Stream Yuno Verse’s Debut EP ‘Massimo’s Pigeon’

Yuno Verse takes flight along with his debut EP Massimo’s Pigeon. After releasing a pair of highly-praised singles, “Indigo” and “Walls of White” that includes Paya, the Rotterdam-based artist delivers his eight-track challenge.

Blending urbane poetry with sultry grooves, Massimo’s Pigeon showcases Yuno’s versatility and unveils his internal essence, that of a real poet.

The interludes “Friends” and “Pennies” are rooted in a minimalist method, whereas “Lie to Me” and “Kid in Me” carry richer soundscapes which can be equally interesting. Yuno may be an underground heartthrob in the present day, however Massimo’s Pigeon stands to take him to the subsequent degree.

Stream Yuno Verse’s EP beneath.