Georgia Teen, Arantza Peña Popo’s Heartwarming Drawing Wins Google’s Doodle Contest

For years now, Google has been hosting their Google Doodle Contest, in which one lucky and talented child is given the chance to have their drawing featured on the search engine’s homepage for a day. This past Tuesday, Colombia-born, Georgia Teen, Arantza Peña Popo was revealed to be this year’s winner on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Fallon, who served as one the contest’s judges, invited Popo to share her inspiration behind her doodle, titled “Once You Get It, Give It Back”. 

The theme this year’s contest was “When I grow up, I hope …”. While the theme can easily be interpreted as prompting an idea relating to the state the world, Popo decided to keep it personal. She submitted her doodle to Google with the following description: “When I grow up, I hope to care for my mom as much as she cared for me my entire life. In my doodle, there is a framed picture my mother carrying me as a baby — a real picture in my house — and below the picture is me, caring for her when she’s older in the future.”

Not only was Popo’s doodle featured on the Google homepage, but she also won a $30,000 college scholarship (she plans on attending the University Southern California) and her current school, Arabia Mountain High School, will be given a $50,000 technology grant. 

Watch Arantza unveil her colorful drawing to The Tonight Show audience below.

Halsey’s Boyfriend Opens Up About Being Sexually Fluid: "You Never Know"

While Halsey has been very open about her sexuality and how she’s bisexual it’s now come to the point where her boyfriend, British rocker Yungblud, has followed in her footsteps when it comes to being open and proud about his sexual fluidity. The “11 Minutes” musician opened up to Attitude Magazine on how he’s “more straight” but that doesn’t mean he isn’t open to other sexual experiences. 

“I am more straight. But if] I walked down the street and met a fucking bloke tomorrow, or a trans person, you never know”, he told the publication. “It’s about connection. I’m very fluid about it.”

Halsey's Boyfriend Opens Up About Being Sexually Fluid: "You Never Know"
Kevin Winter/Getty s

The 22-year-old expressed how he challenges gender norms with fashion and tries to break gender expectations. “I wake up one day and want to look girly as fuck, and I’ll wake up the next and walk out the house in a Fred Perry polo shirt looking like I’ll beat the s–t out you,” he explained. As for why he headed to London from Doncaster, simple, he wanted to find himself. 

“I came to London to be liberated, to be able to paint my nails, to fucking try sex with a guy, to try everything, to fulfill my fantasies and figure out who I am,” he added.

Nike Air Max 90 Returns In Stealth Colorway: Official Images

The Nike Air Max 90 will be returning to retailers in the near future in a classic stealth colorway, something that is not ten seen during these summer months when colorful sneakers, such as the Nike “Sunburst” Pack, dominate the market.

As seen in the ficial images that recently surfaced, the upcoming Air Max 90 comes equipped with a st grey upper, equipped with black detailing throughout, including the mudguard, midsole and outsole, as well as the Nike Swoosh, tongue and inner lining. Adding a bit flair to the toned down colorway is red Nike branding on the tongue and insole with matching Nike Air logos on the heel tabs.

A release date has not yet been announced but the arrival these ficial images usually means the drop is coming soon. Check out the ficial images below and stay tuned for a concrete release date.

Nike Air Max 90 Returns In Stealth Colorway: Official s

Nike Air Max 90 Suede/Nike

Nike Air Max 90 Returns In Stealth Colorway: Official s

Nike Air Max 90 Suede/Nike

Nike Air Max 90 Returns In Stealth Colorway: Official s

Nike Air Max 90 Suede/Nike

Nike Air Max 90 Returns In Stealth Colorway: Official s

Nike Air Max 90 Suede/Nike

Nike Air Max 90 Returns In Stealth Colorway: Official s

Nike Air Max 90 Suede/Nike

Nike Air Max 90 Returns In Stealth Colorway: Official s

Nike Air Max 90 Suede/Nike

Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Nizza Hi “Oolong” In The Works: First Look

Adidas isn’t finished with their Dragon Ball Z sneaker collabs just yet.

Following the eight-sneaker Dragon Ball Z x Adidas collection that dropped in the Fall/Winter 2018 comes yet another DBZ-inspired sneaker, this time taking shape in the form an Adidas Nizza Hi. The inspiration: the anthropomorphic, shapeshifting pig known as Oolong.

The high-top sneakers come equipped with a white canvas upper, featuring Oolong’s face embroidered on the upper along with pink underwear strewn throughout. Additional details include a pink rubber midsole that extends onto the tip the toe box and a neon green outsole beneath it all.

Adidas has not yet announced a release date for the Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Nizza Hi “Oolong” but rumors suggest the collaborative kicks will be available sometime this month through and select Adidas retailers.

Stay tuned for ficial details.

Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Nizza Hi “Oolong” In The Works: First Look

Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Nizza Hi Oolong
Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Nizza Hi “Oolong” In The Works: First Look
Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Nizza Hi Oolong

Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Nizza Hi “Oolong” In The Works: First Look

Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Nizza Hi Oolong

Yeezy, Off-White & Supreme Dominate Top Streetwear Brands List

There is no denying just how popular streetwear has become over the past decade. In the past, fashion was something that could be reduced down to the brands that represented the high fashion world, such as Yves St-Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and Versace. These days, new brands like Yeezy, Supreme, Off-White, and skater brands like Dime seem to be dominating the space. This very fact was confirmed by The RealReal’s recent Luxury Resale Report 2019 which takes a look at streetwear’s biggest brands and how they are doing in terms consignment and resale.

It shouldn’t be any surprise at this point that Kanye West‘s Yeezy brand was actually the most searched brand, while Off-White and Nike came in second and third, respectively. From there, Supreme and Adidas were able to round out the rest the top 5. Yeezy is not just a juggernaut in streetwear, but shoes as well, considering they were first in sneakers category.

Sean Conway, a sneaker and streetwear expert with The RealReal explained why these brands have been performing so well lately.

“The] approach limiting supply has always caused surges demand in the secondary market, but we’ve seen a big uptick over the past year,” Conway said, according to Hypebeast.

Based on these findings, it’s clear that the new designers are starting to dominate a world that was once completely occupied by the high fashion elite.

Ugly God Set To Hit The Road On "Bumps & Bruises" Tour

It’s been interesting to watch Ugly God‘s rise in the rap game. Although he was initially regarded as a meme rapper sorts, he’s put his efforts towards breaking that perception. 2017 was a big year for him but at one point, he decided that he needed to rebrand himself from humorous rapper to an actual artist with substance to his content. He got f social media for a bit and really wasn’t trying to gain attention on social media. Instead, he used his time and effort to create a solid body work. Last week, he made a notable impression with his debut album, Bumps & Bruiseswhich he’ll be taking on the road with him later this year.

Ugly God Set To Hit The Road On "Bumps & Bruises" Tour
Dia Dipasupil/Getty s

Ugly God will be coming to a city near you this fall for his “Bumps & Bruises” tour. The rapper announced the tour dates this week which include major American cities. The tour kicks f on September 1st in Phoenix, AZ before concluding in Los Angeles on October 4th. He’ll also be hitting cities like New York, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago and more during his trek across America. Unfortunately for international fans, he hasn’t announced any dates yet but hopefully, he’ll be making his way to your city in the near future.

Check out the tour dates for Ugly God’s “Bruises & Bumps” tour below. 

Apple’s New Streaming Service Is Imminent: Watch The Debut Trailer For "The Morning Show" With Steve Carell

The first teaser for Apple’s upcoming drama, The Morning Show is here. The Morning Show will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the struggles running a fictional morning tv show.

The teaser immediately gives the audience a feel for the show’s tone. “Good morning. I am bringing you some sad and upsetting news” Jennifer Aniston says in a clear and pressional tone to begin the trailer before her audio fades out and is replaced by Steve Carell. “I am a journalist. I can feel when the world needs me,” he says. The trailer continues with various audio bits floating in and out while the camera moves throughout an fice until it finally reaches the set.

The series boasts an impressive cast including Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, and Reese Witherspoon. Apple is banking strongly on this show; they’ve already ordered two seasons. They hope The Morning Show’s success will sell users on their new Apple TV Plus streaming service, on which, the show will be available exclusively. Apple’s new streaming platform will compete with services like Netflix by fering subscribers ad-free original content, including movies, shows, and documentaries. 

You can expect The Morning Show to debut this fall alongside Apple TV plus.

Dunkin Donuts Is Going All In On Their New Pumpkin Menu

Pumpkin season is approaching. While most us are trying to cling to our final moments summer and block out this thought, cfee chains are always attempting to rush the seasonal transition so they can roll out their popular pumpkin collections. 

Dunkin Donuts appears to be the first ones to the pumpkin party this year, as they are already changing signage at eight their US locations on August 14, where they will be fering customers free taste-testers the upcoming pumpkin products (okay, i’ll stop alliterating now). To make a game out this madness, the eight locations will be a surprise. However, they did fer this hint: the initial letter the seven cities the shops are located in combine to form the word “P-U-M-P-K-I-N.” If this puzzle is too much to rack your brain over, then don’t worry. After this first week promotion, the fall items will be available at the rest its stores, starting August 21.

Now, for the big reveal. Get ready. The Dunkin pumpkin menu will feature… pumpkin-flavored cfee (available either hot, iced or frozen), a pumpkin donut, an apple cider donut, an apple cider cake ring tossed in cinnamon sugar, and MUNCHKINS® donut hole treats. The most important item on the seasonal menu will likely be the Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Signature Latte, rivaling Starbucks’ chart-topping Pumpkin Spice Latte. DD’s version will be infused with rich cinnamon flavors, topped with whipped cream and a string caramel swirl. 

Run and get it. 

Marvel TV Boss Was Left Stunned By "Daredevil" & Netflix Cancellation

Though the Marvel Cinematic Universe stands among the most beloved properties in film history, the Television Universe was no slouch. Though technically connected to the MCU, the world Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Punisher provided a more grounded alternative, complete with mature themes and plenty brutal, long-take violence. Sadly, Netflix ultimately decided to pull the plug on each and every Marvel property, thus bringing five strong stories to an unceremonious end.

The purge prompted many to speculate that Marvel and Netflix were playing a game sort, a chess move in the great streaming war to come. Yet Marvel TV president Jeph Loeb was apparently just as stunned as we, including Eminem, were. Speaking with Deadline, Loeb opened up about the process, which left him “blindsided” by his own admission. 

“The hardest part was while the situation at Netflix, which I really can’t go into other than to say that we were blindsided and the things that were to come weren’t finished yet,” Loeb explained. “We weren’t ready to announce that, so there was this space in between it, so it did look like maybe we were going to go out. Then suddenly, we were arising again like the Phoenix.” 

Though it’s possible we’ll see a day in which The Defenders ride again, it remains a fool’s hope nonetheless. Perhaps, when we’re watching a trailer for the long-awaited fourth season  Hannibal, we’ll be hit with an announcement detailing the return the Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen. In the meantime, let us instead look to Disney + with an optimistic eye.


Rihanna Didn’t Actually Like A Post Criticizing Jay-Z’s NFL Deal

Update: A source close to the sitaution has revealed to HotNewHipHop that Rihanna‘s seeming disaproval Jay-Z’s recent move with the NFL was merely an inadvertent social media blunder.

“Rihanna didn’t like it,” the sources clarifies. “It was a member her social media team that accidentally liked that picture.”

They add that the photo in question was not liked for more than three minutes and once it was brought to the team’s attention, the red heart was removed.

Original Story:

Jay-Z’s move to work with the NFL came as a shock to many, although after further digestion, it actually made complete sense. Whether you agree with Jay or not, we already know that he’s about making big business plays which sometimes come with a bit disruption. With Kaep still without a job, Hov caught a serious amount flack for working with the NFL, especially since the partnership with the league is meant to enhance social justice causes. We’ve heard from Eric Reid, Nessa, and Jemele Hill but we’ve yet to hear from anyone close to Jay. However, we might have an indication where one his protege’s stands on the matter.

A picture speaks a thousand words but in the social media era, a simple like can hold just as much weight. Social activist Shaun King went on Instagram to share his thoughts on Hov’s new deal with the NFL. He essentially put Hov on blast for essentially assisting the NFL in further blackballing Kaepernick. But what occurred after the post was more revealing. Rihanna inconspicuously liked the post but it didn’t take long for people to catch on. It might not necessarily indicate her feelings towards Hov’s deal with the NFL, it definitely speaks towards where she stands with Kaep who she’s been incredibly supportive over the years.

"Hot Felon" Jeremy Meeks Now A Single Man After Split From Chloe Green

“Hot Felon” AKA Jeremy Meeks grew to fame in 2014 when his mug shot went viral subsequently leading to a changed life fame and model success. In June 2017, Jeremy met Chloe Green, the heiress Topshop and just one year later they welcomed a child together when Jayden Meeks-Green was born on May 29th. 

US Weekly now reports that after two years together, Chloe and Jeremy have broken up. “They split about two months ago, but are f and on still speaking,” a source told the publication, detailing further how Chloe is selling their London home. The breakup was made ficial after Chloe was spotted cuddling a mystery man on a yacht signifying that they are in fact done. Jeremy even commented on an image Chloe’s vacation, writing: “Have fun.”

“Never thought it was possible,” Jeremy previously stated his viral success. “I heard it a couple times growing up that I should be a model, but it went in one ear and out the other. I never thought it was possible.”

“Your word is your bond,” he added when asked what he learned from his former life. “To always stay loyal, solid and grounded, and you know, you do good, you get good back, and you do dirty, you get mud back,” he said. “It’s just very simple.”

YFN Lucci Is Seemingly Big Mad That Young Thug Is Having "So Much Fun"

YFN Lucci’s bitterness will rear its ugly head in the long run. In a recent Instagram outburst, Lucci appears to shade Young Thugger by conjuring up the image his arrest at Atlanta’s Lenox Mall a 2016 arrest at Lenox Square. It’s no coincidence, this week happens to be portentous one for Thugger, as he dropped So Much Fun to an overwhelmingly positive reception. 

With Lucci posting the words “Boy Almost shitted on his self in Lenox,” he hasn’t left much to the imagination. One could surmise that YFN Lucci would like to be “found out,” judging by the paper trail he left behind. Gone are the days when one could let f some steam and limp out undetected.

But, as history would have it, YFN Lucci has been in Thugger’s doghouse for some time. In fact, one could say they are both firmly entrenched in another’s canine quarters over “blood” spilled on social media. Back in May, Lucci and Thug went back and forth at each other on IG live, after the former took fense to being called the f-word. Thugger subsequently grouped Lucci into his feud with Sauce Walka, pitching him as a potential tag team partner for the Houston rapper, should they ever engage in a handicap match.

Xbox "Project Scarlett" Wants Four-Generation Backward Compatibility

All too ten, gamers have been left perturbed by a harsh reality. Whenever a console generation winds to an end, we’re left holding onto our old games, doomed to spend money on a remastered variant something we already have. The dreaded double-dip. Sure, you can run a multi-console household, but sometimes that’s not exactly a feasible option. Luckily, it would appear that both Sony and Microst are looking to perfect backward-compatibility, with their upcoming consoles being the most versatile to date. A new report from Gamespot has some details on Xbox “Project Scarlett,” which bodes well for those longtime Microst loyalists. 

Xbox "Project Scarlett" Wants Four-Generation Backward Compatibility

Christian Petersen/Getty s

Of course, the Xbox One featured a solid collection backward compatible games, including several classics from both the 360 and the original Xbox. It would appear that they intend on keeping that trend going. “We really like the reception and the use that we’ve seen through the Xbox One backwards compatibility] program,” explains Phil Spencer, Microst’s Head Xbox. “Making sure that all four generations content–so the original Xbox games that run on your Xbox One today, the OG Xbox; the 360 games that run on your Xbox One; your Xbox One games; and the new generation games–all run on the next platform is important to us.”

“We want to respect the games that you’ve bought from us,” he continues. “We want to make sure that the generations can play with each other, so if you happen to adopt the next generation early and somebody stays back, that if their games are on both platforms, you’ll be able to cross-gen play.” A noble goal, and we can only hope that PlayStation follows suit – all signs seem to indicate they will, but only time will tell if that holds true. Are you looking forward to “Project Scarlett” to arrive?


Air Jordan 1 High OG "Baroque Brown" Set For Summer 2020: First Look

Over the years, the Air Jordan 1 High OG has remained untouched as one the best sneaker silhouettes ever made. There is no denying just how easy the shoe is to wear with pretty much any outfit and over the years, fans have continuously gobbled up any colorway they can. It’s such a dynamic and versatile shoe that you can’t really deny it’s greatness in any shape or form. New colorways are continuously being developed and there are already some rumors as to which models will be dropping in 2020. 

According to Sneakerfiles and zsneakerheadz, one the models to drop in 2020 is being called “Baroque Brown.” Based on the photoshop rendering below, you can see that the sneaker has brown overlays on top a black base, while the Nike swoosh is a yellowish-brown color. Overall, it’s a pretty interesting model that is set to drop in July next year.

None this information is confirmed but Jordan Brand so stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you over the next little while. Is this must-cop colorway or could you do without this one? Let us know in the comments below.

Daniel Cormier Divulges Who The Strongest Fighter He’s Faced Is

Daniel Cormier is a legend in MMA and this weekend, he will be fighting against Stipe Miocic at UFC 241. Cormier is favored to win the heavyweight bout and another win would cement his legacy as one the best ever. During a recent appearance on TMZ Sports, Cormier spoke about his upcoming fight and also revealed who he believes is the strongest person he has ever faced. Interestingly enough, Cormier opted to mention a fighter he has trained with as opposed to someone he has actually fought in a real match.

Khabib Nurmagomedov was Cormier’s immediate answer and has he explained, the two are actually good friends and train together at the American Kickboxing Academy.