Academy Of Contemporary Music Launches UK’s First Rap & MC Degree

The Academy Contemporary Music is fering inspiring grime artists the option to study a Rap & MC course at its Guildford and Birmingham campuses in the UK. The program will be overseen by award-winning British artist ShaoDow, who played a role in the formulation the course modules tied to the degree which includes studying lyricism, flow, delivery, and more MC-must haves. The idea for the degree stems from a study which saw students aged 11 to 15 involve themselves in a new project that taught them electronic music, grime and Hip Hop in schools rather than classical. The attendance rates spiked immediately and its constituents performed much higher than expected in subjects like Math and English. 

The CEO and executive behind the Academy Contemporary Music, Kainne Clements, said the following with regards to the program: “I could not be more proud the team at ACM who have put together this incredible program for lyricists, rappers, MCs, and those you who want to make beats… You know that you can really only get to where you want to be by collaborating – so that is what this is all about.” Applications for the program are open now and the course is accepting students for entry fall 2019.