DeMar DeRozan Fined $25K For Throwing Ball At Referee: Report

It was an intense playf battle on Saturday between the San Antonio Spurs and the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets ended up winning the game and tied the series at two games apiece. Perhaps the biggest storyline from game four came courtesy DeMar DeRozan. DeRozan was called for an fensive foul while trying to mount a comeback. Unhappy with the call, DeRozan threw the basketball at the direction referee Scott Foster. Of course, you can’t be throwing the ball at the ref, so DeRozan was promptly ejected from the game and the Spurs went on to lose. 

According to ESPN, DeRozan has now been fined $25K for the infraction in what has been explained as “recklessly throwing the basketball toward a game ficial and into the spectator stands.”

The Spurs and DeRozan don’t have to worry too much though. There will be no supplemental discipline outside the fine, which means DeRozan will be able to play in Game 5 on Tuesday night.

So far this series has been a back and forth affair with both teams playing some inspired basketball. With the series tied at two, it will be interesting to see who can prevail and make it to the second round.