Ariana Grande Includes Revamped Beyonce Demo On Her New "Sweetener" Album

Ariana Grande has been teasing some her songs online in anticipation her upcoming album, Sweetener. The first snippet to surface online came from a track called R.E.M., which fans recognized as familiar. Apparently, the song is a reworked version one Beyonce’s unreleased demos. Last year, the “Flawless” singer was working on some tracks with Pharrell Williams. “Wake Up” was one them.

Here are both snippets for comparison.

One her fans pointed out the similarities to Ariana directly, who responded somewhat candidly. 

Although the way in which the track was brought to the project hasn’t been confirmed, it’s quite likely that Pharrell had a hand in it. The producer has collaborated on many Sweetener tracks, including “The Light Is Coming” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Blazed,” and the Missy Elliott feature called “Borderline.” 

It seems like Ariana Grande is trying to bring some “urban” flavor to her new album considering all these collaborations in addition to this particular demo making the cut. Sweetener is set for release on August 17.