James Harden Pays Tribute To Nipsey Hussle With Custom Chain

Ever since Nipsey Hussle’s tragic murder on March 31st, a plethora people have come out to show their support for the fallen rapper, including multiple athletes. Steph Curry, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook are among some the most prominent names who have posted tributes to Nipsey. The latest NBA player to honor Nip was James Harden the Houston Rockets. After the Rockets game against the Jazz on Wednesday night, Harden wore a custom Nipsey Hussle chain to his press conference.

“He’s one my close friends,” Harden told reporters when asked about the piece. “This journey that I’m on is for him, it’s plain and simple.”

Harden was among one the thousands people who showed up to the Staples Centre last week to pay their respects to the artist and philanthropist. The two went to the same middle school and have been close friends over the years. For Harden, he just wants to keep Nip’s legacy alive.

“That name will never die. People will remember him,” Harden said. “That name Nip. Everybody knows that name now. I’m just another person helping that name live on.”

When news Nipsey’s murder first broke, Harden was excused from practice for what were described as “personal reasons.”