Birdman Launches Cash Money West & Signs First Artist

There’s no doubt that Birdman has been successful in finding some the most talented artists around the world. From Drake and Lil Wayne to Nicki Minaj and Tyga, Birdman has a solid track record in grooming many the top artists to have successful careers. These days, we see him as having held back a few  the most anticipated albums and allegedly not paying artists what they’re due, which has tarnished his legacy, but he will surely go down as one the all-time greats. With Drake and Wayne moving away from their Cash Money ties, Baby may be looking to start fresh on the West Coast, recruiting a fresh crop talent for a new extension his label.

Announcing the launch Cash Money West, Birdman has a brand new venture that he’s taking care , already signing his first artist and keeping his plans big for the next few months. Posting a photo on Instagram with Wack 100, Stunna posted up with his new artist, Long Beach native Saviii 3rd. With the announcement, the mogul also talked a big game, one-upping anybody that’s been engaging in the “King *insert your city here*” conversation by deeming himself the King Hip-Hop. 

Mean-mugging next to the smiley Saviii, it will be worth it to see where Cash Money West ends up. With the OG label falling apart, for the most part, this looks to be Birdman’s next step in reclaiming his throne.