Lil Yachty Re-ingnites Beef With Yung Bans, Infers "D*ck Suckin" As Root Of Conflict

As Akademiks was sure to point out, Lil Yachty isn’t a fan Yung Bans, and the feeling appears to be mutual. Their public feud dates back to last week when Yachty instituted that Yung Bans had essentially plagiarized his artistic likeness in the process drafting the tracklist for Misunderstoodthe forthcoming project he aims to deliver featuring the likes FutureYNW Melly andYoung Thug.

As history would have it: after berating each other over countless Twitter postings, Akademiks joined in on the argument in condemning Yung Bans for a lack originality in his album conception. “The meaning behind teenage emotions I literally growing up and being misunderstood.. u a slow ass n—a fr .. be original.” His fighting words prompted Yung Bans to make a quip about Akademiks weight, as a means self-defense, if you’ll call it that.

Lil Yachty launched himself into a 2nd fensive by implying that Bans and other like-minded individuals have long been guilty “dick suckin” in the figurative sense bowing down to others, and copying trends. Yachty nonetheless finished his Twitter-spree by impelling his followers to “go get that misunderstood tho!” in a sardonic message punctuated by a clown face. Bans’ response has been to ReTweet any favorable mention his name pertaining to the cause: the ongoing hostilities with Lil Yachty, etc.