Aretha Franklin's Eulogy Was Offensive & "Distasteful" According To Family

Aretha Franklin’s funeral was an elaborate affair that garnered much attention. Unfortunately, some this consideration came from the negative aspects the event. One the most criticized parts the funeral service was the way in which the Queen Soul’s eulogy was delivered.

The family was caught f guard by Rev. Jasper Williams Jr’s f-topic comments during the failed eulogy.  Aretha’s nephew, Vaughn Franklin, spoke openly about the family’s disappointment with the pastor’s speech. 

Rev. Jasper Williams Jr shared his thoughts about the criticism. The words he spoke don’t exactly add up to an apology, but there is a slight sense awareness the fense.

Williams had spent the bulk his speech touching on points that diverged from Aretha Franklin’s life and achievements. Instead, he favored subjects like the criticism the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Singer Stevie Wonder was quick to protest the pastor’s statement by yelling out “black lives matter.” Williams doubled-down in response: “No, black lives do not matter.” This all went down during the eulogy.