Asian Doll Announces Official Name Change & Upcoming Album

Last year, the emergence all the “Doll” rappers was overwhelming. On one end the stick, Cuban Doll and DreamDoll were catering to their audiences and on the other side, Asian Doll was perfecting her craft with solid mentors. Asian has been using the moniker for years and when she caught Gucci Mane‘s attention, he immediately signed her to become the First Lady 1017 Eskimo. She hasn’t been feeling her name though and she decided that it might be time to actually adopt a new identity. The artist has kept her first name intact but instead being a doll, she’s chosen to become a Brat.

Debuting her new identity today with a fresh single and an album announcement, Asian Da Brat immediately made an impact with the help Smokepurpp. The rising female rapper will soon be dropping her project UNFUCCWITABLbut before then, she decided to let the fans in on a brand new bop called “Draco.”

The name change has been teased for a while with Asian Doll publicly using “Asian Da Brat” on her socials. Today though, she ficially changed her handle and let fans in on the secret. How do you feel about her new name? Better or worse than the OG?