Tracy Morgan’s Back In His Bugatti After Post-Purchase Accident

Tracy Morgan purchased himself a brand new Bugatti back in June but found himself in an unfortunate situation when he got into a wreck just minutes after pulling out the lot. It looks as though the crisis has been averted since the Last OG actor has been spotted once again in his new ride, now scratch-less.

Tracy Morgan's Back In His Bugatti After Post-Purchase Accident
Mike Coppola/Getty s

TMZ got a photo Tracy in his re-launched, $2 million dollar car and we can only imagine how happy the actor must be. 

The first initial crash with Tracy’s Bugatti was also unfortunate considering the actor’s history with car crashes. Five years ago Tracy was in a coma for two weeks with numerous broken bones after he was in a near-fatal car crash that took the life  James “Jimmy Mac” McNair. Tracy previously reflected on the traumatic day in a series tweets, thanking God for allowing him to be alive. 

“I thank GOD for my family. I am eternally grateful for the love and support they give me. My wife, daughter, sons, and friends are what got me back on my feet. I live every day trying to do right by them and make the most this second chance,” he wrote.