cap.  Most developing and emerging countries have a very limited, capped data plan.

To save battery power, Lite also removes the popular Spotify Connect option.  This feature allows listeners to stream their favorite tracks on wireless audio devices.  Users also shouldn’t expect to stream music with ‘extreme quality’ audio.

The app also allows users to quickly clear their cache within Lite.  This frees up much-needed space on low-end smartphones.

Finally, the search function only provides links to albums and playlists.

The official launch of Lite in 36 countries comes immediately after BofA Merrill Lynch and data analytics firm SimilarWeb shared a surprising study.  Despite dominating the market in terms of overall users and subscriptions, YouTube Music and Spotify both emerged as the most listened to music apps in India.  That’s due to poor user experiences in competitors’ apps.

Breaking down the study, Indian users streamed their favorite works on YouTube Music for 10 minutes and 8 seconds each day.  Spotify came close behind with 10 minutes and 4 seconds.  Gaana – the current market leader – had the lowest average daily time with 5 minutes and 48 seconds.  Wynk Music followed with 6 minutes and 2 seconds.  Users spent 9 minutes and 23 seconds on JioSaavn.

Now, we know how Spotify aims to conquer the emerging market.

A Lite turnaround in India?

For months, Spotify has remained silent on its total subscription numbers following its launch in India.

During the annual Rise startup conference in Hong Kong, the company’s Global Head of Markets Cecilia Qvist revealed it may finally conquer the Indian music market.  Granted, after many, many years.

After reaching over a million users in India during the first week of its launch, Spotify now has over 2 million listeners.  It remains unclear whether the company tallied only subscriptions or if this figure includes trial accounts.  In fact, this number remains rather unimpressive, revealing Spotify has yet to find the success it hoped to have in the country.

Qvist also revealed people have readily installed Lite in India and around the world.

[Lite] has 90% of the same attributes as our core product but is installing much faster.

The company also hasn’t found the same success in every other emerging market.

Qvist admitted that despite now rolling out in 79 countries, Spotify still has a lot of work to do.

Just look at the penetration of mobile phones, for example, across the globe.  I think it’s almost five billion, right?  And we have 217 million users, so there is much, much more room to grow.



Air Jordan 13 "Lakers" Colorway Drops Tomorrow: How To Cop

With LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Boogie Cousins on the roster, the Los Angeles Lakers are poised to make a deep run in the NBA playfs next season. Nike and Jordan Brand are well aware this and have started adding the purple and gold to more sneakers in an attempt to appeal to Lakers fans who are trying to go full force with their fandom. Jumpman’s latest Lakers effort comes in the form this Air Jordan 13 which features white leather uppers and a purple suede midsole.

The shoe is set to drop tomorrow, Friday, July 19th for $190 USD. There will certainly be a lot people trying to go for this shoe so it’s important to know where you can pick them up. So without further ado, here’s a short little guide on how to cop these sneakers.

According to Sneaker News, these kicks will be dropping on Finish Line, Champs, Footaction, Eastbay, and Dicks at unspecified times. The shoe is also set to drop on the Nike SNKRS App and Jimmy Jazz at 10 A.M. EST time. 

Air Jordan 13 "Lakers" Colorway Drops Tomorrow: How To Cop


Air Jordan 13 "Lakers" Colorway Drops Tomorrow: How To Cop


Air Jordan 13 "Lakers" Colorway Drops Tomorrow: How To Cop


Air Jordan 13 "Lakers" Colorway Drops Tomorrow: How To Cop


Air Jordan 13 "Lakers" Colorway Drops Tomorrow: How To Cop


Air Jordan 13 "Lakers" Colorway Drops Tomorrow: How To Cop


Marvel’s "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D" Announces Series Finale

Marvel has attempted to take over the entire entertainment industry and, for the most part, it’s worked out. The film studio managed to create one the most pritable franchises in recent memory with the Avengers, milking them out several movies and billions dollars. Endgame is still working on beating Avatar’s box fice record but today, Marvel has announced some sad news regarding one their most successful television shows.

With the demise so many Netflix Marvel shows, another television regular has just announced that it is coming to an end as Agents S.H.I.E.L.D, the popular ABC program, will be ending after its seventh season. In a statement provided to Deadline, Marvel TV chief Jeph Loeb said that the team will be bidding adieu to us all in 2020. The writers the show are reportedly working on tying any loose ends together before the season is complete, ensuring that fans the show get a satisfactory ending. 

Marvel's "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D" Announces Series Finale
Dia Dipasupil/Getty s

“When you know that’s what you’re doing, you can take greater risks, life and death,” said Joeb on the upcoming series finale. “Those kinds decisions suddenly now are real on the table because you’re not playing how do we undo this when we get to the next season. You’re playing that this is going to be the end the story.”

Marvel’s Agents S.H.I.E.L.D is currently airing its sixth season. Everything will come to a close next year at the culmination Season 7.

The Human Rights Foundation Responds To “World Fest” Line Up Amid Nicki Minaj Drop

Nicki Minaj was supposed to perform in Saudia Arabia but pulled out her headlining spot last minute due to some backlash but also a clear understanding why she shouldn’t support the country. “After careful reflection I have decided to no longer move forward with my scheduled concert at Jeddah World Fest. While I want nothing more than to bring my show to fans in Saudi Arabia, after better educating myself on the issues, I believe it is important for me to make clear my support for the rights women, the LGBTQ community and freedom expression,” she wrote in a statement

Since Nicki pulled out, acts such as Chris Brown, 50 Cent, Janet Jackson and more were added to the line-up, something The Human Rights Foundation has felt the need to speak on. 

“It’s clear that, after losing Nicki Minaj on the basis the Saudi regime’s atrocious human rights record and their treatment women and the gay community, the Crown Prince has chosen to spend whatever it takes to give the appearance that things are normal and that this is just another concert. Except it isn’t,” Thor Halvorssen, president HRF stated

He added: “Saudi is engaged in a sophisticated campaign distraction. It’s baffling to the fans Janet Jackson, 50 Cent, Liam Payne, and these other artists,  that despite knowing all this, they still intend to perform. It’s proundly distressing that they have chosen money over morals.”

The headlining acts have yet to respond and only time will tell if they drop out the performances as well. 

Wendy Williams Is Strutting Around In A Tiara For Her 55th Birthday

Wendy Williams may still be battling through her divorce with her estranged husband Kevin Hunter but all that can be put on the back burner since today marks Wendy’s 55th birthday. The talk-show host was spotted just yesterday heading out in the streets New York with a large tiara sitting on top her head. Wendy was boasting a large smile while paparazzi and fans surrounding her sang “Happy Birthday” and wished her a good night.  

We can’t say for sure what Wendy will be getting up to for her ficial born day, but considering her new romance with an unnamed doctor we can only assume that he’ll be apart the celebrations. 

“I’m not in love but there’s somebody that I’m crazy about,” Wendy previously told her audience, detailing how her short fling with a much younger man is no more. 

“When it comes time for the comfort a man, I need someone in his 50s, too, and he’s gotta work,” she added. “It helps that he’s a doctor. He’s been married. His kids are in their 20s, and yes, he’s black. He’s brown-black.”

JXN feat. A$AP Twelvyy ‘Going Off’

JXN is quickly making a name for himself. After teaming up with A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, Australia’s hottest new export connects with A$AP Twelvyy on his latest single “Going Off.”

In the wild video, the 25-year-old singer, born Jackson Brazier, arrives to the set with only four hours to shoot. But he can’t seem to focus on the task at hand and keeps drinking and goofing off while a PA tries to keep him in order. “She put me back in line quick / ‘Cause I’ve been on a wild trip / I’m going off again,” he sings.

After a wild night of partying, Twelvvy finally arrives to set three hours late. More chaos ensues and the video ends with JXN setting off the fire alarm before getting slapped in the face.

“Man, it was just a party. The concept we came up with Hype Republic was dope and we wanted it to seem fun whilst also conveying a kinda deep message in the song,” JXN told Rap-Up. “I really wanted it to not be taken too seriously, and with Twelvyy being such a legend, it was just a fun and easy shoot. The video makes you happy!”

A$AP Twelvyy added, “Sequel to this video to air on Netflix next year. Stay tuned. LOL.”

“Going Off” is JXN’s third single following “Red Lights” with A Boogie and “Solitude,” which have already amassed over 5 million streams.

OJ Simpson Brings Out The Conspiracy Theories During Twitter Rant: Watch

Ever since OJ Simpson got his very own Twitter account, the internet has been in a very weird place. Simpson has had a tumultuous life that saw him beat a murder case in the mid-90s, only to have himself locked up for the better a decade due to a different crime. When Simpson was first released from prison, it seemed as though he was content with keeping a low prile but now, he can be seen ranting and raving about numerous topics on his Twitter account. Simpson talks about anything and everything from fantasy football to golf and yesterday, he decided to engage in the political realm.

This latest rant was bizarre in the sense that he didn’t really include any information on the people he was talking about. Instead, Simpson gave the general gist a situation, leaving the viewers to guess who he was talking about. He then ends his video with a bit a conspiracy theory about something that happened in the political realm recently.

Overall, the rant was bizarre, incoherent, and in all honesty, kind worrying. Why is OJ being so coy with what he says? What is he hiding? No one seems to know the answers to these questions but hopefully, someone gets to the bottom it soon. 

When OJ went through his legal troubles back in the day, he was used as a political tool against his will. While he may not have been a political person in the past, he certainly is now.

Bushwick Bill’s Son Criticizes Willie D’s Interview, Stands Up For Late Father

The legacy the Geto Boys is undeniable, so when Bushwick Bill, real name Richard Stephen Shaw, succumbed to cancer last month, the hip hop world was saddened by his loss. Just prior to his death, Shaw spoke openly about wanting to secure his finances for his children by creating more music and writing a book. He even partnered with his Geto Boys groupmates for a tour, but Shaw backed out 24 hours prior to the kick-f.

Recently, Geto Boys member Willie D sat down with VladTV to share his insights into the Geto Boys and his time with Shaw, but not everyone appreciated what he had to say. Willie spoke openly about Shaw’s reported battle substance abuse issues and shared how the two didn’t like one another. Members Shaw’s family watched the interview and believed Willie was posthumously shading Shaw, so Shaw’s son, Javon Boutte, decided to clear the air.

In an interview with the Murder Master Music Show, Javon said that respect and honor are important to his family, so he felt it necessary to speak up on behalf his father. According to Javon, Shaw didn’t end up going on his last tour because the other members Geto Boys wanted to be paid, and that wasn’t what the tour was about. There were also reports that the tour was supposed to be the “Bushwick Bill & Friends” tour but it kept being promoted as a “Geto Boys Tour.”

“The reasons my dad didn’t want to go on tour for first because the name and second because the pay,” Javon stated. “They were trying to capitalize f his sickness and make money. The reason my dad wanted to go on tour was to do an ‘F Cancer Tour’ to help him with his cancer treatments because it was so serious. My dad is a hard-working man. He don’t want donations he would rather go out on the road to earn money for his treatments. The other band members didn’t want to do a free show to raise money to help him they wanted to make money when literally he is the one dying!”

Javon also said he felt as if Willie’s VladTV interview painted a poor image his father. “I saw those clips and I seen my dad give the last money out his pocket to strangers,” Javon shared. “I watched him do so many selfless acts. I went with my dad on the road to everywhere, we went to every hood in every state. He is a loving person.” He went on to say that he believed Willie said certain things about Shaw because he was looking for attention. “With the solo albums from the Geto Boys everybody went platinum or gold except for Willie D. He never ever got plaques by himself, he never had his own identity. The only time he got plaques was with the Geto Boys. My dad, Scarface, Big Mike all went gold or platinum.” 

“This worldwide group came up together and they are all as one. Why is one member bashing the other while he is not here?” Javon asked. “Even when my dad was here there was interviews  Willie] bashing my dad and he didn’t like that. It was always love with my dad.”

Javon also said that it was Shaw who “put Willie D on” when he told J about both Willie D and Scarface. Listen to Javon’s full interview below. You can also check out Willie D’s VladTV interview clips here.

The Cool Kids Team With The Alchemist For "Layups" EP

The Cool Kids have joined forces with acclaimed producer The Alchemist for an EP titled Layups. The collaborative project is Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish’s first studio release since their reunion album Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe, which dropped in September 2017.

The duo’s collaboration with Alchemist is comprised of three tracks. Guests include Boldy James and Shorty K.

Check out The Cool Kids and Alchemist’s Layups stream, cover art and tracklist below.

The Cool Kids Team With The Alchemist For "Layups" EP

1. WTF f. Boldy James
2. Polansky f. Boldy James & Shorty K
3. Layups

Future’s "DS2" Birthed The Hedonistic Trapper Of The Century

“I like all types women. I accept them as they are when they come into my life… But I’m not a romantic. I’m just up-front,” Future told Complex in 2015 — a statement that essentially encapsulates everything about DS2 and the entity that is Future. Art imitates life in the case Future and DS2 is a testimony to that, as he embraced his own villainy and dove into his hedonism head first. Off the top, Future boastfully brags that he “fucked your girl in some Gucci flip-flops” — a line that not only lives on as one the most savage flexes but could also be credited for birthing the rise Gucci sliders in the rap game. But that’s another story. DS2 turns four today and even years later, it carries the same magic it had in the summer 2015. 

Before jumping into the greatness DS2, it should be noted that the album concluded an epic mixtape run that included Beast Mode, Monster, and 56 Nights. But that run only came after his highly publicized relationship with Ciara began to crumble in the public eye. “Best thing I did was fall out love,” Future raps on “Kno The Meaning,” a song exploring the story behind DJ Esco’s incarceration in Dubai over weed possession. But that bar in and itself sums up Future’s career post-CiCi. He was locked in more than ever but even after his break-up, he found himself facing more setbacks. But he only became a hotter entity from there, not only solidifying himself in the realm hip-hop but in the overall face pop culture. Honest was filled with incredible records that further showcased Future’s pop sensibilities but his subsequent run showcased his ability to mesh both his commercial appeal and ability to speak to the streets.

Future's "DS2" Birthed The Hedonistic Trapper Of The Century
Prince Williams/Getty s

His unapologetic tone comes out throughout the project. He indulges in lean, percs and Xanax as if trying to prove to the late Salvador Dali that he is actually drugs. “I just did a dose Percocet with some strippers/ I just poured this lean in my cup like it’s liquor/ I Just need a whole lot drugs in my system/ I just tried acid for the first time, I feel good,” Future raps on “The Percocet & Stripper Joint.” There have been a ton rappers who’ve compared themselves to Jimi Hendrix — Drake included — but Future might actually be the closest to being there. He indulges in his vices — from drugs to women — as you’d imagine a rockstar in the 70s like Hendrix would’ve done.

But behind the drugs, women and the money, hides a man filled with pain and sorrow. Maybe that’s why he openly shares characteristics a sociopath in his music but it still sounds like more a coping mechanism. That pain isn’t necessarily heartbreak but issues that stem from the bleak reality  the streets. A trapper who’s managed to escape the fate death or incarceration but is still feeling the residual effects his experience in Lil Mexico. He ten reflects on that pain while juxtaposing it with vivid details his hedonistic and luxurious lifestyle. “I been taking Molly, rockin’ Tommy/ Tom Ford, n***a, walkin’ like a zombie/ Standing in the trenches screaming “murder!”/ You need to take that n***a f and try to serve him,” he raps on the Zaytoven-produced, “Real Sisters.”

Future’s DS2 was a culmination an entire year’s worth heartbreak, setbacks, and pain. Even if it is celebratory in nature, the inner-torment Future peaks out in unconventional ways. But it captures Future in his most real and honest form. He holds no bars across the album and even with all the madness surrounding him, he’s found a place comfort within it. If Future is the captain the City Boys this summer, DS2 is the soundtrack. 

"It Chapter Two" Frightening New Theatrical Poster Arrives Ahead Of New Trailer

Pennywise will be returning to theatres this September for It: Chapter 2. More information on the film has been emerging over the past few months including the first trailer the film. Tomorrow, a new trailer for the film is set to be released at noon but the good folks over at New Line Cinema shared a brand new theatrical poster the film which might give you nightmares. Pennywise’s yellow eyes peer directly at you with “It Ends” written above his face.

The trailer they released back in the spring showed an older version Beverly Marsh visiting her childhood home when she visits Mrs. Gresh who’s actually just a form  It. Per the film’s websiteIt: Chapter Two focuses on the grown versions the Loser Club as they try to defeat It by any means necessary. “Because every 27 years evil revisits the town Derry, Maine, It Chapter Two brings the characters—who’ve long since gone their separate ways—back together as adults, nearly three decades after the events the first film,” the synopsis reads.

Andy Muschietti’s 2017 remake was met with critical and commercial praise following its release. It also marked a new all-time high in the box fice as the highest-grossing horror film all time. 

It Chapter Two is set to be released on September 6th, nearly two years since the release the 2017 remake. 

Enes Kanter Mocks Kyrie Irving When Discussing Why He Chose No. 11

The Boston Celtics ficially introduced their new signings at a press conference on Wednesday, which includes All Star point guard Kemba Walker and veteran center Enes Kanter. Both Walker and Kanter were presented with their new uniforms at the presser, as Walker ficially transitions from No. 15 to No. 8, while Kanter opted for the familiar No. 11.

When asked about his decision to choose 11, Kanter mocked former Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving, telling reporters with a smile, “I wanna be the reason no one else will.” That quote was pulled directly from Kyrie’s 2018 Nike commercial, in which he described how his father wore No. 11 at Boston University and how he wanted to make sure nobody else ever would wear it.

Check out Kanter’s remark, as well as the commercial that inspired it, in the tweets embedded below.

As noted, Kemba Walker will be wearing the number Celtics legend Antoine Walker, because his old No. 15 is retired for Tommy Heinsohn. 

Unlike the situation with Kanter, there was no shade involved when Walker revealed that he’d be wearing Toine’s old number. The 29-year old point guard told reporters, “He Antoine] gave me the blessing.” 

It’s National Hot Dog Day & Here’s Where You Can Get Free Hot Dogs

The past few months have seen a number national days dedicated to paying ode to our favorite calory-packed foods, including National Hamburger Day and National Chocolate Chip Day back in May, and National Donut Day recently, at the start June. As always, independent food retailers as well as big chains alike, come together to fer deals and freebies as a way to promote the holiday, and drive traffic to their stores. This time around, it’s national hot dog day, and we’re sure there will be more than a few who will be absolutely delighted to learn that a number  restaurants are celebrating the day with a number sizzling deals to satisfy those summer dog cravings. Unless stated otherwise, all deals are one-day-only. Check them out below!

Paragon Theatres: (FL, VA, NC): Buy one get one free hot dog.

All American Pub: (Charlotte, NC): Buy one get one free hot dog.

7-Eleven: Quarter-pound Big Bite hot dogs for only $1!

Wienerschnitzel: 5 chili dogs for $5.

Pilot Flying J: One free hot dog or “roller grill item” from the Pilot Flying J app. If you’re a first-time app user, you also get a free drink.

Love’s Travel Spots: “Free hot dog or roller grill item.” Go to the chain’s website, app, or social media pages on July 17 to get a barcode, and scan it at checkout for your free hot dog.

Dog Haus: Free Haus Dog with coupon from link.

Portillo’s: Two regular hot dogs for $5 all week.

TA, Petro & TA Express: Two hot dogs for $1, or a free hot dog with an UltraONE kiosk coupon. Get free hot dog buns at Target, Walmart, Kroger, Publix or Ralphs from July 15th through to the 19th, by downloading the app.

Philly Pretzel Factory: At each location, the first 100 customers in each location – from 11 a.m. onward – get a free pretzel dog. After that, all pretzel dogs are $1 each. (Not available at retailers inside airports and train stations.)

Beyoncé Reveals ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ Tracklisting

On Friday, Beyoncé will bring together some of her favorite artists for The Lion King: The Gift.

The soundtrack, a musical ode to Disney’s live-action film, features new music from Queen Bey, who also serves as the album’s executive producer and curator. The 14 new recordings are filled with collaborations including her husband JAY-Z and Lion King co-star Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, who both appear on “Mood 4 Eva.”

Kendrick Lamar reunites with Bey on “The Nile,” while Blue Ivy also joins her mother on “Brown Skin Girl,” a collaboration with WizKid and St. Jhn. Other guests include Pharrell, Tierra Whack, Tiwa Savage, Jessie Reyez, Burna Boy, Mr. Eazi, and 070 Shake.

“The soundtrack is a love letter to Africa and I wanted to make sure we found the best talent from Africa, and not just use some of the sounds and did my own interpretation of it,” Beyoncé, who voices Nala in the remake, told Robin Roberts. “I wanted it to be authentic to what is beautiful about the music in Africa.”

“A lot of the drums, the chants, all of these incredible new sounds, mixed with some of the producers from America, we’ve kinda created our own genre. I feel like the soundtrack, it becomes visual in your mind. It’s a soundscape. It’s more than just the music because each song tells the story of the film.”

The Lion King: The Gift is set for release on July 19, the same day the film hits theaters. The video for Beyoncé’s “Spirit,” which was shot at Havasu Falls in the Havasupai Reservation in Arizona, is set to debut tonight.

See the tracklisting below.

The Lion King: The Gift Tracklisting

1. “Bigger” – Beyoncé
2. “Find Your Way Back (Circle of Life)” – Beyoncé
3. “Don’t Jealous Me” – Tekno, Yemi Alade, and Mr. Eazi
4. “Ja Ara E” – Burna Boy
5. “The Nile” – Beyoncé and Kendrick Lamar
6. “Mood 4 Eva” – Beyoncé, JAY-Z, and Childish Gambino
7. “Water” – Salatiel, Pharrell, and Beyoncé
8. “Brown Skin Girl” – Blue Ivy Carter, St. Jhn, WizKid, and Beyoncé
9. “Keys to the Kingdom” – Tiwa Sawage and Mr. Eazi
10. “Otherside” – Beyoncé
11. “Already” – Beyoncé and Shatta Wale
12. “My Power” – Tierra Whack, Beyoncé, Busiswa, Yemi Alade, Moonchild, and Sanelly
13. “Scar” – 070 Shake and Jessie Reyez
14. “Spirit” – Beyoncé