Lil Wayne Smokes Big Weed & Plugs His Marijuana Brand

Cannabis connoisseur Lil Wayne wants to stay high at all times the day, depending on ultra-potent strains to keep his mind at ease. Much like a number other high-prile rappers, Tunechi is moving into the cannabis industry to make a buck producing some the finest marijuana products known to man, hawking them through his brand new GKUA Ultra Premium brand. While Weezy doesn’t have as extensive a weed background as Berner or Snoop Dogg, you can always catch him with a blunt in his mouth. Knowing that he, himself, actually consumes the product he’s selling will be a surefire way to get us all copping GKUA by the OZ.

Lil Wayne Smokes Big Weed & Plugs His Marijuana Brand
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Announcing last month that he would be participating in the launch GKUA Ultra Premium, Lil Wayne is making sure everyone knows he’s the brains behind the operation, handling a bud, marvelling at its THC properties, and taking a few puffs. “THC f the charts,” said the rapper before lighting up and inhaling, visibly content with the smell the flower.

GKUA and Lil Wayne promise “the best high your life,” which is pretty lty. However, you can’t really deny that fact unless you’ve tried it. Find out more here.

Who else thinks we’ve got to get Lil Wayne on a new episode How To Roll? That would be legendary.