Rapper Sauce Walka Arrested In New York: Report

Houston rapper Sauce Walka was recently apprehended by the New York police. The rapper was driving through Brooklyn in his SUV when the police pulled the vehicle over. Upon learning that a rapper was inside, they chose to take extra cautionary procedures beyond the regular routine stop. Though for some reason, Sauce Walka was arrested for what are now unspecified charges. Walka, whose real name is Antoine Walker, was taken into custody and the police ficers are claiming to have found something in the vehicle. Social media users are speculating that the police may have found firearms, though nothing is certain for now. Should firearms be the reason why Sauce Walka was arrested, however, he would be in serious trouble considering New York’s city laws.

The state New York has strict anti-gun legislation which classifies the possession a firearm as a Class D violent felony. Should someone be brought in for such charges, the defendant would be looking at getting a mandatory minimum sentence three and a half years in prison for a first fense. In total, the maximum sentence tied to the charge is a total seven years. A video the police arresting the rapper has since been released.