Jeannie Mai Rejected "A Lot Of [‘The Real’] Guests" Advances

The Real host Jeannie Mai is a celebrity who doesn’t mind being overly transparent with the world. She ten shares details her personal life with the millions people who tune into her talk show and YouTube channel, but it’s her relationship with rapper Jeezy that has made headlines for months. Jeannie recently sat down with ELLE for their Thirst Trap series where she had the choice answering a question about her life or drinking one the shots placed in front her. She seemed to have no problem tackling most the questions, aside from one that she’d rather talk about at a later date.

Jeannie Mai Rejected "A Lot Of 'The Real'] Guests" Advances
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“When I got divorced, I would get hit on by a lot the different guests, “Jeannie said. “And I just don’t wanna—oh my god I was just gonna say I don’t wanna mix business with pleasure and date somebody f my set but then, I’m doing that now so that’s not true. But at the time, I just really didn’t think it was good to get involved with anybody until I was really ready. So, I said no a lot to those dates.”

Then, Jeannie pulled a card that asked if she would get married again. She took a long pause and contemplated whether or not she should answer the question, or just take the shot. In the end, she decided to toss back a “Like Money” shot which ended up being “green juice.” Jeannie added elsewhere in the clip that after her divorce, she learned that love isn’t enough to save or carry a marriage.

The talk show host also revealed that while she has a number tattoos, she hates them all. Jeannie admitted that she covers her tattoos with makeup quite ten and advised people to never get themselves permanently inked. Check out her full shot-filled clip below to get some new insights into Jeannie Mai’s world.