Lil Uzi Vert Shows Off His Breakdancing Skills On IG Live

We all knew Lil Uzi Vert could dance, but we didn’t know he could breakdance. Videos Uzi dancing have been appearing online since the beginning his career. Let me dive into this history real quick.

If you’re a true supporter, you may have first learned the Philly rapper’s moves from a Vine that dates back to 2013. In a chaotic clip, he pumps it and then drops into a split from which he miraculously transitions into a spin.More people may have caught on to Uzi’s not-so-hidden talent when he started busting out his iconic shoulder roll. This sassy move became his signature that stuns crowds with to this day. The next chapter in ‘The Dances Lil Uzi’ consists the self-recorded videos he began posting to social media to preview unreleased tracks. Fans watched Uzi nail choreography to a snippet “New Patek” for months before finally being blessed with the song’s ficial release. Fast forward a bit and Uzi’s hitting “the shoot” dance all over the place, including in a video alongside BlocBoy JB.  

While this summary is by no means extensive, it touches upon some crucial moments in Uzi’s dance dance evolution. The latest video that can be added to the list features Uzi breakdancing in what appears to be a public park. The brief clip that he posted on Instagram was extracted from an IG Live session in which he gave his followers a glimpse his dance practice. Uzi can be seen pulling f the flare move. He only does it once, but that’s impressive enough.