Kanye West Clowned For Silver "Tinman" Costume At Yesterday’s Opera

Kanye West thinks outside the box. He isn’t afraid to be one hundred percent himself in any given situation and try new things. Well, photographs are circulating what looks like Ye dressed like the tinman from The Wizard Oz, but it’s not that at all. According to Cosmopolitan, the reason why Kanye is covered in silver paint, and silver threads to match, is because he was dressed up as a character from his opera Mary.

Kanye West Clowned For Silver "Tinman" Costume At Yesterday's Opera
Randy Brooke/Getty s

West showed up to the Art Basel Miami event with the metallic paint and get-up and was all smiles for the camera. His opera Mary is actually a nativity story with renditions Kanye’s hits “Love Lockdown,” “Power,” and “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” with Christmas songs as well.

Some people online can’t handle Kanye in costume but is it really a surprise? You can always expect the unexpected where Kanye is concerned. Whether it is his real estate investments or unique perspective on the issues, Kanye is always going to be Kanye.

So while some are critical Yeezy’s latest antics, others are only left wondering how long it took to get that paint f. That stuff looks caked on thick.