Bizzy Bone Tries Hand At Eminem’s #GODZILLA Challenge

Bizzy Bone, who first rose to prominence as part the legendary crew Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, is easily one the fastest rappers all time. For anyone doubting his ability, songs “Thug Luv” and “Notorious Thugs” reveal the dazzling depth his flow; check them out should you need a refresher course. Alas, it’s been a minute since Bizzy has been chopping at rapid-fire speeds, and in the interim Eminem has come through to seize the crown as the game’s fastest spitter. As it happens, Em’s open invitation to participate in the #Godzilla challenge was exactly the sort bat signal Bizzy needed.

Bizzy Bone Tries Hand At Eminem's #GODZILLA Challenge

 Vivien Killilea/Getty s

In a video uploaded to his Jam TV channel, Bizzy opens by shouting out the “little homie” Eminem. “Anybody down with Dr. Dre, down with Ice Cube, part the whole Mo Thug family is immediately cousins, brothers, and relatives,” says Bizzy. “I finna take the ‘Godzilla’ challenge, I been getting too many calls.” After indulging in a vegan feast, Bizzy once again shouts out Eminem and proceeds to step into the booth.

Unlike many who have been spitting Em’s climactic verse verbatim, Bizzy switched up the rules and simply aimed to surpass the syllable count. Rather than spitting live, he plays back an acapella verse recorded for the occasion and deadpans the camera while his machine-gun bars rattle f. Off the bat, it doesn’t appear that Bizzy’s speed is enough to match Em’s, but it stands as a valiant effort all the same. Suffice it to say, the Bone Thug legend clearly still has what it takes to chop with the best them. Check it out for yourself below and sound f — who is capable hitting higher speeds? Eminem or Bizzy Bone?