Juice WRLD’s Security Guards Arrested At Chicago Airport

We are extremely saddened to learn about the passing 21-year-old musical superstar Juice WRLD. The young man suffered a seizure this weekend at Chicago’s Midway Airport, being pronounced dead at the hospital. Many have reacted to the news and, with an autopsy scheduled for later today, his exact cause death will soon be determined. One detail that has been largely skipped over is the arrest his security guards, which occurred just after police arrived on the scene.

As reported by Page Six, two men who were hired as security guards for Juice WRLD were arrested on gun charges. When paramedics and police ficers arrived at the private hangar where the rapper, real name Jarad Higgins, was convulsing, two men on his security team were found with guns on them and were arrested. The men had applicable conceal and carry licenses, allowing them to own firearms in the state Illinois. However, they did not have the proper paperwork to bring the guns to an airport. They were arrested and charged with misdemeanor gun violations, according to the report.

Juice WRLD's Security Guards Arrested At Chicago Airport
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As more details are uncovered from Juice WRLD’s shocking death, we will continue to update you. Rest in peace to this incredible artist.