DJ Khaled Fan Inspired By J. Cole Haircut, Gets Producer Shaved Onto His Head

Imagine being a lot a hardcore DJ Khaled fan that you just determine to get his face shaved onto the again your head. While the producer and government has earned loads credit score over time as one the main forces in Miami, he would not carry a large fanbase that may examine to any person like Beyoncé or Ariana Grande. There occur to be individuals who love Khaled a lot that they would not thoughts spending their high greenback on a haircut that options the artist etched onto the again their head. Following within the footsteps  the young J. Cole fan the other day, DJ Khaled shared a video one his supporters getting his portrait shaved into his hair.

The work is unquestionably fairly spectacular. While it takes a significant quantity talent and expertise as a barber to have the ability to pull one thing like this f, individuals appear confused why anyone would wish to have Khaled on the again their head. The artist did him soiled too by giving Khaled some droopy eyes. As the producer would in all probability say, the depiction wasn’t totally “akkreate.” 

Hopefully, this does not change into a development. Although we will recognize the extent expertise required to attain this final result, this dude will get laughed at on the road. What do you suppose this?