YBN Almighty Jay Gets Gigantic Tattoo Of His Son’s Name Across His Throat

In a new video shared by tattoo artist Herchell L Carrasco on social media, YBN Almighty Jay appears to be without tattoos except for a fresh marking across his throat. While his torso remains relatively empty, this new piece is actually complementing a collection arm tattoos that the rapper has been amounting over the years. This new work is a little more personal for him though as it spells out his son’s name in humongous letters across his neck. 

YBN Almighty Jay Gets Gigantic Tattoo Of His Son's Name Across His Throat
Carmen Mandato/Getty s

YBN Almighty Jay has been taking things easy as late. The recording artist was in the news one year ago for his romantic involvement with DreamDoll, and then again when he was targeted in a robbery that left him needing heavy stitches on his face. Taking somewhat a break from releasing music to focus on his family, Jay made his priorities in life crystal clear with his new tattoo, which was shown f on Instagram. Spelling out “SIR” across his throat, the name YBN Almighty Jay’s son will now frequent the rapper’s skin until the end his days. It also serves as a friendly reminder to address the star with respect when you come across him in the street.

What do you think Jay’s large new ink?