Offset Telling Fan To "Safe" Their Money Sparks Thousands Of Twitter Responses About Finances

Migos rapper Offset believes that if you make the right money moves, then one day you, too, may be able to flex your finances, just like he does. Last month, Cardi B shared a series videos to her Instagram Story that showed her and husband Offset’s massive car collection. It became obvious that when it comes to enjoying the fruits their labors, the pair don’t skimp out.

Recently, the Atlanta rapper was featured on the latest episode  Complex‘s “Sneaker Shopping,” a series where the publication films artists (and the like) shopping for kicks. Offset shared with Complex that he’s easily spent a million dollars on shoes as he looked for new footwear at Los Angeles’s Flight Club retail store. In the last two months alone, the rapper said that he’s dropped $100K, and during his “Sneaker Shopping” episode, he coolly spent $31K. 

A Twitter user shared a clip Offset spending stacks on his new sneaker additions and lamented, “This n*gga Offset spent my college tuition on shoes like it’s nothing :(.” Offset had some words encouragement, or wisdom, for the fan, and he responded to them by saying, “Safe ya money n you can do the same.”

The rapper’s reply has been interpreted in two ways on social media: he misspelled the word “save” or he was telling the person to put their money in a safe. Take it for what you will, but either way, if you’re saving $30K to spend on 27 pairs shoes, more power to you. Check out a handful Twitter responses to Offset’s advice below.