Bhad Bhabie Says Nicki Minaj Was "Salty" About Cardi B’s Rise To Fame

It was just weeks ago when Bhad Bhabie incurred the wrath the Barbz after she suggested that Nicki Minaj didn’t write her rhymes. One thing that Nicki defends more than any other criticism is that she is responsible for penning all her own verses, and her fans made sure to go after Bhad Bhabie, real name Danielle Bregoli, for the accusation.

“I forgot that Nicki’s fandom, majority them are brainwashed and braindead and just so in love with her that they believe anything she says,” Bregoli responded at the time. “Whatever. Not once did I ever say that Nicki doesn’t write all her music or that Cardi doesn’t write all her music or that City Girls or Lil Wayne or any them people that I brought up earlier…What I said was hooks are given to them and] verses are given to them sometimes.”

Bregoli is never one to hold her tongue and regardless the backlash that will inevitably ensue from Minaj superfans, she criticized the Queen rapper in a recent television appearance. While on Comedy Central’s Lights Out with David Spade, Bregoli was asked about her thoughts on Nicki announcing her retirement. “Me and Cardi, we here. We got y’all,” she said joking before bending over and dancing.

Comedians Donnell Rawlings and Guy Branum chimed in to say that Nicki’s time in the spotlight is over because a new generation female artists is on the rise. Bregoli complimented Nicki when she said, “You gotta give Nicki her props. Nicki was running this sh*t before anybody else].” However, she did mention that Nicki’s attitude is a problem. “No one told her to get salty,” Bregoli added. “If she would have took Cardi under her wing and been like, ‘Yeah, this my b*tch.’ She didn’t have to be all, ‘I can’t stand another b*tch taking my spot.’ Like, sit your salty ass down and just deal with it.” Watch below.