Burger King’s Instagram Trolled With Penis Drawings After Allegedly Stealing Art

This is one way to get back at a company who allegedly stole artwork from you. Whenever you get a chance to deliver some revenge, you’ve got to be creative about it. San Francisco artist Pablo Rochat realized that Burger King’s Switzerland page was pushing an advertisement that used tap-and-hold technology to create a game, which is a technique that Rochat used to apparently establish his footing as a creative. He told Vice as much earlier today. Instead taking the major fast-food chain to court, he decided to have some fun at their expense, ruining their social prile by marking it with phallic imagery.

Burger King's Instagram Trolled With Penis Drawings After Allegedly Stealing Art
Evan Agostini/Getty s

“Burger King recently stole my content for their IG ads. Instead taking legal action, i drew a big fat penis and tagged them so it would show up on their ‘tagged photos’ page,” wrote Rochat on Twitter before sharing a screenshot the results. 

The posts, pictured above, were created using six different uploads where, when viewed together, show one giant dick. The revenge plot ended with people tagging Burger King in their most risqué posts, further destroying their “tagged” page. Hopefully, Rochat ends up getting compensated for his art, if it was indeed stolen from him. Do you think the penis ambush is enough or should he take legal action?