Metro Boomin & Lil Durk Tease "No Auto Durk" Album

With the masses descended upon Chicago this weekend, it seemed to be the prime opportunity to test the waters out for what’s to come Lil Durk and Metro Boomin‘s forthcoming No Auto Durk collaborative album.

The project finds its roots in a rare outing from Lil Durk last year as he unveiled his “No Auto Durk” track, notably stripping away the auto-tuned melodies that characterize his catalog to simply deliver on bars. The response was so great that it earned him a gold plaque and spawned a reprise with his “Blika Blika” track.

In December, Durk implored his followers to tag producer Metro Boomin under a picture his on Instagram in order to convince him to produce an entire No Auto album. Metro Boomin hopped in the comment sections with affirmative energy, and this weekend the seed that was lanted began to sprout forth in the form a large poster plastered around Chicago, teasing the album as coming soon.

“Y’all say y’all want dat old durk so don’t complain when this shit shake y’all city upside down,” the Chicago emcee warned late last year.

Just when the project will land is unclear, but it seems we’ll be getting that full-length No Auto Durk sooner than later.