Bhad Bhabie Says Nicki Minaj Is "Doing WAY Too Much"

At first she tried to keep away from the query, however in the long run, Big Boy from Big Boy’s Neighbourhood was far too pushy to preserve away. During a phase titled “Fire or Poop” by which the host holds a cardboard cutout a distinguished determine, he pulled out a palm-sized portrait Nicki Minaj and requested his visitor Bhad Bhabie to present an trustworthy appraisal, primarily based on the Queen’s conduct late, to which teen rapper said “I am completed with this recreation.” But Big Boy persevered.

Bhad Bhabie was given the prospect to “faucet out” and circumvent the subject Nicki Minaj, however she selected to not. Apparently, it goes in opposition to her prime convictions to skirt round a problem any sort. So with the selection to award her a “Poop Sign” or a “Fire Sign” emoji, Bhabie went with the previous. Her rationale: “she (Nicki) is doing method an excessive amount of.”

Bhad Bhabie admitted that she was raised a Nicki Minaj fan, however these days, her saltiness has grow to be an excessive amount of for her to bear. Bhabie referenced the infighting with Cardi B, the problems with Kylie, Travis, child Stormi, and the Astroworld product launch as causes to dock her some factors. The query now’s whether or not Nicki Minaj will deem it needed to fireplace again? 

The full interview airs at 5 pm Today.