Joyner Lucas Pledges To Give Away $500 A Day To Single Mothers

In the month September, at least 30 women will be $500 richer because Joyner Lucas. The rapper has pledged to give the stack cash to a single mother in need food every day throughout the month. Each day on his Twitter account, Lucas shares the name the woman, tells her he hopes the money helps her, posts a screenshot the money transfer, and then reminds his followers to share their stories or to tag a single mother in need.

“Keep going and keep your head up,” he wrote in one his tweets. “Hit the grocery store and rack up on whatever you need so you and your children can eat good this month. ❤️Next payment goes out tomorrow. DM your PayPal/cashapp name or tag anybody who needs help. Love yal🙏🏽”

When the month over, Joyner will have given away $15K. He didn’t specify exactly how he determines who he helps, but we’re sure that all the recipients are grateful for his donations. There are a few men in his comments who are asking for help as well, as they’re single fathers, but it seems as if the rapper is focused on women for his campaign.