Kim Kardashian Advocates For Inmate Kevin Keith Who Was Sentenced To Death Row

Kim Kardashian West has made it her mission to fight for those who she believes are wrongly convicted, especially those sentenced to death row. As she’s studying to become a lawyer, Kardashian has partnered with attorneys Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody in their fight to see the release unfairly treated persons who deserve to have their cases re-examined. 

One such inmate is Kevin Keith, a man who back in early 1994 was taken into custody and charged with the murders two women and a four-year-old girl. According to those who support Keith, police didn’t question Keith before arresting him and there has been no physical evidence linking him to the crime. Keith has maintained his innocence and told investigators that he wasn’t responsible, but he was still convicted and sentenced to death.

On Tuesday, Kardashian shared a photo on Instagram showing her speaking with Keith. She captioned the image by writing, “Kevin Keith was convicted a triple homicide back in 1994 in Ohio and was sentenced to death. I heard about Kevin Keith’s case last year & the more I learn about it, the more I believe the world needs to hear what happened to him! He was on death row & came within days execution before the governor Ohio commuted his sentence to life w/o parole.”

“I had the pleasure meeting Kevin Keith through a video visit & was so impressed w/ the amazing programs he created in prison to help others inside better themselves!” she added. “So much evidence has been uncovered proving Kevin’s innocence. I hope justice is served soon & he is released.”

Those advocating for Keith’s release have launched the Justice Kevin Keith website that features multiple resources to find out just why Keith is innocent. New evidence was presented back in 2007, and based f that information, the governor at the time removed Keith from death row just weeks before he was scheduled to be executed. However, Keith wasn’t granted freedom and is currently serving a life sentence.