Lil Nas X Teases New "Rock" Song With Ryan Tedder Of OneRepublic

Lil Nas X is currently sitting pretty high with the No. 1 song in the United States right about now, and it was winding saga full roadblocks that led the Atlanta-area artist to such fame. Nevertheless, he’s keeping his eye on the prize, working to dismantle the barriers genre as we know it. Now his removal from the Top Country Songs charts proved that the goal may not be too close to the horizon, but the battle continues.

With his latest social media play, Lil Nas has now teased a new song, potentially slated to disrupt the Rock genre next as Nas pens, “Y’all think they gone let me on the rock charts?” in a caption under a 30-second clip his latest track, laced with pop and rock sounds.

Once again, Nas is posted up in a bathroom, lip-syncing to his creation, his preferred mode delivery for everything he’s got in the vault.

Where “Old Town Road” earned the cosign Billy Ray Cyrus, the new track, tentatively titled “Bring U Down” is apparently a collaboration between Lil Nas X and Ryan Tedder One Republic.

“It’s from the perspective people who try to ruin other ppls career when they see them on the rise,” Lil Nas wrote the track in a response to a fan. 

Sound f with your thoughts down below. Could “Bring U Down” match the success “Old Town Road?”