A$AP Rocky Issues Statement Via His Lawyer: Report

In the wake his unfortunate arrest in Sweden, support A$AP Rocky has reached an all-time high. The A$AP Mob‘s petition to secure his release has been garnering attention from artists and fans alike, and many have been pressuring the Swedish authorities to reveal more details about the case. TMZ originally set it f with a scathing report, indicating that Rocky was being held in “deplorable conditions” with a feces-tosser for a neighbor. More disturbingly, however, came reports that he was denied access to a U.S consulate – at least, originally. Given that ample video evidence exists pointing to Rocky acting in self-defense, the whole situation has felt f from the start.
 A$AP Rocky Issues Statement Via His Lawyer: Report

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Today, Rocky has reportedly issued a statement his lawyer, which might shed some light on his situation. Speaking to Swedish outlet Cultural News, Rocky’s lawyer Henrik Olsson Lilj has shared some Flacko’s words. Now, the original publication is in Swedish, so the transcription is the result Google’s translate feature, so please bear that in mind:

“He has never talked to TMZ or any third party regarding the circumstances when he was arrested, ie when he was in the prison. He was then treated and treated properly. However, he has experienced the conditions in the arrest as very simple and has experienced that it smells urine in the cell in the arrest. However, not in detention. The conditions in the arrest cell can in that respect be criticized. 

“He has lacked appetite at the beginning when he was arrested but tries to eat to the best his ability. He was to receive a visit from American staff at an early stage when he was arrested, but understood that staff from the embassy were not allowed to enter. At a later date, some day later, however, he has been visited. If this is a violation the Vienna Convention, he cannot judge. He does not know any other information in the TMZ article. “

Clearly, much has been lost in translation, but it seems as if Rocky is doing his best to assure his fans his relative well-being. Still, it’s difficult to unpack some the subtext behind his words, so we’ll have to wait and see what he says upon his release. As now, however, it would appear that Flacko is making the best his situation, even though he remains in custody. Be sure to sign the petition if you haven’t already, because if they ultimately decide to move forward with the charges, Rocky could be facing a long and unjustified sentence.