#DXCLUSIVE: Kill The Motherboard Recruits "Hip Hop Spiritual Guru" Eric Biddines For "The Water"

HipHopDX Premiere – Singer-songwriter Jon Brown, who co-wrote “Jesus Walks” with Kanye West, linked up with Jack Splash for the recently formed Kill The Motherboard duo. As they prep their debut album, The Legend of Picasso Jones, they’ve dropped a new single titled “The Water” featuring Eric Biddines.

“As soon as Jon and I started this song I could tell it was going to take on a very mystical vibe,” Splash tells HipHopDX about the song. “His lyrics about life and death and the cyclical nature of everything really blew me away. I knew as soon as we finished Jon’s parts that we needed to add Eric Biddines to the song.

“Eric had told me he grew up in a Jehovah Witness community, so I knew he would probably have a very interesting perspective and take the song to the next level lyrically/spiritually. Honestly, I still get chills every time I listen to this song because of how Eric Biddines comes in at the end like Hip Hop spiritual guru for a generation of lost souls.”

#DXCLUSIVE: Kill The Motherboard Recruits "Hip Hop Spiritual Guru" Eric Biddines For "The Water"

Brown adds, “‘The Water’ is a song about redemption or second chances. I feel like no matter what we’ve done in our life, no matter how egregious the act, we all deserve a second chance. you know, an opportunity to make things right. Every moment we’re alive is another opportunity to change or improve upon ourselves.

“In God’s eyes, we don’t run out of second chances, we just run out of time.”

The Legend of Picasso Jones is expected to arrive in the near future. Until then, listen to “The Water” up top.

Someone Threw A Lemon At Ariana Grande During Her Coachella Set

A few days back the internet was going wild when it was reported that Ariana Grande was paid two times more than Beyonce for her headlining Coachella set. The disappointing rumor thankfully got debunked after a few publications got word that both performers were paid the same – “$4 million for the first weekend and another $4 million for the second.”

It seems as though some Beyonce fans either never got the word about the debunked report or simply don’t believe it since Ariana had a lemon thrown her way during her Sunday Coachella performance – really. In the clip below, you can see Ariana making her way around the stage when a whole lemon hits her on her chest and drops on the stage. Of course, Ariana didn’t let the fruit disrupt her performance and kept going strong 

The lemon is significant since it was the name Beyonce’s last visual album, a clear sign that the lemon-thrower is clearly a part the Beyhive and wasn’t down for the idea Ariana getting paid more than the “Love On Top” music maker.  

As for the internet, check out some the reaction below.

Lakers Offered Luke Walton A Chance To Come Back As Head Coach

Luke Walton and the Los Angeles Lakers had a tumultuous relationship this year, especially with the addition LeBron James to the roster. Walton was able to improve the Lakers record every single season he was with the team, although it was clear this season that things just weren’t working out. At the end the season, it was revealed by Magic Johnson that he even had permission to fire Walton but he ended up quitting the team before he could pull the trigger.

Today, Sam Amick The Athletic reported that the Lakers and Jeanie Buss actually sat down with Walton after the season and fered to keep him around. By the time the meeting, it seems as though the two sides already had irreconcilable differences.

Lakers Offered Luke Walton A Chance To Come Back As Head Coach

Dylan Buell/Getty s

“Sources say Walton was given the chance to stay on as head coach in a subsequent meeting that included owner Jeanie Buss,” Amick wrote. “But Walton, who was already aware that Buss had given Johnson the full authority to fire him and who had long harbored concerns about general manager Rob Pelinka’s style, was ready to head for the exits himself.”

This information is coming in light the recent reports that Walton is being accused sexual assault in a new civil lawsuit. The Former Laker has since been hired by the Sacramento Kings.

Apple Sued For $1B By Student Claiming Facial Recognition Led To False Arrest

Apple’s facial recognition technology hasn’t gone without its fair share criticism. Privacy experts have shared their concerns about how these types technological advancements will have negative consequences. Now, a student from New York has filed a lawsuit against the tech-giant, claiming Apple’s facial recognition technology falsely ID’d him as the culprit behind a theft.

Apple Sued For $1B By Student Claiming Facial Recognition Led To False Arrest
David Paul Morris/Getty s

18-year-old Ousmane Bah is suing Apple for $1B over a false arrest that he believes was made due to the facial recognition system. Bah was arrested by NYPD after he was falsely connected to thefts in New Jersey, Delaware, and Manhattan.

Bah claims that the perpetrator stole and used his ID after they were caught swiping $1,200 worth merchandise from an Apple Store in Boston last May. The ID didn’t show Bah’s face but it did include his name, address and other personal information. The suit claims the thief then hit up stores in New Jersey, Delaware, and Manhattan which Bah was later falsely blamed for.

Bah believes that the Apple Store let the culprit slide before using their security system to detect the thief’s ID which linked to Bah’s face. He said that he learned about the confusion after he received a Boston municipal court summons in June. 

Bah was arrested on Nov. 29th by NYPD but a detective for the force reviewed surveillance footage from the Manhattan store and said that the suspect “looked nothing like” Bah. 

The lawsuit states that Apple’s “use facial recognition stware in its stores to track individuals suspected theft is the type Orwellian surveillance that consumers fear, particularly as it can be assumed that the majority consumers are not aware that their faces are secretly being analyzed.”

However, a spokesperson from Apple said that the company doesn’t use the facial recognition technology in its stores.

Jim Carrey & Ariana Grande Bond Over Inspirational Depression Quote

A positive exchange occurred between singer-songwriter Ariana Grande and actor Jim Carrey. Recently, the 25-year old songstress quoted Carrey’s words  her Instagram story at the heels her own battle with depression. The shared quote defined the state depression as the body’s natural call for “deep rest.” The latter encompasses the powerful reflections accrued by Carrey through his own previous struggles with mental health. The Coachella headliner‘s fragile state mind is understandable considering her lastingness under the public eye, the tragic loss  former flame Mac Miller and fall out with ex-fiance Pete Davidson. 

In recent years, Canadian actor Jim Carrey shifted towards a more spiritual path in which he ten questioned the human experience as a metaphysical phenomenon. The comedian’s transformational journey placed him on a hiatus from Hollywood but nevertheless resulted in an array inspirational insights. Some which served as the inspiration behind Ariana’s post.

Following Grande’s move, the songwriter received a positive response from the iconic actor. The 57-year old movie star fered words encouragement and support, citing the original author the “deep rest” concept, Jeff Foster. The “7 Rings” vocalist was overly pleased with Jim Carrey’s acknowledgment. 

J.I.D. & Christo Are Putting In Serious Work In The Studio

Shortly after holding it down as a Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 MVPJ.I.D. has been busy taking his show on the road for the ongoing Catch Me If You Can tour. Yet in true J.I.D. fashion, the prolific rapper has been continuously working, having recently linked up with producer Christo for a batch new material. This comes, in addition, to both the upcoming Dreamers 3 and his own collaborative project with No I.D. He’s even got something with 6LACK on deck. Though it’s unknown whether these new Christo sessions will culminate in a standalone body work, it’s clear that J.I.D. has something in the works. 

The rapper took to Instagram to share a screenshot from Christo’s story, which finds a plethora JID sessions combined in a folder. Though the tentative titles are crossed f, it’s clear that the pair have plenty heat in the stash, if their prior collaborations are anything to go by. And what a list that is: “Westbrook,” “Off da Zoinkys,” “151 Rum” (co-production), “Slick Talk” (co-production), and much more.

Are you excited to hear J.I.D on a record once again? In the meantime, check out our DiCaprio 2 review right here

J.I.D. & Christo Are Putting In Serious Work In The Studio

Van Jones Roasts Wendy Williams & Her Divorce On Her Show

Wendy Williams hasn’t been having the best year so far. She found out that her husband over twenty years had been cheating on her for half the marriage, getting his mistress pregnant last year. The talk show host fractured her shoulder during an alleged altercation with her husband, who has been gifting his girlfriend with tons expensive gifts over the last few months. On top all that, Wendy relapsed on alcohol, heading to a sober living facility for treatment. Now, she’s back on her show but she just can’t escape the shade. Wendy seems to be obsessed with everybody else’s drama and now that her own dirty laundry is out in the open, she would prefer to dig even deeper into other people’s lives. When she was interviewing Van Jones on her show, she decided to ask about his “soon-to-be-ex-wife” and the political commentator came back with the perfect response. 

Van Jones Roasts Wendy Williams & Her Divorce On Her Show
Robin Marchant/Getty s

The controversial host the show started speaking about the show that Van produces with his wife, noting that they’re getting a divorce. She noticed that he’s still wearing his ring, to which Jones replied: “You got something on your hand too so I ain’t talking about that.” Wendy was caught f-guard by the comments, rolling her eyes and reminding Van that he’s there to answer questions, not ask them.

The moment is genuinely pretty funny and you can tell that Wendy wasn’t upset by it at all. Van Jones is a regular guest on the show so he likely has a close relationship with Wendy. During his most recent appearance, he also spoke about Meek Mill being left f TIME 100’s list the most influential people, Kim Kardashian‘s journey to becoming a lawyer, and more. Watch the clap back below.

Nike VaporMax 2019 Releasing In Black And Volt: Official Images

With the Nike VaporMax 2019, the Beaverton brand is straying away from the flyknit upper and instead it’s using the material that can be found on the Nike React Element 87. The shoe has an updated silhouette that has proven to be quite fashionable on foot and so far sneakerheads have been into the change. New colorways this model have been shown f and released over the last few weeks and with the Summer months on the way, Nike is showcasing even more new versions.

This latest colorway is coming in a sleek and clean black, grey and volt. The volt part the shoe can be found on the Nike swoosh, while the air bubbles and highlights on the sides are pitch black. The rest the upper is dressed in some charcoal grey which adds a nice muted contrast to the rest the sneaker.

These will cost you $190 USD and will be released sometime in the next few weeks, according to Sneaker News.

Nike VaporMax 2019 Releasing In Black And Volt: Official s


Nike VaporMax 2019 Releasing In Black And Volt: Official s


Nike VaporMax 2019 Releasing In Black And Volt: Official s


Nike VaporMax 2019 Releasing In Black And Volt: Official s


Nike VaporMax 2019 Releasing In Black And Volt: Official s


John Cena Spotted On Dinner Date With Rumoured Girlfriend Shay Shariatzade

John Cena and his ex Nikki Bella are long over after the couple finally parted ways after a lengthy back and forth, and since Nikki sparked dating rumours with Artem Chigvintsev. Since Nikki has clearly moved on, it seems as though John has made moves as well with a Candian engineer by the name  Shay Shariatzadeh.

The pressional wrestler was first spotted with Shay last month as they grabbed dinner in Vancouver and were holding hands and smiling the whole time. More recently, the duo have been spotted in San Diego on a date at Tower23 Hotel’s restaurant and according to a source they were very casual, showing only small displays affection. 

“When I saw the headline…my stomach went into knots,” Nikki explained on The Bellas Podcast earlier this month, discussing when she first knew John was dating someone new.

“But then when I opened it up and saw the photo it was weird, I…you know when you get a text or you see a photo or you see your significant other flirt with someone or something, you know how you get those knots in your stomach that hurts? You either want to poop your pants immediately…or you just have the craziest tummy ache, right? So neither that happened to me when I saw the photos.”

Jussie Smollett’s Prosecutor Kim Foxx Is Collecting "Racially Charged" Threats

Considerably, drama accumulates daily when it comes to the Jussie Smollett case. It was not long ago that the “Empire” star was reported to be in a hospital following a racist and homophobic attack. Since then, the name Jussie Smollett rapidly went from being tied to words encouragement and hope to fraud and hoax. The alleged attack was proven to be orchestrated by the actor with the help two Nigerian brothers, Ola and Abel Osundario. As a result, Smollett faced the legal consequences his deception.

Jussie Smollett's Prosecutor Kim Foxx Is Collecting "Racially Charged" Threats

Scott Olson/Getty s

Last month, however, all charges were surprisingly dropped against the entertainer and the latter resulted in explosive reactions from the public. Seemingly, these reactions have since progressed to traceable actions. According to Deadline, the prosecutor behind the dropped charges, Kim Foxx, has been getting several serious threats since the decision on Jussie’s fate.

Jussie Smollett's Prosecutor Kim Foxx Is Collecting "Racially Charged" Threats

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty s

The fice the Cook County State attorney shared with the Chicago Sun Times: “We can confirm that the state’s attorney has received threats to her personal safety and security, a number which have contained racially charged language.” Moreover, Foxx’s chief staff cited the problematic threats came through emails and phone calls which have since been forwarded to their investigation bureau. 

Charlotte Flair Spotted With Ring Alongside Wrestling Boyfriend Andrade

The WWE recently finished up its biggest wrestling event the year with Wrestlemania 35 which featured the first ever all-women main event. It was a three-way fight between Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, and Charlotte Flair. Flair is one the biggest names in the company and has been a staple the women’s wrestling side for years now. She is also in a longterm relationship with fellow wrestler Andrade and the two have been spotted on vacation in the Dominican Republic over the last week. 

During their vacation, Flair has been spotted with a ring on her ring finger, which has fans asking about whether or not they are engaged. TMZ reached out to Flair’s camp to inquire about the matter but no one seems to be giving a clear answer on it all. For now, all we know is that they look pretty happy together and that the relationship has progressed to a point where they feel comfortable posting about it on social media.

When it came to Wrestlemania, Flair and Rousey ended up losing the match to Lynch who has become a star in her own right. With Flair and Lynch at the helm, women’s wrestling is clearly in a good place.

Eminem Posts Throwback Shot From The "Slim Shady LP" Days

Earlier this year, Eminemcelebrated the 20-year anniversary The Slim Shady LP. One round celebrations may have been enough for the next guy but Em knows full well that he’ll only get one shot to celebrate twenty years one his most celebrated albums all time. The project kicked f his career and burst him into the musical stratosphere with many referring to him as a “Rap God” because it. With the release a brand new merch capsule, Eminem decided to also let his fans in on a memory, posting a photo from 1999 and letting everyone remember just how much time has actually passed. 

Marshall quoted his lyrics in “Stan,” bringing up his old buddy Skam and posting a throwback shot with a bunch his homies. “I even got that underground s@!% you did with Skam,” wrote the Detroit legend. He also provided information for anybody that wants to learn more about Skam and his contributions to The Slim Shady LP

As we previously reported, the full collection SSLP inspired merch will be revealed on Friday but you can take a sneak peek into the capsule hereRevisit the classic album here and let us know if you’ll be copping once the new apparel launches.

"Ace Ventura" Ewing 33 Hi Releasing In Honor Of Film’s 25th Anniversary

Ewing Athletics has teamed up with well known sneaker customizer Dan Gamache, more commonly known as @Mache275, for a special edition “Ace Ventura” Ewing 33 Hi.

The exclusive sneaker collab will be releasing alongside a limited apparel collection in May, in celebration the film’s 25th anniversary.

"Ace Ventura" Ewing 33 Hi Releasing In Honor Of Film's 25th Anniversary

Ewing 33 High “Ace Ventura”/@EwingAthletics

Inspired by Ace Ventura’s gaudy wardrobe, the Ewing 33 Hi collab features a colorful, Hawaiian-themed floral print equipped with Mache’s signature on the panel and an Ace Ventura logo on the tongue. Additionally, the typical “EWING” text on the heel has been swapped out in favor “Einhorn.”

According to Ewing Athletics, the kicks will be joined by a jacket and shorts featuring the same floral pattern. A specific release date has not yet been announced, but the collab is slated to launch in May.

Take a closer look at the sneakers below, and stay tuned for release details.

50 Cent Lawsuit Could Get Teairra Mari Arrested

Los Angeles, CA – A judge has reportedly issued a bench warrant for Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood personality Teairra Mari.

The Blast reports Mari was expected to show up at a Los Angeles courthouse on Tuesday (April 23) for a hearing related to the 50 Cent case — but she was a no-show. Consequently, the judge issued the bench warrant in the amount of $5,000.

50 set up the hearing to dig into Mari’s finances in an attempt to collect the $30,000 he was awarded in the original revenge porn lawsuit. Mari was suing the Power exec for allegedly leaking her sex tape.

She accused 50 and her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, of engaging in a plan to sexually objectify, threaten, intimidate, humiliate and degrade her. Mari said Abdul-Ahad logged into her Instagram account and posted the sexually graphic video, which featured “ejaculate” on her face.

50 then re-shared the video on his Instagram page, going as far to apply a “black and white” filter to highlight the color contrast of semen on Mari’s face. He added his signature hashtag, #getthestrap,” which Mari said could have encouraged his fans to hurt her.

The judge dismissed all claims against the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ OG and concluded Mari must pay his attorney fees.

50 wanted her to pay his entire $161,660.15 legal bill, but the judge didn’t agree to his demands. Instead, she was ordered to pay $30,618.

Offset Charged With Felony Gun Possession In Atlanta Arrest

Back in July 2018, Offset was pulled over by the police when he executed an improper lane change in the state Georgia. Once ficers started speaking to the Migos rapper, he was arrested for felony possession a firearm and marijuana possession. Things have finally boiled over in that case because today, it is being reported that he has finally been charged in relation to the arrest and he’s facing one felony charge and two misdemeanour charges.

Offset Charged With Felony Gun Possession In Atlanta Arrest
Kevin Mazur/Getty s

According to TMZ, the district attorney’s fice has informed them that Offset has ficially been charged with one felony charge possessing a firearm as a convicted felon and two misdemeanour counts marijuana possession and an improper lane change. The charges were reportedly filed by prosecutors in February.

The media outlet notes that one charge was fully dropped so Offset does not have to worry about his felony charge possession a weapon during the commission a crime. Last month, the rapper entered a not guilty plea and he will be appearing in court in May. 

Offset has been sharing plenty family photos during the Easter holiday and this is the first bit negativity that has affected him in seemingly a few weeks. Hopefully, he and his legal team are able to get out this clean.

Offset Charged With Felony Gun Possession In Atlanta Arrest
Chance Yeh/Getty s