Joe Budden Enjoys A Laugh Over His Infamous Migos Interview

Joe Budden is, quite literally, a man who wears many hats. Rapper. Reality star. Podcaster. Interviewer. Hat connoisseur. The list goes on, and as a result, Budden has amassed quite a loyal following throughout this latest stage his career. Fans his podcast likely remember some his greatest hits, including his infectious rendition Tyga‘s “Taste” instrumental, but some his most memorable material arose during his year-long stint as a host on Everyday Struggle. While brief, his tenure led to an amusing bromance with Akademiks, which made for some truly entertaining exchanges. Now, with the 2019 BET Awards having recently transpired without a hitch, Joe Budden took a moment to reflect on one his greatest hits. 

The infamous interview between the Everyday Struggle crew and the Migos will likely go down in history for a variety reasons. For one, it revealed the Migos‘ gangsta in the flash, standing in unison ready to square up – despite being dressed for a ball, not a brawl. It also found Akademiks and Takef engaged in the now-classic “DoItLookLikeIWasLeftOffBadAndBoujee” exchange, which ultimately served as a catalyst for the tension. Of course, Joe didn’t help matters when he decided to storm f, frustrated by Migos’ perceived disinterest in the process. 

These days, Joe is able to see the humor in the debacle, understanding it for what it was and has since become – an iconic moment in modern media history. “The awards were great but you mean to tell me all them interviews on the carpet & y’all let them all end peacefully ?!?” he writes, alongside an image from that fateful night. “Lmao.” While not quite “Put Some Respect On My Name,” the Budden/Migos animosity would spawn no shortage mild hilarity, including the chorus “Ice Tray The Gang.” Salute to Jumpf Joey for delivering one for the books.