Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert Share Intimate Moments In An Array Of Jeans

Teyana Taylor and her NBA husband joined forces with Vogue and GQ to show f their comfortable, loving ways in a series short videos that highlight a variety jeans they call their favorites. From denim shorts to loose-fitting light blues, the married couple did some improv for the cute video ferings, that’s apparently what they do on the regular.  

“Honestly, that’s us on a regular basis,” Teyana said on set. “We’re characters. We’re always having fun.” Both Iman and Teyana admit that jeans aren’t their go-to apparel choice, as they’re both sweat pants people, but they can appreciate a good pair denim especially since they’re not always easy to find. 

“I’m not a girl who can just walk into a store and buy a pair denims that fit right away. My problem area is my waist—my hips will be okay, my butt will be okay, but my waist is so tiny and I have a dip in my back, so everything has to be tailored. That’s why I love vintage so much—I feel like I have a vintage body,” Teyana explained. “Clothes from back then just feel like they were made for me. I love a vintage Levi’s jean.”

Iman has already debuted his own fashion line, Centerpiece, that includes jeans, and he explained to GQ how the process his own style brand took time since he put in work to make everything “from scratch” come to life properly. 

“The first collection was for the masses,” he explained. “More the stuff that’s coming out later on will be really, really limited, but more about fashion and more about taking chances with fashion. For] people that actually walk on that wild side, to try some things out, instead the simple T-shirt, the simple button-up and jeans, and the track pants. It’s going to be a little bit more outside the box when we bring the new stuff in.”

Watch the full short film below.