Missy Elliott Co-Signs Ox Horn-Toting "Funky White Sister"

In case you missed it, a woman by the name Mary Halsey recently found viral glory while delivering a masterful rendition Missy Elliot’s “Work It.” Packing what looks to be the Horn Of Helm Hammerhand from Lord Of The Rings in one hand and a microphone in the other, Missy’s self-proclaimed “funky white sister” proceeds to throw down a clearly rehearsed rendition  the bawdy, iconic hit. 

As it plays out, it becomes difficult to assess whether one should be cringing or respecting the genuinely faithful rendition. The woman even masterfully slips into backwards-speak with surprising efficacy. And don’t worry, she doesn’t spare some the song’s more x-rated moments, including the iconic pre-date grooming ritual. Rest assured, the park was alive with unspoken energy on that particular afternoon.

With the clip gaining viral traction, it didn’t take long before it met the eyes Missy herself. Taking to Twitter, the legendary Miss E seemed thrilled at the sister she never thought she had, paying homage in a heartfelt message. “I just found out I have a FUNKY WHITE SISTER,” writes Missy, amidst a sea emojis. “Forreal doe! she brought her home girl with her from da hood that keep tip toeing in the background with a plate food.”

Missy proceeds to give credit where credit is due, admitting that homegirl “straight killed “Work It,” sound effects & all.” Have ya’ll seen this one yet? If not, peep the unficial “Work It” remix below. Grab hold your bullhorn and cup “oodles noodles” for added immersion.