Halsey Opens Up About Being Bipolar & Why She Won’t Discuss Boyfriend Evan Peters

Halsey dropped f her latest album Manic just a few days ago and the 16-song fering is an honest expression a 25-year-old who’s made it out alive despite many trials and tribulations along the way. In light the expressive project, the singer chatted with The Sun on a number topics that surround her life as late – one being her bipolar disorder. “I achieved a lot my dreams at 19 years old. I’ve had a pretty invincible couple years. So when I can’t do a simple f***ing task and I am so frustrated with myself because I feel so incapable, I get mad at myself and say, ‘F*** you’. That’s having bipolar,” she said. 

On the topic her boyfriend Evan Peters, who she recently moved in with, Halsey expressed her plans to keep this relationship more private. 

“A friend mine – another female artist who has been criticised for dating a lot people – said, ‘Ashley, you need to live your fucking life and ignore what people say about you.’ And so now I keep everything to myself in terms my romantic relationships,” she said. “I will say that it’s good to not date another musician as then your work follows you everywhere. Now it’s my personal life so I get to go home to somebody that I love and spend time with them, and it not be about work.”

Halsey Opens Up About Being Bipolar & Why She Won't Discuss Boyfriend Evan Peters
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