Donovan Mitchell Has Message For Fans After Coronavirus Recovery

Donovan Mitchell and his teammate, Rudy Gobert, both ended up catching the Coronavirus that has been making its way throughout the globe over the past few months. The pandemic is about to reach its peak but for Gobert and Mitchell, the worst is finally over. They were recently told that they have been cleared the virus and will be able to continue their lives as normal.

Mitchell understands just how bad this virus can be. With this in mind, he has decided to educate people and yesterday, he even took to his Twitter account where he had a serious message for everyone at home who is going through quarantine. As he said, it’s important to stay the course because even if you don’t feel sick, you could still be carrying the virus.

“On a more serious note… let’s continue to practice social distancing and remember… even though you may not have symptoms you still may be infected!!” Mitchell wrote. “Let’s keep everyone in our prayers and stay safe.”

Due to COVID-19, the entire NBA season has been put on pause and won’t resume until it is safe to get into large gatherings again. If you’re sad that the NBA is gone and want it back sooner rather than later, you should live by Mitchell’s words wisdom.

Steph Curry Reportedly Not Concerned With Basketball Right Now

Steph Curry has been doing his best to keep busy during the NBA’s Coronavirus hiatus. In fact, earlier this week, Curry did a Q&A with Dr. Anthony Fauci who has been one the leading experts in regard to this pandemic. Just like everyone else, Curry has been at home and is looking to stay isolated from the outside world as we try to curb the spread this virus, once and for all.

Many NBA players have been struggling during the pandemic due to the fact that they don’t have workout equipment at home. Curry hasn’t exactly had to worry about this as his home is well-equipped. According to his trainer Brandon Payne, basketball hasn’t really been on Curry’s mind anyway. In fact, he’s more worried about Cam Newton leaving the Panthers.

Steph Curry Reportedly Not Concerned With Basketball Right Now

Ezra Shaw/Getty s

“To be honest with you, we’ve talked more about the Carolina Panthers’ quarterback situation than we’ve talked about anything else,” Payne said according to Tom Haberstroh NBC Sports. “We talked a little bit about workouts and what he can do, but it’s not a whole lot right now. Stephen is fortunate because he’s got a larger home with a workout area with some pretty nice equipment in it. He’ll be able to maintain things physically pretty well because he’s got the tools to do so. Some the other guys I’ve been talking to? They’re a little bit more challenged.”

Hopefully, we can see Curry back on the court, sooner than later. He was just starting to get back with the Warriors when this pandemic hit and now, we have been deprived his infamous shot.


Hit-Boy & Boi-1da Drop New Drake, Big Sean & Nipsey Hussle Tracks During Instagram Live Battle

The ‘Gram – On Thursday (March 26), Grammy award-winning producer Boi-1da posted a promo of his Friday night beat battle against fellow producer Hit-Boy slated for Friday night on Instagram Live.

The epic duel lasted over two hours and stunned its audience that peaked at over 17,000 viewers as Hit-Boy and Boi-1da dug deep into their bags and leaked new songs that they crafted in collaboration with Tee Grizzley, Drake, Roddy Ricch, Nas, Big Sean and Nipsey Hussle.

Several high profile viewers who tuned in simultaneously were Drake, Joe Budden, Kevin Durant, Russ, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz.

Hit-Boy also reached back into his back catalog of production credits including A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie,” Kendrick Lamar’s “Backseat Freestyle,” and “Bow Down/I Been On” by Beyoncé.

But as the battle intensified, Boi-1da swung back some hard moves by putting out new tracks such as Big Sean featuring the late Nipsey Hussle on their song possibly titled “Street Legend.”

Hit-Boy & Boi-1da Drop New Drake, Big Sean & Nipsey Hussle Tracks During Instagram Live Battle

Boi-1da Explains His Participation In Rémy Martin’s Producer Competition

Big Sean even suddenly appeared for a short tag team with Boi-1da to surprise the viewers, much to Boi-1da’s chagrin.

“Yo, Sean, why’d you snap like that? Relax, bro,” Boi-1da said.

Hit-Boy also dropped an untitled new Nas cut, which Hit-Boy had to admit “that’s nasty.”

Just as several viewers thought Boi-1da was on the ropes, he struck back with his own heat with an earnest warning.

“You remember when Trump and Kim Jong-Un were beefing and talking about nukes and shit? You know all that shit? I gotta press the red button. I’m not even playing with you, Hit-Boy,” Boi-1da said before he released Drake and Roddy Ricch’s new song.

Boi-1da doubled down for Drake fans by releasing his other new track with 6ix god’s which is speculatively called “I Did.”

The Twittersphere and Instagram realm was on fire as viewers chimed in about who they believe was the victor.

But Boi-1da was respectful to his opponent by tweeting about the competitive fun following the battle.

“Hit-Boy is one of the greatest of our generation. DON’T AT ME… That was epic, love to everyone that tuned in,” Boi-1da said.

Timbaland Remixes Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’

Timbaland is putting his spin on a classic.

After first teasing the track in November, the super-producer has debuted his long-awaited remix to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Timbo gives the ’80s dance anthem a complete makeover, flipping it into a sultry slow jam, the perfect addition to your quarantine and chill playlist.

Timbo decided to release the remix in light of the times. “I feel like the world needs to hear this beautiful voice right now so I want to share this with you,” he said.

“I Wanna Dance With Somebody” was the first single from Houston’s 1987 album Whitney. The 3x platinum hit topped the Billboard Hot 100 and won a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Timbaland remains busy even during quarantine. He recently produced “What I Need” for Megan Thee Stallion’s new project Suga and has been entertaining fans with his beat battles. He and Swizz Beatz faced off in an epic showdown on Instagram Live earlier this week.

Air Jordan 1 High OG "Game Royal" Drops This Spring: Photos

One the staples sneaker culture over the last 35 years has been the Air Jordan 1 High OG. This sneaker has received numerous colorways over the years and continues to be a fan-favorite sneakerheads all around the world. The shoe is very versatile and can be worn with almost anything, including a suit. Jordan Brand is well-aware just how much people love this sneaker and in 2020, they have plenty new ferings planned.

A model that has received a ton teasers over the past few months is this “Game Royal” colorway, below. Thanks to @zsneakerheadz, we have some brand new images to share. The shoe has a royal blue toe box and cuff while the overlays are black and the side panels are white. There was a “Game Royal” model that released back in 2018 although this new one is much different in terms color blocking.

If you’re a big fan the Air Jordan 1, these should definitely be on your radar for the Spring. The release date has been set for May 9th at a price $170 USD. Be sure to let us know in the comments below what you think and stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.

Chrissy Teigen Resorts To Desperate Measures To Get Lettuce During Pandemic

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were so desperate for romaine lettuce following the panic shopping caused by the coronavirus outbreak, that she fered to bake a loaf homemade banana bread for anyone with the desired goods. As the coronavirus pandemic causes most the world to stay indoors as much as they can, plenty people have taken to stocking up their food supply. It’s unknown at the moment how long this situation will last, particularly in the United States where Chrissy and her family live, since the country just surpassed both China and Italy for the highest total amount  confirmed cases COVID-19. As a result the uncertainty and subsequent panic that the pandemic has caused, many grocery store shelves have been cleared out, causing shortages tons necessities, including romaine lettuce, apparently.

Chrissy Teigen Resorts To Desperate Measures To Get Lettuce During PandemicFrazer Harrison/Getty s for The Recording Academy

Among her many skills like modelling, hosting television shows, and being heavily “online,” Chrissy fancies herself quite the awesome chef, even curating her own cookbook. However, while she and her husband, John Legend, and their two young children, Luna and Miles, are stuck in quarantine, Chrissy is finding herself without some the key ingredients to make her meals. The Internet personality tweeted out on Monday fering anyone who has romaine lettuce a loaf homemade banana bread in exchange, specifying that the trade would be made “6 feet apart.”

Lucky for Chrissy, Youtube star Chris Klemens responded with a selfie posing with his 3-pack romaine lettuce, letting her know that he was located in the Studio City neighbourhood Los Angeles.

Chrissy insisted that he send her some more “timely” pro to ensure that the photo wasn’t old. Chris replied with a video indicating the current date at the time, and Chrissy was reassured enough to agree to the trade. She told him she’d meet him the following afternoon.

Chrissy proceeded to provide updates for Chris on the state his banana bread, before realizing she only had enough ingredients to make one loaf. She asked if he’d accept half a banana bread along with a slice pie, since John insisted she keep the other half the loaf for him. Chris accepted the alternate fer, laughing about fighting with John Legend over banana bread.

Chrissy proceeded to document her banana-bread-baking process, including mouth-watering clips the delicious baked good.

Chris made a “get this bread” pun, and the two them decided on a time to meet while they continued to negotiate the deal.

We then watched as Chrissy and John drove to meet Chris and his roommate in the parking lot a church. She revealed that she had thrown in an extra slice pie and a bottle wine, all for the three-pack lettuce. 

The exchange then took place, using a toy car likely belonging to Luna or Miles to trade the goods. Not to worry, Chris brought a measuring tape to ensure that they were 6 feet apart from each other at all times. Watch the (distant) interaction take place.

During these dark times, it’s nice to be able to laugh at huge celebrities like Chrissy and John resorting to trading baked goods for vegetables using a children’s car.

LeBron James Saved Carmelo Anthony After He Was Nearly Lost At Sea

Iman Shumpert recently recounted how LeBron James has a “superpower” basketball IQ, and adding to his superhuman abilities is Carmelo Anthony with another story about the Los Angeles Lakers star. Carmelo and Dwyane Wade were on Instagram Live Friday evening (March 27), and during their split-screen conversation, they brought up an incident that occurred while they were on vacation.

LeBron James Saved Carmelo Anthony After He Was Nearly Lost At Sea
Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty s

“That got me sweatin’ thinking ’bout that,” Carmelo said before asking Dwyane Wade where he was during the frightening moment. Wade set the record straight that he didn’t leave their boat. “Remember we jumped f the boat in the Bahamas. We went—everybody swam to the little grotto underneath,” Carmelo recalled. “We came out. All y’all went to the boat and I’m… It’s was my fault, though. I’m still trying to see the last little bit the barracuda snorkeling and all that. It was my fault.”

Then, Carmelo looked around and notices he was alone. “The current is taking me in the middle the ocean. Like, opposite from the boat,” Melo added. Dwyane chimed in that no one could see him. “It was windy, all type sh*t was going on through my head. Imma be honest with you. Then I look up at the boat and I see Bron jump f the boat like he is MacGuyver.”

The two friends laughed as Carmelo described his LeBron James rescue. “He was bringing me back with one arm. He swimming with the other arm and he carrying me in one arm… He saved my life.” Dwyane added that he’s told people that he’s watched as LeBron has done amazing things in the paint, but nothing tops seeing him jump in the ocean and swim to save Carmelo Anthony. Check out these two laughing about the experience below.

Deyjah Harris Reveals Struggles With Depression, Anxiety, & Past Suicidal Thoughts

The subject mental health has become a hot topic in recent years as a growing number people have shared their struggles on social media. There are new avenues online and text therapy, and as we embark on this global quarantine, people are attempting to bring mental health to the forefront to help those who may be struggling with fear, loneliness, or lack social connection. T.I.‘s 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris shared a video where she opened up about her own story.

“Transparently speaking, depression and anxiety is something that I’ve been dealing with since about the age 11,” she said. “My self-esteem started to become an issue for me in the sixth grade due to bullying. I started to struggle with understanding what it was that I was feeling and I definitely knew that I wasn’t able to express what it was that I was going through.”

“So, without the proper knowledge and support, I eventually started to turn to self-inflicted coping mechanisms that weren’t too healthy or beneficial to me or my growth,” Deyjah added. The teen suggested that she’d had suicidal thoughts in the past before she took steps to heal. She also added that she wishes she could share the intimate details her personal journey, but unfortunately she can’t because she doesn’t want people to mishandle her truth.

Watch Deyjah Harris talk about her mental health journey and encourage others in her video below.

Jon Jones’ Arrest Caught On Tape With Police Body-Cam

Jon Jones was arrested in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Thursday morning and was hit with three charges. The main charges had to do with driving while intoxicated, as well as negligent use a deadly weapon. Jones was found in his jeep while a firearm and half-empty bottle tequila were next to him. Police were prompted to approach his vehicle after a report that he had allegedly shot f a round.

According to TMZ, the video the arrest has been made public thanks to body-cam footage taken by one the ficers. In the video below, Jones appears to be slurring his words as he explains that he needed to get out the house because the pandemic is making him go stir-crazy.

“I literally just got stir-crazy,” Jones said. “I just wanted to have a drive. This is my first drive in 2 weeks. And, I saw these homeless guys. I was being nice to them, having a conversation with them, treating them like humans.”

After being arrested, Jones began to cry as he was escorted into the police vehicle. It was then that he admitted he was scared for his family and even said he wanted to be a police ficer growing up.

Stay tuned for updates on this story as we will be sure to bring them to you.


Melvin Gordon Sends Shots At Chargers Fans

Melvin Gordon started out his career with the Chargers organization although last year, it appeared as though there was some trouble on the horizon. Gordon was clearly not happy with his contract and held out from football activities as he sought to get his money up. He and the Chargers never came to an agreement so he decided to return to the field. During this most recent fseason, Gordon decided to leave Los Angeles and signed with a divisional rival in the Denver Broncos.

While speaking to journalist Nicki Jhabvala, Gordon admitted that playing in Los Angeles wasn’t very fun as the fanbase was practically non-existent. All the football fans in the city were indebted to the Rams which made the Chargers a second rate team. As Gordon explains, Broncos fans made home games feel like away games. In fact, most Chargers home games felt like away matches. 

With this in mind, Gordon is happy to go to a team that actually has fans at their home games. However, when you have fans, there are bigger expectations and as a running back, your performance isn’t always guaranteed. Regardless, Gordon seems content with his decision and that’s all that should matter at this point. 

While his beef might be with Chargers fans, one could make the argument, what Chargers fans?

Rihanna’s Part On "Believe It" Originally Belonged To PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Girlfriend

It turns out that Rihanna‘s vocals on “Believe It” f PARTYNEXTDOOR’s freshly dropped album, PARTYMOBILEwas a last minute addition, as the part was originally occupied by PND’s girlfriend. PND had been building up to his new album for a hot minute before finally releasing it to the quarantined masses on Friday. While the project, which marks his first body work since his 2017 EP, Seven Days, and his first studio album since PartyNextDoorin 2016, was an exciting treat on its own, one feature in particular served as an unexpected surprise. Just before PARTYMOBILE was placed in our hands, it was rumoured that Rihanna would be making an appearance on the album, and wouldn’t you know, the practically retired singer did indeed have a minor part on the tenth track, “Believe It.”

Fans were admittedly a little disappointed that, after waiting so long (since Rih’s rap verse on N.E.R.D.‘s “Lemon” back in 2017, to be exact) for a crumb musical content from the Bad Gal, she only sang a total five words. However, the Navy is honestly lucky they got to hear anything from Rih at all, since she almost wasn’t included on the song. Originally, the placeholder vocals for Rihanna’s eventual part were actually recorded by PND’s unnamed girlfriend.

Rihanna's Part On "Believe It" Originally Belonged To PARTYNEXTDOOR's GirlfriendAaron J. Thornton/Getty s for BET

Not only that, but PND’s team didn’t even receive Rihanna’s vocals until Monday this week, giving them roughly three days to finalize the track with Rih on it. As a result  this last-minute scrambling, two the track’s producers, NinetyFour and Bizzness Boi, decided not to ask PND to send them a preview “Believe It” in its final form before it was released on streaming services. “You’re a young kid waiting for that present, you wake up, and it’s just there,” NinetyFour said the reasoning behind their decision. Well, regardless how small her part is or how last minute the decision was, we’re glad to have even a sliver new Rihanna music.

Shaq Comments On All-Time List Placing Him At Number 8

Shaq is arguably one the greatest basketball players all time although his prime didn’t last as long as some other players. When he was at his best, Shaq was able to win three-straight titles with the Los Angeles Lakers and his partnership with Kobe Bryant remains iconic. Regardless how you feel about Shaq, there is no denying his greatness. In fact, had he made basketball his sole focus, he could have been in the discussion for greatest all time.

Regardless, Shaq is still on all time great and in a recent top 10 list, he was placed 8th. The list had Michael Jordan and LeBron James at 1-2, while players like Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson were 6th and 7th, respectively. Shaq reacted to the list in a pretty modest way as he claimed he should have been tenth. The two players that would have jumped ahead him are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell.

This list is still pretty bizarre when you consider how Hakeem Olajuwon, Tim Duncan, and Larry Bird are all in the top five ahead players who arguably deserve it more. Regardless, Shaq has made his feelings quite clear and is leaving it at that.

With this list in mind, let us know where you would place Shaq on a top 10 list.

E-40 Announces ‘The Curb Commentator’ EP Series

E-40 will be releasing a bi-monthly EP series titled The Curb Commentator.

The veteran Bay Area rapper and business mogul made the announcement on social media along with the cover art for the first EP, Channel 1. 

In the photo, Forty Water is suited up while sporting a beanie and his diamond-studded ‘Forty Water’ chain as he sits behind a news desk as an anchor for a sports television network. A bottle of E.Cuarenta – E-40’s tequila brand – sits to his left.

While no tracklist or features have been announced, Bay Area producer DJ Fresh commented on his involvement, which was confirmed by E-40’s response.

Glad to be apart of this 1,” Fresh wrote, followed by the piano key emoji. E-40 responded with the “100” and top hat emojis.

E-40 Announces 'The Curb Commentator' EP Series

E-40 Wants To Bring Back Healthier Version Of “40 Water”

E-40 was recently involved in a short-lived beef with fellow Bay Area Hip Hop legend Richie Rich. After E-40 labeled Richie a snitch and words were exchanged on social media, the pair made peace over a meal.

Channel 1 is expected to arrive on April 17, Channel 2 on June 19, Channel 3 on August 14 and Channel 4 on October 16.

Gangsta Dresta Says Eazy-E Once Sought DJ Quik To Fill N.W.A’s Gaps

It has been 25 years since the death of Eric “Eazy-E” Wright, at the age of 30.

Throughout his life, Eazy-E didn’t just embrace the role of the underdog — he relished it. As a founding member of N.W.A, he helped himself and his Compton hometown flourish despite no radio airplay and strong opposition from the F.B.I.

And when Ice Cube and Dr. Dre switched from group mates to foes, the soonly anointed “Godfather of Gangsta Rap,” persevered with some help from another underdog.

Gangsta Dresta spent five years of his adolescence in the California juvenile justice system, which turned out, had a media program. Dresta, whose real name is Andre Wicker, learned music and video production around the same time Hip Hop was becoming a fixture in popular culture.

Dresta had a connection to Eazy who, as fate would have it, was in need of someone with a magic pen.

“The relationship with us was predestined, Dresta recalls to HipHopDX in an exclusive conversation. “I was in Youth Authority for about five years, and I knew Eric before I went in. Me and his sister went to Roosevelt junior high school together. My mother was in prison, so I lived with my aunt one street over from Eazy’s mother’s house. They lived on Muriel I lived on Caress at the time. Throughout my time at Youth Authority I was building my reputation up as a writer and MC. I used to record songs, mixtapes, I helped create a media production program where they allowed us to learn how to record music and film. I was actually on the front page of the Los Angeles Times for that. I would make songs about the neighborhood so a lot of people already knew me from that. I’m really one of the first dudes in Compton that was doing mixtape songs, like 1986-1987,” he added.

Dresta had a reputation for being able to write rhymes. In a perfect piece of timing, he along with his brother B.G. Knocc Out caught the attention of Eazy-E, who had just taken a gut punch from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in the form of their Chronic diss track “Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)” Once again the underdog, Eazy needed to hit back and at the very last minute, Dresta came through for him in the clutch.

“A lot of people don’t know, It’s On Dr. Dre was already being pressed as I wrote ‘Real Compton City G’s,’ (a.k.a. ‘Real Muthaphuckkin G’s’), so once that song was done, the album stopped being pressed and we made that the first single. That’s how big it was,” Dresta remembered. “It brought a lot of inspiration to people all over the world who were seeing the direction of Death Row’s involvement in trying to sabotage Eazy-E’s career. And it wasn’t just them, it goes back to Ice Cube’s ‘No Vaseline,’ Dre leaving, it was a domino effect of trying to get Eazy-E out the way and that song kinda brought life back to Ruthless Records.”

From there, Dresta became an integral part of the new-look Ruthless Records.

“I actually co-directed the video for “Real Muthaphuckkin G’s.” A lot of those locations were picked by me, from my neighborhood. I wrote my own verses as well as verses for Eazy on ‘Sippin’ On A 40,’ ‘Ole School Shit,’ and ‘Gangsta Beat 4 Tha Street.’ A lot of people don’t know on ‘Ole School Shit,’ I wrote Sylk-E. Fyne’s verse. To this day, she said I’m the only male that’s ever written for her and that was the first song that got her known as a solo MC,” noted Dresta.

Str8 Off Tha Streetz Of Muthafukkin’ Compton was supposed to be Eazy-E’s first double album, but when Eric passed, they put it together as one album with what they had. I believe Eric would have been the first rapper with a double CD.” [Editor-In-Chief note: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s 1988 Grammy Award-winning album He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper was actually Hip Hop’s first double project (and the first Grammy win for that matter).]

In addition to working on his own album and overseeing the careers of rising superstar group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Dresta revealed that Eazy-E was ready to release another N.W.A album whether the original members came back or not.

Gangsta Dresta Says Eazy-E Once Sought DJ Quik To Fill N.W.A's Gaps

Too $hort Is Out Here Telling People Eazy-E Didn’t Die From AIDS

“He wanted to do an N.W.A record when he was trying to get Dr. Dre and Cube to come back together, but they wasn’t really with it at the time. So Eazy had a thought: He wanted to do a N.W.A record with just a black cover with ’N.W.A’ written on it and he was gonna include him, me, [B.G. Knoccout], and I think he was pitching to DJ Quik to be in the group.

“That was one of his ideas as well that he never got to. He owned the rights to the name N.W.A so if he couldn’t get the original members he was gonna do a record with no cover photo and have us as the rappers,” he added.

Around the time they were recording songs for Str8 Off The Streetz, Dresta and Eazy had a brief falling out over business. Thankfully they were able to work things out before the Comptown Records CEO’s death.

“Before his passing, we had just started back communicating. We fell out for a minute cause I kinda felt like we were being shut out as far as my relationship with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. I helped with them in the beginning. We had a verbal agreement that I was supposed to be involved in [Creepin’ on ah Come Up] and receive points from it.

“We were having disputes about a few other things as well so I was doing little things to rebel and show E that the business practices needed to be better,” remembered Dresta. “But even though we fell apart for a minute we were getting back in the process of talking again. He said he was gonna rectify a lot of the issues we had.”

Gangsta Dresta Says Eazy-E Once Sought DJ Quik To Fill N.W.A's Gaps

Photo:Ruthless Records

Although it’s been a quarter of a century since Eazy’s death, Dresta hopes to keep his legacy alive.

“I’ve written verses for his son Lil Eazy-E before on a mixtape song or two, but we’ve been speaking – me, him and my little brother B.G. Knocc Out – about doing a Real Compton City G’s group project and bringing back the essence of that nucleus we had,” he explains. “We’ve been talking about it but we haven’t really had the time to sit down and hash out the details and make it all make sense. I think it would be a good thing though,” said Dresta. “Eazy was just a spirit that a lot of people gravitated to cause of his youthfulness. He never tried to act like he was bigger than people. We didn’t have social media at the time so people didn’t know the extent to which he was involved in helping sick children and visiting The Children’s Hospital, the things that a lot of people do now for publicity, he didn’t do it for media attention. He always put in effort to give back in that way more than anything.”

Fittingly, one of Dresta’s fondest memories of Eazy centered around where it all began, the video for “Real Compton City G’s.”

“There was always a lot of laughter around him. One memory that always sticks with me, the day before we started filming the video for ‘Real Compton City G’s’ we all had Jheri curls, including myself. Eazy would tell you, ‘I don’t have a Jheri curl, nigga it’s a wave nouveau.’ He would never admit to having a Jheri curl, he called it a wave nouveau because of ‘No Vaseline.’ The day before we started filming, him being the visionary that he was, he was already trying to anticipate the response [from the other side] that we would receive from the song. He’s putting the visual together, I’m looking at it ahead of time like, okay they [Death Row] are gonna use three characters with Jheri curls, like the way them and us used A.J. Johnson. I figured they would use three dudes with Jheri curls, so I chose to go to the barbershop and cut my Jheri curl off the day before.

“When I made it to the video shoot, Eazy looked at me and said, ‘Man, what did you do?’ I said, ‘I’m not finna have these fools come back at me with no Jheri curl video so I chose to be the one without the Jheri curl.’ He said, ‘Nah nigga, you should’ve waited, do the filming first and then we shoulda cut the hair and sold it.’ I said, ‘Nigga, you talkin’ about cutting Jheri curls off, putting it into a bag and selling the Jheri curl?’ That was the kind of thinking he had.”

Listen to some classic Eazy-E below in honor of his legacy.

Drew Brees Announces Unprecedented Coronavirus Relief Pledge

It’s almost impossible to go a single day without hearing about the Coronavirus. COVID-19 has become a public health crisis that affects everyone regardless race, gender, age, or salary. We are truly all in this one together and now, numerous high-prile athletes are announcing their efforts to help people in their communities.

The latest athlete to do this is New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Brees took to Instagram today where he announced that he and his wife are pledging $5 million to the state Louisiana as they try to combat the virus. The state continues to be ravaged by the virus and people need help more than ever. With this commitment, Brees is looking to help the most vulnerable people in society.

Per Brees:

“After considerable research and conversations with local organizations, we will be mobilizing our partnerships with Second Harvest Food Bank, Ochsner Health Systems, Walk-Ons, Jimmy Johns, Smalls Sliders and Waitr to prepare and deliver over 10,000 meals per day throughout Louisiana for as long as it takes to children on meal programs, seniors, and families in need. Let’s all do our part, maintain hope, and get through this together.”

This is a truly incredible gesture that will help thousands people. As the days and weeks go on, we expect many other athletes to follow suit.