Chief Keef Premiers Supreme’s New Box Logo Inspired By The Pan-African Flag

This coming Monday, June 10th, the Museum Contemporary Art Chicago will present Virgil Abloh: Figures Speech, the first museum exhibition devoted to the work the iconic, genre-bending artist and Off-White designer Virgil Abloh. Ahead this, a new Box Logo from Supreme has just made its debut for the expo, sparking rumours an Abloh/Supreme collab on the way.

In the photos, we see Chicago rapper, Chief Keef, rocking a classic, plain white tee with the novice box logo. Keef dons all his signature diamond chains, including his more recent “Hellcat” chain. The Box Logo maintains its normal shape and size, but its’ classic red background has been replaced with the colors the Pan-African flag — as the colors red, black and green run vertically down the front. There’s no news yet on when the tee will drop, but be sure to keep an eye out. 

In other, Chief Keef related news, the “Hate Bein’ Sober” rapper” has recently been exposed as owing his baby mama, Erica Early, a total  half a million dollars in back child support payments. And it’s reported that Early will be coming for his music money, adding his music label, Glory Boyz Entertainment, to her battle with Keef.


Tyler, The Creator Claps Back At DJ Khaled’s "Mysterious" Comments

Earlier inthe week, reports emerged that DJ Khaled wasn’t too pleased about the outcome his final week sales. Khaled reportedly stormed into his label’s fice and threw a temper tantrum because his latest album, Father Of Asahd didn’t manage to take the top spot on the Billboard 200. Tyler, The Creator‘s new album, IGOR managed to take that spot with Khaled taking the number two spot. Khaled, a man whose brand is built on love and positivity, threw shade at Tyler’s “mysterious” album in a since-deleted Instagram which Tyler has since responded to.

Despite DJ Khaled’s larger than life presence and mainstream appeal, it’s clear since Bastard that Tyler, The Creator has one the most loyal and dedicated fanbases in music. Khaled has won over the masses with his social media antics but Tyler reminded the Miami DJ that Instagram followers don’t always translate into album sales. The rapper’s set to perform at Madison Square Garden in New York City which is now sold out. Initially, a fan tweeted that he’s “doing pretty good for some ‘mysterious shit.'” Tyler simply responded “yeah i am, IGOR OUT NOW.”

But that wasn’t all Tyler had to say about it. After Akademiks shared several posts about Khaled’s comments, Tyler chimed in once again. In one comment, he said, “who tf listens to Tyler, The Creator?” On another post, Tyler chimed in once again, saying, “HIS MSG SHOW SOLD OUT BUT FT I NEVER HEARD A TYLER SONG IN MY LIFE.”

With such a star-studded line-up on Khaled’s last album, maybe a Tyler feature might help with sales on the next one.

Tyler, The Creator Claps Back At DJ Khaled's "Mysterious" Comments 

Chris Brown & Drake Reveal Cover Art For Collaboration "No Guidance"

Drake and Chris Brown have an interesting history together. The two were once friends who began beefing over Rihanna, allegedly, but recently patched things up in 2018. It’s unsure what led the two former nemeses to make amends but at the end the day, it doesn’t really matter. The two them are back to their respective careers and have new music coming out together. Fans have been waiting for this highly-anticipated collaboration for a minute now.

Drake and Chris Brown’s single premiered last night on a few radio stations. Tonight, the two will unleash the single in its entirety on streaming platforms. Before it ficially arrives, the two shared the cover art on their social media pages and Drizzy seemed to tease a bar or two f the single. “Flew the coup at 17 no guidance,” he wrote. “Breezy x The Boy.” Breezy also shared the cover art and declared summer has ficially started.

“No Guidance” is set to be the latest single f Chris Brown’s 30-track upcoming album, Indigo. Breezy’s latest project is set to arrive on June 28th and much like his previous album, he has some major artists on it. Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy are featured on the single, “Wobble Up” but Breezy also recruited Joyner Lucas, Lil Wayne, Tyga, H.E.R,” and many, many more.

Zaytoven Reveals That He & Nipsey Hussle Planned On Working On Joint Album

Nipsey Hussle only released one ficial album before his untimely passing in March. However, his strongest work was arguably on his mixtapes. After the rapper’s death, there were a lot rappers who said that they spoke to Nip about working on new music before he died. Drake and Meek Mill were among them. In the latest episode Full Size Run, Zaytoven revealed that he and Nipsey Hussle were quietly plotting on working on a joint project together.

“We were doing this mentoring program together. It was me, Nipsey, Rick Ross, and Organized Noize. So it was like a competition. Me and Nipsey had an artist and then Rick Ross and Organized Noize had an artist to mentor,” he explained. “Me and Nipsey was talkin’ about, ‘We got to do some music together. Let’s just do it, don’t tell anybody, just knock it out,” he continued. “I can’t believe we missed that opportunity. I felt like I been knowin’ Nipsey forever. And I was only around him for that time].”

YG also recently announced that he had a special project with Nipsey Hussle on the way. Prior to Nip’s passing, YG and Nipsey were teasing a joint project that never got completed. “I got a special project I was working on with Nip right before he passed,” YG said. “It’s like, it’s special, we gonna make that happen, his family and everybody wants that to happen, that’s a priority for me.”

Raphael Saadiq Announces New Album Featuring A Kendrick Lamar Collab

Los Angeles, CA – The details regarding a new solo album from R&B savant Raphael Saadiq is close to being over, Pitchfork has learned.

An initial cryptic album announcement for the impending body of work came on May 21 when Saadiq uploaded a video on his Instagram with the caption, “The 8 year wait is almost Over ! #Glorytotheveins #jimmylee #Repostthis.”

The album, Jimmy Lee, will release on August 23 Colombia Records and include features from Kendrick Lamar, Ali Shaheed Muhammad (from A Tribe Called Quest) and Brook D’Leau.

This is the storied singer-songwriter’s first solo endeavor since releasing his album, Stone Rollin’, in 2011.

Saadiq first gained notoriety within his platinum-selling group Tony! Toni! Toné! in the late ’80s. Prior to Saadiq’s departure from the group, the trio’s songs, “Feels Good,” “If I Had No Loot” and “Anniversary” all cracked Billboard’s top ten back in the early-1990s.

His solo career blossomed after contributing singles to the soundtracks of Boyz n the Hood and Higher Learning and being a protégé for fellow Oakland singer, Raphael Saadiq.

The Grammy Award winner recently announced the album’s first single, “Something Keeps Calling” and the adjoining six-city U.S. tour on Friday (June 7).

Check out the track list for Jimmy Lee and first single below.

01 Sinners Prayer
02 So Ready
03 This World Is Drunk
04 Something Keeps Calling
05 Kings Fall
06 I’m Feeling Love
07 My Walk
08 Belongs to God
09 Dottie’s Interlude
10 Glory to the Veins
11 Rikers Island
12 Rikers Island Redux
13 Rearview

Future’s "Save Me" Production Credits Revealed

Future‘s second release the year has ficially been delivered, and fans are already letting their feelings be known. As per usual, the public’s response is largely divided, but all signs point to Save Me doing strong numbers across the board. Now, the production credits have ficially be unveiled, though liner notes have sadly become a thing the past.  

Although brief in scale, Save Me was brought to life through the combined musical talents  Bobby Raps, Kyle Nelson, Will Yanez, Fuse, K-Major, Richie Souf, Detail, Seth Firkins (RIP), Fxxxxy, and Dre Moon. For the most part, each track was created in a highly collaborative fashion, as many albums are in this day and age. Though Future is credited as a lyricist on every song, he’s ten joined by a small writing team, including a variety different songwriters; for some context, “Extra” features seven credited lyricists, including Future himself.

Check out the full credits below, transcribed HHNM and shared Tidal:

1) “XanaX Damage”
Prod. by Bobby Raps, Kyle Nelson and Will Yanez
Kyle Nelson
Nayvadius Wilburn
Robert John Richardson
William Eduardo Yanez

2) “St. Lucia”
Prod. by Fuse and K-Major
Eduardo Earle
Kendricke Brown
Nayvadius Wilburn

3) “Please Tell Me”
Prod. by Richie Souf
Nayvadius Wilburn
Tony Son

4) “Shotgun”
Prod. by Detail and Seth Firkins
Nayvadius Wilburn
Noel Fisher

5) “Government Official”
Prod. by Fxxxxy
Maudell Watkins
Nayvadius Wilburn

6) “Extra”
Prod. by Fxxxxy G Ry
Amber Olivier
Atupele Ndisale
Christopher Wood
David Patino
Maudell Watkins
Nayvadius Wilburn
Ryan Martínez

7) “Love Thy Enemies”
Prod. by Dre Moon
Andre Eric Proctor
Nayvadius Wilburn

Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Break Off Their Relationship: Report

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk have split after 4 years together, sources tell People magazine. The 44-year-old actor and his 33-year-old model (ex) girlfriend began dating back in 2015, after which they welcomed their first and only child together in 2017. An inside source said that the two ended the relationship on good terms, and are working towards sharing custody their daughter, Lea De Seine.

Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Break Off Their Relationship: Report

 Photopix/GC s/Getty s
Last year, Cooper made his directional debut in the critically acclaimed movie A Star Is Born, in which he starred alongside singer, and on-screen lover, Lady Gaga. The masses started suspecting that there was trouble between Cooper and Shayk after he and co-star, Gaga, started making countless headlines for their on- (and f-) screen chemistry.
Sources insist, however, that Gaga “had nothing to do” with Cooper and Shayk’s relationship issues. “They haven’t been getting along for a while,” an insider recently told Us Weekly.
Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Break Off Their Relationship: Report
Matt Petit – Handout/A.M.P.A.S. Getty s

Gaga addressed her relationship with Cooper during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, following their performance “Shallow” at the 2019 Academy Awards (in which the two looked a little too close for comfort). “Yes, people saw love, and guess what, that’s what we wanted you to see,” she said. “This is a love song, ‘Shallow.’ The movie A Star is Born is a love story …] Look, I’ve had my arms wrapped around Tony Bennett for three years touring the world. When you’re singing love songs, that’s what you want people to feel.”

Tom Brady Flexes His Sixth Super Bowl Ring At Epic Patriots Party

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl this past year in one the most boring championship games in recent history. Regardless how you felt about the game itself, there is no denying the greatness the Patriots and how they’ve terrorized the NFL for 18 years now. While it’s been four months since their Super Bowl victory, the Patriots are still celebrating their recent success and last night, the entire team linked up for their end year party where they were gifted their Super Bowl rings.

As you would imagine, every single player on the team showed f their new hardware, with Brady being the most prominent player on the team to do so. The Patriots quarterback is the most decorated player in the history the game when it comes Super Bowls and even in his 40s, Brady has been able to compete at the highest level the game.

When it comes to the ring itself, it is fairly extravagant as it features 422 diamonds which totals 9.85 carats. There are six Lombardi trophies on the front and on the sides, there is white gold and some blue sapphire.

With hardware like this, it’s hard to deny that Brady is the best to ever do it.

Teairra Mari Playfully Reignites 50 Cent Feud With Memes & Money

The footwork Teairra Mari and 50 Cent‘s long-running dance, dubbed the “I Ain’t Got It” by some and “The Law Is The Law” by others, has been well-documented. The exchanges got so frequent that some even felt the pair were developing feelings for one another; at the very least, a strange sort dependency. Surprisingly, it was Mari herself who waved the white flag, sending Fifty a final parting shot before pledging to pay him back

Teairra Mari Playfully Reignites 50 Cent Feud With Memes & Money

Dominik Bindl/Getty s

Today, however, it would appear that Mari has decided to call f the armistice. She recently took to Instagram to send her old rival a message, playfully goading him back into the fold, tactfully whispering his own language into his ear. Alongside a reimagining 50 Cent as the Sleeping Beauty antagonist Maleficent, Mari once again doubles down on the narrative that yes, she will be paying him what’s due. 

“Better late than never,” she writes. “Somebody tell Fty hit me up, I got it! Or do you want to wait until Monday??” The playful message stands as a testament that Mari fought well, holding her own against the ruthless cunning Fty; I daresay she may have been his strongest foe thus far, and the list has been extensive. Who knows where this strange and admittedly fascinating dynamic will lead once the money exchanges hands?

Struggle Rapper Almost Fights 50 Cent During His Date Night

50 Cent is all smiles until someone crosses him. Once that happens, the Power exec will go to any lengths to correct whatever perceived wrongs he comes across — no matter who you are.

One particular struggle rapper learned a valuable lesson this week when he attempted to ambush 50 who was on a date with Black Ink Chicago star Nikki Nicole. The poor, unidentified soul tried to convince Fiddy to listen to his music.

In a clip posted on social media, 50 asks the guy, “Are you crazy though?”

Throughout their conversation, things seem to escalate with the man begging 50 to look at his Instagram. He finally says, “What? Are you going to hit me because I’m telling you about my talent?”

He adds, “You can hit me. We can fight. Go ahead.”

Then something crazy happens – rather than throw a punch, 50 gives the man some priceless advice.

“This not gonna work,” 50 tells him. “You know why? ‘Cause you stupid. The way you approaching it is wrong. There’s nothing to play right now. You don’t have anything to show me that’s gonna help you. [The man offers his I.D. card.] Showing me your I.D. is gonna help you right now?”

It’s unclear what happened after the clip comes to a stop, but it likely didn’t end with a G-Unit contract.

Nike Unveils The Brand New Air Max 200: First Look

In 2019, Nike took the sneaker world by storm with the Air Max 720 which features a chunky Air Max unit that wraps all the way around the shoe. This design followed the foundation laid out by the Air Max 270 and has seen some pretty dope colorways come out over the last few months. As we head into the Summer, Nike has unveiled a brand new Air Max model in the Nike Air Max 200. This new silhouette is a departure from the trends the 270 and 720 as the air bubble is limited to the back the shoe and is more contained by the midsole.

Looking at the photos below, you can see that the shoe is covered in suede overlays and mesh, with white being the predominant color on the shoe. There is a gold Nike swoosh on the side while the tongue is black and features Air Max 200 branding at the top. Going down to the midsole, that is white as well while a translucent air bubble is found near the back. 

As right now, there are no release details, although according to Sneaker News, more information should be coming in the next few weeks.

Nike Unveils The Brand New Air Max 200: First Look


Nike Unveils The Brand New Air Max 200: First Look


Nike Unveils The Brand New Air Max 200: First Look


Nike Unveils The Brand New Air Max 200: First Look


Nike Unveils The Brand New Air Max 200: First Look


Offset Shares Adorable Video Of Him & Kulture Exchanging Kisses

Offset and Cardi B‘s daughter Kulture is easily one the cutest little celebrity babies. The little cutie is only two months away from having her first birthday and her father is clearly soaking up every moment before she turns the tender age one. Offset’s latest share to his feed shows he and Kulture kissing each other back and forth, both smiling and giggling at the same time. 


One the previous videos Offset shared Kulture saw her already impressive singing skills which made her father all kinds proud, dubbing her “already platinum.” Offset is a proud father four, and previously opened up about his journey to being the dad he is – something he said wasn’t an easy start.

“The journey fatherhood was kind tough for me at first,” Offset explained.“I was trying to find myself. I didn’t have much direction on what it meant to be a father.”

He added: “It’s challenging when you have a career like this and you’re constantly on the road. It makes it tough to see your kids, especially when they’re young. Now that I’m older, though, I’m learning my way.”

Shaq Left Danny Green With Some NSFW Advice Before Game 3: Watch

During the Eastern Conference Finals, Danny Green was struggling to make shots for the Toronto Raptors. Green was benched at times by head coach Nick Nurse, who needed his best players out on the court to defeat the Milwaukee Bucks. Green has been much better in the Finals and on Wednesday night, he had one his best games the playfs after scoring 18 points on six three-pointers. He was 6-10 shooting on the night and was a huge factor in the Raptors taking a 2-1 lead in their series against the Golden State Warriors.

Before the game, Green went over to the TNT panel and spoke with Shaq who fered him some solid advice before the game. Essentially, Shaq told the Raptors star to stop “F***cking around” and just “leave it.” Shaq explained his interaction with Green, joking that he the content the conversation wasn’t suitable for television.

After the game, Green thanked Shaq for his words wisdom, joking that the big man was a “pure shooter” that knew how to motivate him in these trying times. Green also explained that after the night he had, it’s easy to say Shaq was a big part it all.

If the Raptors hope to win the series, they better hope Green starts talking to Shaq every night because at this rate, it seems to be working wonders.

Deontay Wilder Calls Anthony Joshua A "Broken Man" After Ruiz Loss

Anthony Joshua suffered the most embarrassing moment his career last Saturday when he lost his heavyweight belts at the hands Andy Ruiz Jr who was a 25-1 underdog in the fight. Since then, Joshua has addressed his fans and has even triggered the rematch clause in his contract which means he’ll be able to take his belts back in either November or December. Perhaps the biggest loser in this fight though was Deontay Wilder who holds the WBC heavyweight belt. Fans have been anticipating a super fight between Wilder and Joshua but now that the British fighter has been exposed, the earning potential from such a fight has been significantly axed.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Wilder where they asked him about Joshua and what he thought about the fight. That’s when decided to take some shots.

“Joshua, I think he’s a broken man. Mentally, he’s done,” Wilder explained. “When you perform that way as a champion? He gave up. He quit.”

Afterward, Wilder spoke about the Joshua and Ruiz rematch and even gave his prediction. The Bronze Bomber explained that he thinks Joshua won’t actually take the rematch because he knows he’d lose again. In fact, Wilder thinks Joshua is happy he lost because it’s completely taken the pressure f him.

Do you agree with Wilder? Is Joshua’s career done or can he come back from this?  

Air Jordan 11 “Bred” Returning This Year: First Look

Jordan Brand has made an annual tradition out releasing Air Jordan 11s during the Holiday season, including both classic and brand new colorways. The trend will continue later this year, as the iconic “Bred” Air Jordan 11 makes its return to retailers on December 14. 

We’ve still got six months until the drop, but early images the 2019 rendition have already surfaced, revealing that the shoes will come equipped with a higher-cut patent leather, similar to recent Air Jordan 11 Holiday releases like the “Space Jam” and “Concord” colorways. Additionally, it appears as though the “23” will be on the heel.

This December will mark the first time the Bred 11s have released since they were retro’d in 2012. A low-top version also dropped in 2015. The beloved sneakers were originally introduced in 1995, and the 2019 version is expected to mirror that OG design, complete with the higher cut patent leather. 

Additionally, Jordan Brand also has plans to release an all-new “Vast Grey” colorway as part their annual Holiday lineup. Click here for more details on that colorway and stay tuned for additional shots the Bred 11s.