A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Says He Made “Me & My Guitar” For Juice Wrld To Get On

It looks like A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie was trying to get Chicago rapper Juice Wrld on his song “Me & My Guitar” f his Artist 2.0 project. In a new interview with Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins, the NYC spitter revealed he specifically made his guitar song for Juice Wrld.

“To be honest, I made that song for Juice Wrld to get on. I was in LA and I was talking to Bibby… Juice Wrld never picked up his phone mind you. He lost his phone every other day literally. Rest in Peace to the bro though,” A Boogie says in the clip.

A Boogie continues: “Yeah I was tryna send it to him but it happened like a week later I think. I feel like nobody else could even master up to that. If I put anybody else on that song it never would made no sense so. Even though people will look like it’s not my style to drop a rockstar song like that, and they’ll be like ‘yeah thats some Juice Wrld shit,’ I made it for Juice Wrld.” he adds. (swipe right to watch clip)

While we didn’t get to hear Juice on “Me & My Guitar,” the two did previously link up on the track “Demons & Angels,” f A Boogie’s 2018 tape Hoodie SZN.

Check out the full 30-minute interview with A Boogie & Jinx (below) and stream Artist 2.0 right here if you haven’t already.