Wiz Khalifa Show Shut Down After Concertgoer Throws Bottle At Cop: Report

Wiz Khalifa concerts are usually pretty peaceful. There’s typically a lot weed smoke and liquor involved and Wiz himself is encouraging the good vibes. Unfortunately, an issue with a police ficer seemingly escalated and resulted in a recent concert getting shut down, Page Six reports.

Wiz Khalifa Show Shut Down After Concertgoer Throws Bottle At Cop: Report
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Wiz was turning up on Saturday morning at Hotspot Park City Live in Park City, Utah when a police ficer was hit with a bottle. Chief Police Wade Carpenter asked Wiz Khalifa, who was smoking on stage, to put out his joint. It’s a Wiz Khalifa concert so the idea putting out a joint wasn’t necessarily a reasonable request. So the rapper refused and then someone in the audience threw a bottle that hit the ficer. 

“Officers from the PCPD were conducting compliance checks on Main Street Friday night January 24, 2020, and found multiple code violations at PC Live. Despite warnings, the music venue was eventually shut down,” a spokesman for the Park City Police Department said. “A PCPD ficer was struck in the head by a thrown object. Luckily, his injury did not require medical attention but did result in a small laceration.”

The venue opened back open on Saturday where the Chainsmokers performed. Wiz seemingly acknowledged the altercation, writing, “I had to run from the cops last night. Good thing I remembered my training #taylorgang.” Adding, “Homie wit tha badge can succ it easy. He ruined it for everybody.”