Cardi B’s Waist & Abs Look SNATCHED In Africa Photos

For real though, I’m not even exaggerating with this outrageous headline. After spending tons cash inside a Nigerian strip club, Cardi B took advantage her weekend in Africa by taking some stunning photos celebrating the culture. The superstar rapper proved to us all that she’s been working her ass f in the gym, flaunting body goals in a couple pictures uploaded to her social media channels.

After giving birth to her baby last year, Cardi B has experienced a notable body bounce-back, getting her abs in check and seriously looking shredded in some new pictures. Inviting her fans to “turn the fuck up” with her in Africa, Bardi rocked the Ghana flag on her latex bodysuit, even donning a special wig for the occasion. The colors the country were dyed into her hair, completing the look. In a secondary post, Cardi said goodbye to the African country, wearing a flowy outfit that showed f her stomach and, oh lord, she’s looking good. From her tiny waist to her sculpted abs, Cardi B is reminding everyone that she’s seriously one the best looking women in the rap game. 

For somebody that spent less than twenty-four hours in Ghana, she sure was proud to share her experience with the world. We’re looking forward to more this, Cardi.