"Iron Fist" Season 2 Highlights A Familiar Foe In New Trailer

It looks like Danny Rand will have his hands full when he returns for the second season  Iron Fist. A new trailer for the Netflix series premiered today, and the Steel Serpent is highlighted as the big bad guy this season. Steel Serpent appeared in the first season as Davos, Rand’s peer and friend who wanted the power the Iron Fist himself. Davos was not deemed worthy enough, and Rand bested him, becoming the titular hero. It appears that the second season  Iron Fist will follow the comic storyline where Davos steals Rand’s powers

Steel Serpent won’t be the only villain this season. Typhoid Mary, a powerful fire controlling antagonist, will also be giving Rand a hard time. While she does not appear in the trailer in her full glory, Alice Eve will be playing the villain. It also appears that the new showrunner for Iron Fist hired some better choreographers for the fight scenes. An enormous let down in season one was the sloppy battle sequences. The second season  Iron Fist will aim to pull f a more believable Kung-Fu vibe. 

Check out the new trailer below and catch Iron Fist when it hits Netflix on September 7.