$1 Billion Worth Of Cocaine Seized In Historic Philadelphia Raid

Mere months after 992 pounds cocaine were seized from a ship in Philadelphia, the city has just hit a new record by multiplying that amount by a bunch. It is being reported that today, an insane amount cocaine was found on a ship travelling from Chile to Europe and during a stop in Pennsylvania, the drugs were seized.

According to ABC News, this is the biggest cocaine bust to ever take place in the city. A total 16.5 tons cocaine, which is estimated at a street value $1 billion, was found on the MSC Gayane at the Packer Marine Terminal. This type seizure is unprecedented and especially considering $18 million worth cocaine was confiscated in March in Philadelphia, this is a big find by the feds. Several members the crew onboard have been charged according to the U.S. Attorney’s fice. 

$1 Billion Worth Of Cocaine Seized In Historic Philadelphia Raid
Joe Raedle/Getty s

This follows a massive drug bust in New York with $77 million worth the drug being found on a cargo ship between NY and New Jersey.

The investigation is ongoing and there are not many details available regarding the seizure. We will update the story as needed once more information becomes available. Check out the tweets from the U.S. attorney below.