Jets Reportedly Considering Peyton Manning For General Manager

New reports suggest that the Jets have their eyes set on Peyton Manning for a a potential front fice gig as Generla Manager.

It is Mike Florio Pro Football Talk who revealed that the organization may be looking toward Manning, citing league rumors.

“Rumors are flying within league circles that the Jets may make a run at the future Hall Fame quarterback who has periodically been linked to NFL management possibilities,” writes Florio. “And Adam] Gase, who worked with Manning in Denver, possibly would be one the few guys who could draw Manning back into football.”

Jets Reportedly Considering Peyton Manning For General Manager

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Naturally, Peyton Manning’s skills as a quarterback in the league cannot be disputed. But, as with most sports, placing the repsosibilites an executive or coach in any capacity on such a player does not always produce the most desirable results. The Colts were clearly hip to this when they passed on Manning becoming their GM.

While Jets CEO Christopher Johnson has not touched on Manning’s future with the organization at all, he did detail what he was searching for in the GM who comes on board.

“It’s more than a talent-evaluation guy,” Johnson said, speaking with reporters. “I want a great manager, a communicator, who can collaborate well with the building. I’m convinced we’re going to find that person.”