Luke Walton Accuser Says She Was Scared He Was Going To Rape Her

Yesterday, we reported that Sacramento Kings head coach Luke Walton has been accused sexual assault in a new lawsuit from Kelli Tennant who is a former host on Spectrum SportsNet LA. Tennant says that Walton had made sexual advances on her in a hotel room and that there were times where she was scared what he might do. In a press conference on Tuesday, Tennant spoke about her experience with Walton and that she delayed her allegations because she was scared what might happen.

“When someone assaults you and you think you’re going to be raped, coming forward is a scary thing,” Tennant said according to ESPN. “And I have spent years now dealing with this, trying to forget about it, hoping that I could push it to the side and bury it and hoping that time would heal. And that was not the case. And I feel like over this time, I was able to muster up the courage and have enough conversations with my attorney Garo Mardirossian] where I felt comfortable to talk about this.”

Tennant then went on to give an in-depth explanation her alleged interaction with Walton.

“I thought he was going to rape me. I was finally able to get up after what felt like forever. And I immediately jumped up to leave the room, and he came around and grabbed me from behind and again held my arms down so I could not move. And started kissing my neck again. I kept begging him to please let go and to please stop. And he continued to laugh in my ear. He finally let me go, and I got out the room,” Tennant explained.

Stay tuned for updates on this case.

Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats’ "Anger Management" Drops At Midnight

Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats shared the spoils an Anger Management project they reportedly pieced together in 5 days flat, from the producer’s mouth to God’s ears. Within the past year or so, “Woah Kenny” is fast tagline synonymous with hip-hop pragmatism, made evident by the rate at which visiting artists leave “The Cave” with positive results.

That being said, Rico Nasty’s relationship with Kenny Beats is altogether different, as she figures as more an “artist in residency” than visiting rogue. In fact, Kenny Beats has made himself available to Rico at every opportunity, from Nasty onward, although Anger Management is essentially their first exclusive arrangement on record.

Rico Nasty and Kenny showed f some their in-studio chemistry in a recent episode the producer’s “The Cave” web series, where they give f the illusion a one-take song miracle thanks to video editing. The 9-track project will likely include the “miracle song,” as well as the rare feature from Dreamville’s EarthGang, and a healthy nod Texas-born Splurge, himself a regular visitor to “The Cave.” Anger Management drops at midnight, don’t get gassed.

Anger Management

1. Cold
2. Cheat Code (feat. Baauer)
3. Hatin
4. Big T*****s (feat. Baauer and EarthGang)
5. Nasty World (Skit)
6. Relative
7. Mood (feat. Splurge)
8.Sell Out
9. Again

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% Unveiled: Detailed Images

Nike developed one the best long-distance running shoes in the world back in 2017 with the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4%. Thanks to the shoe’s ultra-comfortable zoom cushioning on the midsole and lightweight design, the sneaker became a favorite amongst marathon runners who were looking for something that could get them through intense races.

Now, Nike has decided to revamp the model with the all-new Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next%. The shoe has an fset lacing system, a brand new upper which is made “Vaporweave” and the ZoomX midsole which now has more foam for even more comfort. These slight changes make this shoe even more comfortable and lightweight than its predecessor. The design the shoe even received some input from prominent Nike athletes like Mo Farah, Shalane Flanagan, and Eliud Kipchoge.

This sneaker will be released in London on April 25th and stateside on April 28th for $275 USD, according to Sole Collector.

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% Unveiled: Detailed s


Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% Unveiled: Detailed s


Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% Unveiled: Detailed s


Nike ZoomX Vaporfly Next% Unveiled: Detailed s


Kristoff St. John Mourned By "Young & The Restless" Co-Stars In Emotional Farewell

Three months ago, actor Kristf St. John passed away due to heart failure, which came as a major surprise to everybody in the entertainment world. He was such a vital part the Young & The Restless and the long-running series will never be the same without him. Many were wondering how the producers would write him out the show and the answer has arrived with episodes airing this week that will ficially say goodbye to Neil Winters.

As reported by CNN, the soap opera will begin to say goodbye to Kristf’s character this week, showing teasers what fans can expect. The scenes are emotional, heart-shattering, and will bring a tear to your eye if you’re a regular viewer the show. Shemar Moore, who shared a tribute message when his co-star passed, can be seen speaking at Neil Winters’ memorial service, raising his hand to the sky and saying that he “doesn’t want to think about a world without” Kristf’s character in it. The statements can easily be transferred to real life as St. John had a major impact on all their lives.

Kristf St. John has been hailed as a trailblazer for revolutionizing daytime television, diversifying the roles that are available for actors and becoming a true icon in his field. He died at the age 52.

Kristf St. John Mourned By "Young & The Restless" Co-Stars In Emotional Farewell
Renard Garr/Getty s

Donald Trump Meets Twitter CEO & Complains About Losing Followers

A sit-down occurred between 45th U.S president Donald Trump and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on April 23rd. Surprisingly, reports indicate most their conversation consisted  Trump complaining about losing Twitter followers. According to the Washington Post, anonymous sources revealed the president directly questioned Dorsey about the follower loss. It was then explained that follower fluctuation ten results from spambot removal procedures. This get-together seems timely considering Trump blasted Twitter for being “discriminatory” earlier that day.

Since his arrival in the oval fice, Trump has regularly made use the social media platform to share his feelings and opinions about an array  topics (and people). The latter tends to place him at the center  chatter and/or controversy. This past February, for instance, the president received backlash following a series odd tweets drafted in honor Black History Month. While in March, the leader went onto dragging Amazon in a harshly-worded tweet aiming at the site’s lowering market value. Thus, despite Donnie’s displeasure with losing followers and Twitter’s overall ways, it does not look like he will stop using the platform any time soon. 

Further details on Trump and Dorsey’s dialogue have not yet been shared. 


ScHoolboy Q Reflects On Discarding Two Full Albums Before "CrasH Talk"

CrasH Talk is nearly upon us, with ScHoolboy Q having ficially dropped f the third single and title track “CrasH,” which features a reimagining Royce Da 5’9″ and DJ Premier‘s legendary “Boom.” With the album set to drop in two days, GQ has linked up with ScHoolboy for a reflective feature on Golf and music, two the rapper’s biggest passions. “I had all these people telling me, ‘Why are you playing golf!? Why you playing a lame-ass sport? You a loser!’” says Q, holding it down for the unsung game. “But like I tell everyone, Bruh: Golf is life.” 

He proceeds to open up about the long and difficult road from Blank Face to CrasH Talk, which found him facing unpredictable creative difficulties. The article claims that Q’s attempts at a Blank Face followup culminated in three complete albums, two which were discarded as being “trash.” The other, which seemed to have passed Q’s initial tests, was sent back to the drawing board at the suggestion Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock.  

Despite finding himself in a bit a rut, Q has since bounced back with his forthcoming effort, fuelled in part by the discovery an engaging ritual: boxing, intermittent fasting, and morning sessions “Call Of Duty.” Are you excited to hear the fruits his labor? CrasH Talk arrives on Friday – will you be listening in?


ScHoolboy Q Reflects On Discarding Two Full Albums Before "CrasH Talk"Rich Fury/Getty s

Marshawn Lynch Plans To Retire After Two Seasons With The Raiders

Marshawn Lynch made a name for himself as one the best running backs in the league while he was playing for the Seattle Seahawks. Lynch eventually retired from the game a few years ago, but ultimately came back to the NFL so that he could play with the Oakland Raiders. In a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, it has been revealed that Lynch is planning to retire from the league once again, after two seasons with his hometown team. 

Lynch went down with a groin injury early in the season this year which ended up ending his 2018 campaign. The running back also known as “Beast Mode,” turned 33 years old this past week and has decided that it’s time to move on with his life. Running backs tend to have fairly short primes so it’s impressive that Lynch was able to remain effective well into his 30s.

The running back has been known as a beacon the community who is always giving back to the children and anyone in need.

After 11 seasons, Lynch finished with 10,379 rushing yards and 93 total touchdowns. Lynch began his career with the Buffalo Bills after being drafted 12th overall in 2007.

G-Unit’s Mike Knox Released From Prison & Connects With 50 Cent

After serving seven years in prison, G-Unit affiliate Mike Knox has finally completed his bid. The Philadelphia rapper was originally arrested on charges identity theft and bank fraud, and sentenced to a ninety-four-month prison stint. Now, Knox has wasted little time in celebrating his return to the free world, taking to Instagram to provide fans with a few status updates. “I am just taking it all in it feels good to be home after 7 years in the feds I am coming for everything I deserve,” he writes, alongside a video the long bus road home.

Knox also made sure to connect with his G-Unit associates, FaceTiming Tony Yayo and DJ Whoo Kid from the bus. “You lost like forty pounds in there!” marvels Yayo, prompting a laugh from Knox. “It’s time to get back and turn up, you know what it is!” he replies, in high spirits. He proceeds to tease no shortage music as he looks to hit the ground running on a creative level. 

Knox also makes sure to connect with 50 Cent, who sent the bus to pick him up in the first place. “You know I appreciate everything you did for me,” he tells 50, who appears equally pleased to see the homie. “I’m ready to get busy, you know I gotta get in that studio!” “It’s good,” replies 50. “It’s good, get it together.” The pair proceed to plot on an eventual meeting, with Knox making it down his priority is, first and foremost, the music. On that note, we wish him the best luck. Welcome home, Mike Knox!

Paul George Hates On Damian Lillard’s Three-Pointer: "That’s A Bad Shot"

Despite trailing for most the series, the Oklahoma City Thunder were talking a lot smack to the Portland Trail Blazers. The Trail Blazers were a better team for most the series and a lot that had to do with the play their point guard Damian Lillard. In game 5, with the game tied at 115 with just seconds left, Lillard hit a 37-foot dagger to win the game 118-115 and end the series in just five games. It was a result no one saw coming, with Lillard’s shot becoming an iconic moment in NBA history.

After the game, the Thunder had to answer for their disappointing end to the season. One those players was Paul George, who was the player guarding Lillard on the last shot. Instead taking the blame for not playing aggressive defense, George chose to say that Lillard’s shot wasn’t even that good.

“Yeah, that’s a bad shot,” George said according to Sports Illustrated. “I don’t care what anyone says. That’s a bad shot. But he made it. That story will be told that it was bad shot and you have to live with it.”

With the win, the Trail Blazers will play the winner the series between the Denver Nuggets and the San Antonio Spurs in the second round.

Damian Lillard Waves Goodbye To The Thunder After Last Second Dagger

All series long, the Portland Trail Blazers and the Oklahoma City Thunder had been trading jabs and chirps, with Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook having the most back and forths. Despite the Thunder’s attempts at getting in the mind Lillard, the Trail Blazers point guard was a stud for the first four games. In game 5, Lillard showcased even more heroics as he dropped 50 points and scored an iconic last-second three-point shot to knock f the Thunder once and for all.

Lillard shot the ball from 37-feet and explained after the game that he was comfortable with taking a shot from that far away.

“I didn’t want to put it into the referee hands,” Lillard said according to ESPN. “Where if there was contact or maybe they get away with contact or I end up having to take a tougher shot because there was contact and they don’t want to decide the game. So I was standing there looking at the rim and I was like this is a comfortable range.”

Lillard had been making deep shots all series long and even waved goodbye to the Thunder when the shot went in. The shot proved to be redemption for last year’s playfs when the Trail Blazers were eliminated in four-straight 

Soulja Boy Suspects Home Robbery Was An Inside Job: Report

As Soulja Boy sits in a jail cell awaiting his April 30 court date, his home in Agoura Hills, California was recently burglarized. The thieves allegedly stole jewelry, cash, personal items, and an iPhone, totaling approximately $500K worth cash and items. Now that Soulja has been presented with the facts in his case, he believes that it was an inside job.

TMZ reports that the rapper and his team have gone over the security footage from his home and after viewing it, Draco thinks that someone he knows set him up. It’s apparent from the tapes that the thieves went straight to his safe and broke in at the exact time when no one would be at the house. On the day the robbery, Soulja’s team left the house for a few hours and the suspects snuck in through a door that was damaged by the police raid in February just 30 minutes before everyone was to return. It only took them five minutes in total to break in, make their way to the safe, grab the goods, and run out.

Soulja’s home isn’t easily accessed, either, as TMZ also says that it’s difficult to find unless someone has been at the location before. It’s hidden f in a secluded location and one would have to know where it is—and who resides there—in order for it to be a target. To make matters worse, the robbers reportedly logged into to Soulja’s Instagram account from his phone and went on Live to boast about the robbery.

Wendy Williams Doing Her Best To Cut All Ties From Estranged Husband: Report

Wendy Williams has recently taken time on her show to share that she’s ready to start her new life, and she’s doing her best to eliminate her soon-to-be ex-husband as soon as possible. “I have to tell you, you know I’ve been dealing with issues addiction, alcoholism, and I have a whole new life that I plan for myself and my son,” she said, purposefully leaving out Kevin Hunter’s name. Now that Hunter has reportedly been axed as the executive producer her show, Williams wants to sever all ties with her alleged cheating spouse.

According to TMZWilliams has been working diligently to cut Hunter f from all her accounts and finances. There are rumors that he received a $10 million payout to leave The Wendy Williams Show, but that doesn’t mean that he still doesn’t have some access to personal finances, especially considering the two were together for two decades. The publication states that Williams has hired a team advisors to ensure that her money is secure, and she’s gone so far as to create new accounts for herself—something that she reportedly did before serving Hunter with divorce papers.

We previously reported that Williams is making a swift exit from her New Jersey home where she and Hunter lived together and is on the hunt to find a place for herself and her son. TMZ shares that Williams has found new digs in Manhattan and has paid rent for the next 12 months.

Drake Wants To Know If Media Wants To Talk About "Curse" Following Raptors Win

There are few people out there that think Drake is a sports jinx, but the rapper’s presence at the Toronto Raptors game may have done away with that train thought. As a huge sports fan, Drake enjoys his up-close-and-personal seats at games as well as snapping photos with players, but over the years he has developed a reputation as being a symbol bad luck.

Recently,  Drake took a picture with a member the soccer team Paris Saint-Germain, and later the team lost 5-1 in their worst defeat in 10 years. Last week the Toronto Maple Leafs went head-to-head with the Boston Bruins. While watching the game, Drizzy was wearing a Maple Leafs jersey and the team lost by two points. He’s been teased and ridiculed on social media as being a dark cloud over a sports team’s head, but that hasn’t stopped him from showing his dedication by attending games.

Last night, Drake was sitting courtside when the Raptors took out the Orlando Magic and knocked them out the playfs, shouting from the sidelines and celebrating his team’s victory. Josh Lewenberg, a Raptors NBA beat reporter, tweeted that Drake had one question as he left the arena. “Drake to the media on his way out the building. ‘You want me to talk about the curse or you guys good?'”

Jason Kidd Interviews To Become Lakers Head Coach: Report

There were rumors last month that Luke Walton was on his way out the Los Angeles Lakers franchise, and now that he’s departed and found a new home with the Sacramento Kings, the L.A. team is trying to fill his position as soon as possible. Jason Kidd was said to be a contender for the position, and now ESPN and the L.A. Times are both reporting that Kidd ficially interviewed with the Lakers on Monday.

Sources say that Kidd met with the team’s general manager Rob Pelinka and team executive Kurt Rambis. The meeting was reportedly several hours long and went down at the team’s practice facility in El Segundo, California. Kidd previously coached the Brooklyn Nets and the Milwaukee Bucks. He was fired from the latter team during the 2017-2018 season.

Jason Kidd Interviews To Become Lakers Head Coach: Report
Mike McGinnis/Getty s

The former NBA star is said to be the third person that has interviewed for the Laker’s coach position. Philadelphia 76ers assistant coach Monty Williams and former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue both completed their interviews last week. There are a few more possibilities that have yet to sit down with Laker’s executives, including Miami Heat assistant coach Juwan Howard.

Things are shaking up for the Lakers following both Magic Johnson and Luke Walton’s departures, although the former is said to be still working with the team in a different capacity. Who do you think the team should bring as a coach to lead them to victory?

Lizzo Admits That She Slid Into Drake’s DMs While Drunk

Look, for those that have had one too many, you know what it’s like when you feel like a boss f the sauce. Who knows how many drunk-girl-DMs Drake has sitting in Instagram messages, but Lizzo isn’t afraid to admit that at one point, she slid her way into the OVO rapper’s inbox. The rapper-singer visited Busy Tonight and talked about the sending—and unsending—Drake a message.

Lizzo Admits That She Slid Into Drake's DMs While Drunk
Frazer Harrison/Getty s

Lizzo was asked who she would like to collaborate with and she emphatically answered “Adele, b*tch!” Busy Phillips asked her if she’s DM’d Adele to ask her to hop on a record, and Lizzo admitted that she has DM’d, but it wasn’t Adele. “I used to slide into DMs,” she said. When pressed for more information, Lizzo admitted, “I slid into Drake’s DMs, but it was bold. I was drunk and I was just like, ‘Let’s just see if this motherf—er can sing,'” she said as she mocked being drunk. “And I sent him a DM…this was a while ago. And then I unsent it, and then he followed me after that…but he likes my songs.”

She’s obviously not ashamed it, probably because it was on a work flow and not…well…you know. Meanwhile, the rapper is currently on her sold out “Cuz I Love You Tour” after releasing her major label debut the same name last week.