Brian McKnight’s Children Call Him Out For Being A Neglectful Father

He’s responsible for some our favorite R&B love ballads from the 1990s, and undeniably there are quite a few people who were conceived to his songs. Brian McKnight is the poster child for romance as his hits have become tunes that couples have used for their weddings and intimate moments, but the singer’s children have publicly shared that his wholesome image isn’t their truth.

In 1990, McKnight married his college sweetheart, Julie McKnight. The couple went on to have three children together before divorcing in 2003. In 2017 he married Dr. Leilani Malia Mendoza after being coupled up for three years. For the most part, there haven’t been any public scandals involving McKnight’s family as they’ve kept a low prile, however, yesterday McKnight’s son and daughter, Brian McKnight Jr.—or BJ—and Briana McKnight, vocalized their abandonment issues on Instagram regarding the absence their father.

BJ wrote that his father has neglected his children and grandchildren:

I can’t imagine abandoning my children man. Its hard not to imagine the psyche a man who can truly just turn his back on his actual sons, on his actual blood,and creations. It’s mind boggling to me. I don’t think there is any situation that merits the way my father has chosen to treat my brother, my sisters, and his grandchildren, one which being his first born’s, first born son, who also bares our name. It’s insane to me. To have absolutely no empathy for the type life be introduced us to, only to become to resent us for that life catching up with us. It breaks my heart, but not for myself, specifically for my siblings, and my children. They don’t deserve this at all, not open bit. And I’m not letting shit slide, not for one second. I’ve tried my best to take the high road, and be the bigger man, and all that positive shit, but there is a much bigger issue here, when it comes to black fathers, especially in entertainment that needs to be addressed. I believe there is a serious discussion that needs to be had, and A part me truly feels like our story is the one to begin the conversation that will lead to healing a lot young men, and woman with abandonment issues. It’s time to tell our side the story.

Briana echoed her brother’s sadness by sharing that felt as if she was “second place in my father’s heart”:

‘Daddy’s little girl’ was never really a thing for me. Nobody understands what I’ve been through except for my siblings. Believe it or not, I’m not always the person I seem to be. I’m not always happy and most the time I’m battling my own demons just like everyone else. I grew up thinking that the things that happened to me and my dad’s relationship was my fault. I grew up thinking that he doesn’t want to come to visit me because he doesn’t love me. Constantly put behind other kids that he would call his own while I’m cast into a land far far away in the back his mind. It sucks knowing that someone else, who’s not even blood related to you comes before you in every single way. It sucks knowing that my phone calls have to go through a stranger I barely know, that my text messages are read without a response, and that my stepmother tells me that they ‘wish the best for me’. It kills me to know that it’s so hard for me and my siblings to get a word in. Not one word. At a very young age, I was always second place in my father’s heart. Maybe even third, fourth, or fifth, depending on the situation. My father hasn’t called to wish me a ‘happy birthday’ in years and yet I sit by the phone every single year hoping that one day his heart will change. I’m so fortunate that I have two brothers who are father figures to me. Who celebrate me and love me every single day and that we make up the time that we lost. The anger and the sadness that I hold in my heart every day over this is sickening. It hurts knowing that my brothers went through this at my age (and are still going through it) and that my little sister is going through this at her young age. I don’t usually write things like this but I feel like enough is enough and like BJ, I want to share my side the story. I hope that there’s someone out there that has gone or is going through the same thing. Some teenage girl who deals with this shit constantly who can relate to me and tell her side the story and know that she’s not alone.

McKnight has not responded to either one his children’s allegations publicly, but hopefully, they can rectify their relationships.

Bam Margera Readmitted To Rehab Following LA Arrest

On Wednesday evening, Bam Margera was arrested at the Luxe Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. Margera was harassing the hotel’s guests and employees in the bar, allegedly fabricating a story that someone’s wife had hired him to catch their spouse cheating. When the Jackass star refused to leave the premises, the hotel’s security held him under citizen’s arrest until the police arrived, but he refused to be any more cooperative with them. TMZ shared footage Margera sitting cross-legged on the lobby’s floor, having a back-and-forth argument with an ficer. In the video, you hear the ficer tell him, “This is not a f**king reality TV show. I know you’re fresh out rehab, so let’s get your s**t together.” 

Last week, Margera agreed to enter himself into a 60-90 treatment program after meeting with Dr. Phil. He reached out for Dr. Phil’s help in a series Instagram videos, and seemed grateful and optimistic after the addiction guru met with him. However, Margera checked himself out the rehab facility after a few days and got himself a neck tattoo in honor Dr. Phil. Now, following his release from jail, Margera is heading back to rehab. But this time, Margera had to agree to the commitment that the facility demanded from him, which subjects him to various rules he must follow during his treatment. 

When asked by TMZ to comment on the situation, Dr. Phil said, “I hope he can resume treatment. My attitude is NEVER surrender to the disease. It is a tug war and you just can’t ever drop your end the rope.”

Antonio Brown Shares Tender Hug With Crying Raiders Fan: Watch

Antonio Brown is one the most polarizing players in the league, especially when you consider what went down last week regarding his helmet grievance with the NFL. Brown ended up filing a motion against the league asking for his old helmet to be reinstated after being banned. In the end, an arbitrator ruled in favor the league and Brown was forced to acquiesce. Now, all that is standing in the way Brown returning to the football field is a frostbitten food that got injured during a trip inside a cryogenic chamber

Yesterday, Brown was on the sidelines the Oakland Raiders’ preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals and he provided some much-needed fan service to the crowd. In footage obtained by TMZ, Brown can be seen giving his glove to a crying fan who seems eternally grateful over the gesture. From there, Brown gave the kid a hug which further endeared him amongst the Raiders faithful.

Once Brown returns from his injury, he has an opportunity to ingratiate himself within the community even more, as long as he can put up some big results on the field. Brown is one the best receivers in the league and some highlight-reel plays would certainly go a long way in erasing all the antics that were on full display over the last few weeks.

Usain Bolt Cozies Up To Stunning Girlfriend During Beach Vacation

Usain Bolt is one the most accomplished athletes in the world as he has proven himself on pretty well every single stage track and field. The Jamaican sprinter has proven himself as the fastest man in the world and is showing very few signs slowing down even though he is getting older. To keep himself occupied between events, he has taken up soccer where he has actually been decently successful. With all this in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he wants to relax and spend some time with his loved ones once in a while.

Thanks to some new photos obtained by Bossip, Bolt was seen in Formentera, Spain recently where he was on vacation with his longtime girlfriend Kasi Bennett. The two appeared to be waving at a crowd photographers after having gotten f a boat. Bolt was dressed all in white, while Bennett donned a gorgeous red summer dress.

There was a time where Bolt was being accused cheating, although for now, it looks like he and Bennett are still going strong. They seem to be quite happy on this vacation and to be honest, why wouldn’t you be when you’re in Formentera. There are certainly worse things you could be doing with your time.

Conway & Benny The Butcher Snap On During Crazy L.A. Leakers Freestyle

There’s a perception that lyrics don’t matter anymore. There’s also a perception that rappers don’t even care about lyrics anymore. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. In an era that heavily relies on melodies, there are still a ton rappers that are still putting in that work. Griselda Records is home some the most impressive lyricists this new era music. Benny The Butcher, Conway, and Westside Gunn have been having a great year so far, gaining the respect the rap game and beyond along the way. Conway and Benny The Butcher recently pulled up to L.A. Leakers studio where they laid down some the hottest verses the summer alongside Rick Hyde.

If you weren’t sold on Griselda, you just might be after watching Conway and Benny The Butcher’s latest freestyle. Rick Hyde heats things up before Benny swings in dropping straight heat. Reminding everyone about the value on authenticity, he takes small shots at rapper’s who are more concerned with jewels than getting money. “I was frontin’ a n***a work and I was half his age/ I ran around with nappy braids, sellin’ dog food, crack, and cane,” he raps. “I don’t like these n***as, I forget these rappers names/ Guess being don’t matter to ’em since you can’t get that appraised.”

After Benny closes his verse f, Conway comes in swinging and completely obliterating his verse. He kicks f on a strong note but gets deeper and deeper into his flow as he warms up. The rapper delivers a vivid freeverse detailing getting shot in his head and the work he’s put in from the streets to the rap game. 

Peep the new freestyle below. 

Cardi B Taught Her "Hustlers" Costar How To Give A Lap Dance

Last month, the first ficial trailer for the highly-anticipated stripper dramedy, “Hustlers”, was shared with the world. The movie attracted a lot attention when it was unveiled that its stacked cast would include Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Cardi B, Lizzo, Keke Palmer, and other big names. The movie is based on the true story that was originally reported by New York Magazine with Jessica Pressler’s 2015 article, “The Hustlers At Scores”. Jennifer Lopez plays the ringleader an operation strippers drugging and stealing money from wealthy Wall Street patrons. 

The cast member that people are likely most excited to see on screen is Cardi B, as it will be her first role in a major motion picture. The movie’s writer and director, Lorene Scafaria, told Vulture last month that Cardi was the most difficult actor to get to sign on, chasing her for two years until she finally agreed. Considering the Bronx rapper’s vivacious personality and experience as a stripper, it makes sense why Scafaria was so adamant about snagging Cardi for the role. 

Cardi’s stripping experience turned out to not only be instrumental on set for her performance, but for her costars as well. One the film’s leads, Fresh Off The Boat and Crazy Rich Asians star, Constance Wu, told Entertainment Weekly that her and Cardi “filmed a scene where she’s teaching me how to give a lap dance. She’s like, ‘Show me what you’ve got!’ So I try. She’s like, ‘Honey, no! This is terrible.” 

Watch the trailer below, featuring Cardi’s single, “Money”. The movie comes out September 13. 

JAY-Z Reportedly Poised To Become NFL Team Co-Owner

JAY-Z raised a few eyebrows earlier this week when it was announced he and Roc Nation have decided to partner with the NFL for a music and social justice campaign.

According to TMZ Sports, the Hip Hop billionaire is poised to become a co-owner of an unspecified NFL team “in the near future.”

Sources close to the situation state Hov is not only a “huge fan” of the NFL team but also wants to continue to be a “change agent” for the professional football league. They added, “Jay is not an NFL agent and does not take part in the operations of the NFL players in Roc Nation.”

Jay drew criticism from some people who see it as a slap in Colin Kaepernick’s face. The former San Francisco 49er quarterback attracted national attention when he started kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial injustice.

But as reported by the New York Times, Hov plans to contribute to the league’s Inspire Change initiative, a campaign created after multiple players followed Kaepernick’s lead. Despite Jay’s intentions, Kaepernick’s girlfriend and radio personality Nessa expressed her disappointment.

“I don’t mind you doing a business deal – but I do mind you wrapping it in social justice when you’re working with an organization that denies someone an opportunity,” she said during her Hot 97 show.

In an Instagram post, she added, “It’s typical for the NFL to buy different PR looks to cover up their dirt – that’s nothing new. But what is disgusting and disappointing is Jay-Z let them use him.”

View this post on Instagram

We will never turn our backs on @kaepernick7 because your idols decided to work with the same organization that is actively keeping Colin unemployed all because he peacefully protested against social injustice in black and brown communities, specifically police brutality. So really, how can Jay-Z and the NFL utter social justice in their partnership while keeping Colin unemployed because of his social justice work? • • It’s typical for the NFL to buy different PR looks to cover up their dirt-that’s nothing new. But what is disgusting and disappointing is Jay-Z let them use him. Whether Jay-Z knew it or not (I don’t doubt his intelligence-so I would think he knew) he helped the NFL bury who he said is an iconic figure, Colin Kaepernick. • • Don’t tell me there’s a “master plan and wait for it” because the ONLY reason anything would ever change is because THE PEOPLE are loud and clear and won’t let the league buy their loyalty with their disingenuous moves. The people are letting the league and anyone who works with them know that they aren’t buying the bs. • • Thank you all so much for showing Colin so much support and love. I know for myself, I can’t thank y’all enough for loving my family. • #imwithkap #nokapnonfl ❤️❤️❤️ • • #RP: @kaepernick7: ‪You never turned your back on me or the people, even when the nfl tried to silence your voice & the movement. You’ve never flinched or wavered. I love you Brother! Let’s get it! @E_Reid35‬ ‪ And to the people – I see you, I hear you and I love you! Thank you for having my back!!!✊🏾‬ • • 🎥: @relrelrelrel @djtonedef

A post shared by NESSA (@nessnitty) on

Nessa (and Kaepernick’s attorney) also denied Hov ever spoke to Kaepernick prior to striking the deal.

“THIS is a lie,” she wrote. “COLIN never spoke to Jay-Z and NFL ahead of that deal being done. They NEVER included him in any discussion.”

Drake’s Reportedly Been Recording New Music In Miami

Drake‘s spent a majority 2019 reflecting on the past decade his life. He released Care Package — a project filled with previously released singles that weren’t on streaming services — a few weeks ago and finally brought his breakout tape, So Far Gone to streaming services. Both them topped the charts upon their release but new Drake music’s been relatively scarce so far. Thankfully, it seems like he’s back in the studio cookin’ up some new tunes.

According to Page Six, the 6 God’s been in the 305 this past week where he’s been locking in studio time. Not only that, it seems like he’s visiting some old pals while he’s out that. The rapper was spotted in different Miami locations this past week where he’s been making the rounds along with cheffin’ up new tracks. Last night, he was reportedly coasted in the main room Komodo. The night prior, Drizzy was hanging out with David Grutman, the owner the Swan, as well as his We The Best twin, DJ Khaled. 

While we wait for the next new body work from Drizzy, he hasn’t left us empty-handed. Just last night, Swae Lee released his new single, “Won’t Be Late” ft. Drake and produced by Tekno. Earlier this year, Drizzy blessed us with two new songs, “Omerta” and “Money In The Grave” ft. Rick Ross

Katy Perry Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Second Person

Katy Perry‘s empire is suffering from crumble-worthy claims since the “Dark Horse” singer has now been accused sexual misconduct twice. The first claim came from Katy’s “Teenage Dream” video co-star Josh Kloss who accused the singer pulling his pants down in front a group people to expose his penis. “I just say this now because our culture is set on proving men power are perverse,” Josh wrote. “But females with power are just as disgusting.”

The second claim comes from Georgia TV host Tina Kandelaki who claims Katy once harassed her at an industry party. Apparently, Katy was highly intoxicated when she inappropriately put her hands on Tina and even attempted to kiss her. Tina said she shut down Katy’s advances but she still continued to be inappropriate. 

Katy Perry Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Second Person
Frazer Harrison/Getty s

“For the strong youth defending their queen on here. I commend your heart behind your comments, which seeks to protect someone you idolize,” Josh wrote to those calling his allegations a little too late. “#kimkardashian #krisjenner these are two women in a lot more power than Katy, AND TREATED me with RESPECT! perhaps you should give them your loyalty.”

Katy has yet to respond. 

Offset Confirms Lil Uzi Vert Verse To Be Added To "Pink Toes"

In the era streaming, mistakes made on an album can (somewhat) easily be corrected. We’ve seen it done with Kanye West‘s 2016 album, The Life Pablo, which he made several updates to a few weeks after its release. Other times, it isn’t necessarily a mistake that’s made, but the album is rushed to be put out without all the intended features being sent in or cleared in time. This was the case with a Quavo verse later being added to “You Said” f Young Thug‘s 2017 album, Beautiful Thugger Girls. Similarly, just this week, Trippie Redd removed “They Afraid Of You” featuring Playboi Carti from his streaming services for unknown reasons. However, in this case, the mistake was made after the initial release.

Today, when Quality Control released their lengthy compilation album, Quality Control: Control The Streets Vol. 2, fans were disappointed to notice that a Lil Uzi Vert verse was missing from “Pink Toes”. The Metro Boomin & Southside-produced track – featuring Offset, DaBaby and Gunna – was previously leaked with an Uzi verse, so naturally, fans had questions. One fan in particular reached out to Offset on Twitter to ask what the deal was and Offset responded that the demanded Uzi verse will be added next week. This will surely make the already fire track even better.  

Jay-Z Is Reportedly Going To Be Part Owner Of An NFL Team

Jay-Z stirred the pot up quite a bit this week when Roc Nation announced their new partnership with the NFL. The move’s been called hypocritical especially since he’s been so supportive the Colin Kaepernick. After the partnership between Roc Nation and the NFL was announced, Kaep’s girlfriend, Nessa Nitty, Eric Reid, and Jemele Hill were among the many to call out Hov. However, it seems like Jay’s involvement in the NFL is much deeper than simply Roc Nation’s involvement in the entertainment and social justice sector.

Apparently, we didn’t know all the details surrounding Jay’s involvement in the NFL. According to TMZ, the rapper is now set to become a part-owner an NFL team. Which one? It hasn’t been revealed yet but sources claim that “it is going to happen in the near future.” Jay previously had stakes in the Brooklyn Nets, which he’s sold, so owning a sports team isn’t foreign to him. But Hov’s reason to be a part-owner aligns with why he said he agreed to partner with the NFL. It’s “because he’s a huge fan, already has a sports business and wants to continue to be a change agent for the NFL.” Some people might have to see it to believe it.

The reason he sold his stakes in the Brooklyn Nets was that he had the Roc Nation sports agency and the NBA rules state that in order to have a sports agency, one must not have a stake in a team. The NFL seems to work on the same set rules but a source close to the tabloid publication said that “Jay is not an NFL agent and does not take part in the operations the NFL players in Roc Nation.”

There will definitely be a lot conversation surrounding this move if it is true. He’s already faced a ton backlash for partnering with them. 

New Music: Arin Ray & Kehlani ‘Change’

Arin Ray continues to bring the R&B fire on “Change,” a duet with Kehlani.

The nostalgic track pays homage to ’90s R&B. Over a sample of 112’s “Only You,” the Cincinnati crooner sings about a breakup that ends with a makeup. “‘Cause thinking of you, it’s all I do / Honestly, I might go insane,” he sings. “‘Cause when we break up, can’t wait to make up / Girl, you know some things will never change.”

Kehlani reflects on their evolving relationship: “I been around for years / Back when everything was slow / You a superstar now / I always told you you would blow.”

The two were friends prior to collaborating. “I’ve known Kehlani for some years now,” said Arin. “I’ve always admired her as an artist and even more as a friend. I feel like we’ve got one with this record for sure.”

Taking to Instagram, Kehlani called it her “favorite collaboration I’ve done in a long time,” adding, “i fuckin love this song. glad we finally did this. real friends real love.”

A video for “Change” has been shot and is expected to debut soon. In December 2018, Arin released a deluxe edition of his debut album Platinum Fire featuring the standout tracks “Roses” and “Reckless.”

Tyler, The Creator Shuts Down Anyone Asking For Free Tickets To Camp Flog Gnaw

Tyler, The Creator is getting ready for his annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. Although it’s a few months away, his phone is already blowing up from people who are hoping to get in without having to cough up the loot. Unfortunately, many those who are blowing up his phones only come around once in a while when they’re trying to get into the carnival. And if you’re that type person, Tyler has a message for you.

If you’re trying to get into Camp Flog Gnaw for free, think again. Tyler made it abundantly clear on his Instagram page that a large majority people who are hitting him up aren’t really cool with him like that. Some might even call them acquaintances.

“And don’t hit me like ‘Can I come to the carnival with plus ____.’ N***a we don’t speak any other time the year and you being there is not a priority so stop while you are ahead, guys that I shake hands with once every blue moon,” he wrote on his Instagram story. 

Tyler, The Creator Shuts Down Anyone Asking For Free Tickets To Camp Flog Gnaw

The line-up for the 8th annual Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival was recently revealed. Of course, Tyler, The Creator is headlining it and members the Odd Future camp will be blessing the stage but the festival will also include DaBaby, 21 Savage, YG, Solange, and many more./ 

Skinnyfromthe9 Gets Into A Violent Street Brawl: Watch

New Jersey rapper Skinnyfromthe9 might not be the most popular name in the world yet but there’s a chance you’ve heard him because all the crazy situations he gets himself caught up in. One year ago, the up-and-comer was arrested on kidnapping charges and almost every update we’ve posted since then has been about a fight or an arrest. Of course, there’s also that time he got his chain snatched by YBN Almighty Jay… His hardships have been well-documented and today, he’s in the news again after getting into a fight in the street.

Skinnyfromthe9 Gets Into A Violent Street Brawl: Watch
Johnny Nunez/Getty s

His main source press, DJ Akademiks’ Instagram page, reposted a video the rapper getting into a violent altercation in the middle the road, throwing haymakers and dodging punches. It’s currently unclear what the fight was about but things were broken up by the police, who got one man laying face-down on the ground before pushing Skinny to the opposite side. 

Skinnyfromthe9 has proven himself to be a pretty controversial character in the rap game. Some say that any publicity is good publicity but at this point, he’s got to consider slowing down his lifestyle. If he keeps getting into fights and legal trouble, his music career has a chance never taking f.

Nike Air Max 1 Golf Shoe Brings "Realtree Camo" To The Course: Official Photos

Golfers are known for their outfits which can either be really wild or pretty tame by comparison. For those who enjoy the latter, the shoes can make the entire fit. Over the past few months, Nike has been trying to ramp up its efforts to deliver more unique sneakers for those who hit the course every so ten. One the most popular models to come from this effort is the Nike Air Max 1 Golf and now, it appears that a brand new colorway is on the horizon.

For those who like to go with the camouflaged look, these will certainly appeal to you. The colorway is being dubbed “Realtree Camo” thanks to the fact that the upper is covered in a brown foliage pattern that mostly contains tree bark. From there, orange Nike Golf branding is found on the tongue and back heel, with even more orange being placed on the outsole and Air Max unit.

According to Sneaker Bar Detroit, these will be dropping on Thursday, August 22nd for $140 USD. If you’re looking for a golf shoe and have eclectic taste, these are definitely for you.

Nike Air Max 1 Golf Shoe Brings "Realtree Camo" To The Course: Official Photos


Nike Air Max 1 Golf Shoe Brings "Realtree Camo" To The Course: Official Photos


Nike Air Max 1 Golf Shoe Brings "Realtree Camo" To The Course: Official Photos


Nike Air Max 1 Golf Shoe Brings "Realtree Camo" To The Course: Official Photos


Nike Air Max 1 Golf Shoe Brings "Realtree Camo" To The Course: Official Photos


Nike Air Max 1 Golf Shoe Brings "Realtree Camo" To The Course: Official Photos