Lil Pump Debuts New "Tom & Jerry" Face Tattoo

For his last few tattoos, Lil Pump has been getting his favourite cartoon shows inked all over his body. First, he got the Powerpuff Girls on his neck and now he’s showing some love to Tom And Jerry, the lovable cat and mouse duo.

The superstar from Florida has got some questionable ink on his body. Much his face is covered with sporadic designs, including a UFO, a smiley face, several stars and an upside down spade. The latest addition to his visage is one his favourite animated mice, getting Jerry from Tom And Jerry tattooed on his jawline.

Lil Pump showed f the tattoo, which appears to be very well-done, on Instagram this weekend, calling himself a “princess” in the caption. He got the work done in Miami by Tatu Panda, who co-owns the Inked shop with Matt Zingler, one the organizers Rolling Loud. The rapper’s diehard fans are excited about the new tat but others think he should cool it with the face tattoos. “This n***a got a coloring book on his face. Random ass tattoos,” wrote one commenter.

What do you think Pump’s new Jerry tattoo? If you were to get a cartoon character inked onto your skin, which one would it be?